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8 Days Cairo and Nile Cruise Holidays

Stunning 8 Days Cairo and Nile Cruise Holiday

Enjoy 8 days / 7 nights Cairo and Nile cruise holiday by train joined by a private tour guide where you will visit Cairo highlights then get a luxury Nile cruise trip to visit Luxor and Aswan temples and tombs on the Riverbank. Don’t miss the opportunity to live the adventure.

This map has been created to explain the rotation of the trip.

First Day: Arrival to Cairo Egypt

Arrival to Cairo airport, Upon your arrival you will find our tour guide waiting for you, then you will be transferred by a private car to the hotel, have a relaxing time, then at evening time our tour guide will take to enjoy a dinner cruise, then back to your hotel for overnight.

Second Day: Tour to Pyramids, Memphis & Sakkara

Morning time, you will be picked up by your private tour guide from your hotel to start your Cairo and Nile cruise holiday by paying a visit to the Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus: they were built during the 4th dynasty (2575 to 2465 BC). Do you know why they built the pyramids? The ancient Egyptian built the pyramids as tombs, as they believed in the afterlife so they cared about saving their bodies for the next life. Next, you will see the sphinx nearby you besides the pyramids.
The Sphinx is the most wonderful example of the great art of ancient Egypt, it's an amazing sculpture with a lion’s body and a human head. There is no evidence that a worship of the Sphinx was active during the Old Kingdom. Afterward, continue your Cairo and Nile cruise holiday by visiting the valley temple:-
The ancient Egyptians believed in life after death, so they used the Valley Temple to mummify their dead in order to preserve it. There were large chambers in the valley temples, some of them have been used in the embalming and sanctifying of the king’s body. It's time to rest and enjoy Lunch that will be served at an oriental food restaurant. Then move to visit:-
Saqqara pyramid:
Although The Great Pyramid of Khufu in Giza is considered the most famous of all the pyramids in Egypt, it wasn't the first one built by the ancient Egyptians, the first pyramid in Egypt and in the world was Saqqara Step Pyramid of Zoser: It was built during the 27th century BC.
End your visits to Giza heading to:-
Memphis city:
Memphis was the capital of ancient Egypt during eight sequential dynasties during the Old Kingdom.some of the monuments remain at the great city, like the statue of Ramses II, and the Sphinx which is much Smaller than the Great Sphinx at Giza. It was also the center of rule and culture for over 3000 years.  Then your tour guide will Transfers you to the train station where you will enjoy your dinner and spend the overnight on board the train to Aswan.

Day 3: Aswan – Cruise

Aswan is blessed with rich ancient sites and beautiful monuments. you will enjoy every second of your time During your Cairo and Nile cruise holiday. there is no doubt that one of the most special experiences you will find during your Egypt tour packages will be in Aswan.
Upon arrival, your tour guide will take you to continue your Egypt travel packages at Aswan Highlights including:-
Philae temple:
It was built tо honor goddess Isis, From the moment you arrive at the harbor, you will be taken to the temple, where your heart will not stop beating from happiness and admiration because of its beauty and grace, the journey will take you through the middle of the Nile, to reach:-
 the unfinished obelisk:
It was ordered by Hatshepsut. Tourists from all over the world visit Aswan to see the marvel of this unfinished obelisk. They ask themselves: How did the ancient Egyptians want to transfer this giant obelisk that weighing over 1,000 tons to the temple of Karnak?
Then move to visit:-
The high Dam:
The Great Dam has a great importance through successive eras. The largest national project of the twentieth century, It was built between 1960 and 1970. Then, check in a 5* Nile cruise for lunch and relax for the rest of the day on board.

Day 4: Sail to Kom Ombo & Edfu

Continue your Egypt tour packages in Aswan visiting:-
Kom Ombo:
The Temple of Kom Ombo was built on the ruins of an ancient temple named "Bar-Subk" during the reign of King Thutmose III and Queen Hatshepsut of the 18th Dynasty,  the construction began on the temple in the reign of King Ptolemy V 205 - 180 BC, then Some buildings were built for King Ptolemy VI, The work continued in this temple until the reign of the emperors of Cracow, Jetta, and Macrinus in 218 AD. Afterward continue sailing to:-
Edfu temple:
the importance of the Edfu temple is that it's considered one of the most beautiful and complete temples also It is unique among all ancient Egyptian temples, It's dedicated to the falcon god Horus. Then sail to Luxor, where you will arrive at Luxor late at night.

Day 5: Luxor East Bank

After breakfast, continue your Cairo and Nile cruise holiday to visit the West Bank of Luxor including:-
Valley Of The Kings:
It was used for burial, contains many monuments, you will discover a mysterious and magical world filled with mystery and historical secrets. You will hear tales about the discoveries and how ancient Egyptians celebrated the other life, rituals of death and immortality. Then move on to
Temple of Queen Hatshepsut :
The temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor is considered the jewel of the temples of Luxor it attracts many tourists throughout the year. This magnificent temple is the focal point of the northern monastery and the complex of funerary temples and tombs on the west bank of the Nile.  End your Egypt tour packages in the West bank by visiting:-
Colossi Of Memnon :
The statue of Memnon, or giant of Memnon,  It's a large statue, which was built around 1350 BC and it's the only thing remains of a temple dedicated to the memory of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, The statues are made from blocks of quartzite sandstone which exist in Cairo. Then have your Overnight on board.

