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Trips In Egypt Team
Trips in Egypt Team
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Trips In Egypt Team

Trips In Egypt team is composed of diverse individuals from all over the world who are the guardians of the ancient knowledge, magnificent attractions, and secrets of Egypt. They are travel enthusiasts, Egyptologists, Archaeologists, and history passionates who know every corner about the historical, geographical, geopolitical, and cultural nature of Egypt that trace back to more than 5000 years.

An Overall view about Marsa Alam - Trips in Egypt
After being only a small fishing village on the Red Sea, it got developed and became one of the most interesting tourist spots for all sunbathers, scuba-divers, and kite-surfers especially after 2001 when an airport has been constructed in Marsa Alam and it made tours to and from Marsa Alam much easier and easy to...
Safaga Port - Trips in Egypt
Safaga town is one of the magical destinations for windsurfers and divers who want to enjoy their vacation in the best possible way and you may have the chance to enjoy the marvelous beauty of its turquoise waters and head to some fabulous offshore reefs. The most interesting things about Safaga are its unpopulated atmosphere,...
El Gouna - Trips in Egypt
The fabulous town of El-Gouna is a marvelous paradise that has come out of the desert. It was established by the Orascom Development holding, Sameh Sawiris who was searching for the most gorgeous spot on the seaside to build a majestic house and have a small boat jetty but his friends shortly asked to join...
Activities in Dahab Red Sea - Dahab Red Sea Things to do - Trips in Egypt
Dahab is a magnificent small town that is located on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula around 95 Km north of Sharm El-Sheikh and it is mainly considered the third biggest Egyptian scuba diving destination after Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh cities. Previously, it has been a Bedouin fishing village but it then became a...
Outdoor Activities to Do from Marsa Alam - Trips in Egypt
On the shores of the Egyptian Red Sea located one of the best Egyptian resorts called “Marsa Alam Resort“. There you can do a lot of activities like having fun on beaches and pools, enjoying water sports and land sports, but Marsa Alam activities are not limited to these in the resort where you can...
How to Spend Your Honeymoon in Egypt - Trips in Egypt
The blessings of finding true love are worthy of being celebrated in the immortal lands of Egypt where love, devotion, and trust are behind the rise of this great civilization. For more than Quadrennim years, Egypt remained one of the most visited places on the planet, all due to the number of glorious monuments and...
Outdoor Activities to Do from Hurghada - Trips in Egypt
Across the other side of the beautiful tropical beaches of Hurghada is a magical passage to a different time and place filled with immortal majestic wonders created more than 4000 years ago in the finest vision offering incredible sights to behold and a number of activities that will make your time in Egypt truly amazing....
Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh - Trips in Egypt
Within the embrace of the city of peace, Sharm El Sheikh is a number of incredible activities that showcases the clearest vision of natural tropical beauty. This heavenly city resort is located on the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula on the red sea coast strip, famous for holding international diplomatic meetings. Sharm El Sheik...
Outdoor Activities to Do from El Gouna - Trips in Egypt
Within the heavenly tropical destination of El Gouna is a number of entertaining recreational aquatic activities that made an amazing flavor to any vacation but the outdoor activities to do from El Gouna is a magical gateway to all the historical destinations located all across this timeless wonder in the beautiful cities of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan...
How to Enjoy A Perfect Nile Cruise - Trips in Egypt
Cruising the Nile Valley is a miracle resembling time travel where every traveler will sail across the immortal magical stream that gives life to the oldest civilization in human existence. The entire experience of a Nile cruise is simply the essence of Egyptian travel, every Nile cruise is like a floating hotel providing the ultimate...
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Trips In Egypt was founded in 2002 when it launched, since then the company specialized in providing trips in Egypt only which includes tour packages, vacations, Nile cruises, day trips, shore excursions, and any kind of trips in Egypt.

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