Day 6: Luxor East Bank:

Check out after breakfast then set off to visit the famous East Bank sites including
Karnak temple:
IT's the largest Temple of ancient Egyptians to worship the gods, on an area of 200 acres. Includes statues and temples. it represents the combined achievement of many generations of ancient builders and Pharaohs. Next move on to:-
Luxor temple:
The construction of the temple began in the Middle Kingdom era. The construction was completed by King Amenhotep III of the 18th Dynasty. Some parts were added to the temple in later years such as the edifice and the courtyard built by King Ramses II. After this visit enjoy your delicious lunch at a local restaurant.  At the evening Catch the VIP train to Cairo, Enjoy your dinner on the train and Overnight on a sleeping train.

Day 7: Cairo Tour

When you arrive in Cairo, your tour guide will escort you to continue your Egypt tour packages at  Cairo highlights including:-

The Egyptian Museum:
The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities  has 120,000 items and consists of two floors;
 the ground floor that contains the heavier displays of huge statues, coffins and stone carvings, organized according to the historical periods.
The upper floor hosts the light displays that include tools, smaller statues, papyrus, wooden coffins, jewelry and displays of the Tut Ankh Amun tomb.  Then proceed with your Cairo and Nile cruise holiday to visit:-
Salah el-Din Citadel:
A medieval Islamic fortification in Cairo. It has an amazing location at the top of a high cliff, and offers the tourists with magnificent views of Cairo. Then move to visit:
Mohamad Ali Pasha Mosque
It stands proudly on the highest point inside Saladin Citadel, it's also called the Alabaster Mosque. It was built by a Turkish man called Yousef Boushnaq who had come from Istanbul to build this great Mosque for Mohamed Ali, the ruler of Egypt from1805 until 1849. End your Cairo and Nile cruise holiday with a visit to:-
Khan El Khalili Bazar:
Even if you are not looking for something to buy, take a walk through the alleys where you might find something that will catch your eye, The market has several restaurants and cafes where you can take a break from shopping. Then spend your overnight in Cairo.

Day 8: Cairo – Departure

Have your Breakfast at the hotel our tour guide will transfer you to the airport and assist you with  Ending your Cairo and Nile cruise holiday at the airport through finalizing your departure formalities.

Tour incusions

  • Assistance of our personnel during your stay and excursions.
  • All transfers by modern air-conditioned deluxe vehicle.
  • 2 Nights hotel accommodation in Cairo on bed and breakfast .
  • 3 Nights Nile Cruise accommodation on Full Board basis.
  • 2 Nights on VIP sitting train based.
  • Train tickets { Cairo / Aswan- Luxor / Cairo }.
  • All your tours are with A/C car.
  • The service of meet and assist at all your destinations.
  • Multilingual expert Egyptologist guide.
  • All your visits include entrance fees.
  • All taxes and services.

Tour Exclusions

  • Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Tipping

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    Perfect & affordable VIP tour of Egypt!
    We used Trips in Egypt to book a family vacation for our family of 5, kids 3-6. Ahmad was so helpful arranging the trip just how we liked and giving us a great plan of how to see everything we wanted. In Cairo we saw the pyramids, rode camels, went inside tombs, visited Memphis, the treasures at the Egyptian Museum, toured old Cairo and shopped at the bazaar- all with the pleasant and knowledgable help of our guide Ibrahim who went above and beyond to make it a wonderful experience for our little family. He made our experience unforgettable, you couldn’t find a better tour guide. Hotel was amazing, food was great. Next we visited Aswan and Abu Simbel, we stayed on a Nile cruise ship overnight and I was so impressed with the accommodation I’d definitely book the cruise next time with Trips in Egypt. Our guide Ahmad was very professional and the company made all the travel this day comfortable for us and the kids in a private A/C van and a nice train up to Luxor. In Luxor we stayed at another amazing hotel, had some incredible food, and saw the most incredible sights with our excellent guide Haytham. Like all the guides we had, he studied Egyptology for years and made the tour a wonderful experience for our family. We visited Valley of the Kings, the Hatshepsut temple, the colossi of memnon, had our best meal in Egypt overlooking the Nile (it was incredible), had a lovely boat ride on the Nile, and Haytham was very thoughtful of our young kids and we had a short pool break for them to relax and cool off. In the evening we visited the Karnak temple, Luxor temple, and swung by the winter palace which I wanted to see. I wish we could’ve stayed longer because it was truly the trip of a lifetime, I didn’t want it to end. Thank you for the trip my dreams are made of!
    To read the review on TripAdvisor visit the link below

    Rating: 5 / 5

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