El-Moez Street Cairo | El-Moez Street History | Best Places in El-Moez Street

El-Moez Street

The History of El-Moez Street El-Moez street is an outstanding street that was known in Islamic Cairo as Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatimi Street. The street is named after the fourth Caliph of the Fatimid Dynasty and the 14th Ismaili imam who reigned from 953 to 975, Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatimi. The [...]

Hathor Temple at Dendera Temple Complex - Trips in Egypt

Dendera Temples Complex

Dendera temple complex is located about 2.5 kilometers southeast of Dendera, Egypt. It is considered the best-preserved temple in Egypt. Dendera temple complex is sited about 60 kilometers north of Luxor opposite the modern town of Qena. What You Can See inside Dendera Temple Complex: The complex of Dendera temple is totally surrounded by a [...]

Ben Ezra Synagogue Facts & History | Ben Ezra Synagogue Open Time

Ben Ezra Synagogue

The History of Ben Ezra Synagogue Ben Ezra Synagogue "The Prayer-Place of the Jews" is sometimes called El-Geniza synagogue and it is located in old Cairo on the site where baby Moses was found. The storeroom of this synagogue was found in the 19th century and it contained a treasure of abandoned Hebrew, Aramaic and [...]

Aswan Nubian Museum - Nubian Museum Facts - Aswan Museum

The Nubian Museum

Aswan Nubian Museum Overview Aswan Nubian Museum is located in the Elephantine Island on the southeastern side of Aswan in Egypt close to the ruins of Abu. It was opened in 1912 and it features many artifacts from Nubia during the construction of Aswan High Dam. What You Can Find Inside the Aswan Nubian Museum [...]

Abydos Temple Facts | Temple of Seti | Abydos Temple History

The Great Abydos Temple

The History of Abydos Temple Abydos Temple is considered one of the most ancient Egyptian cities that is located about 11 kilometers west of the Nile. The sacred city of Abydos was the most important archeological site in Egypt as it contained many ancient temples just like Umm el Qa’ab. Abydos is known today with [...]

Amr ibn al-As Mosque Facts - Amr ibn al-As Mosque History & Architecture

Amr ibn al-As Mosque

The amazing Amr ibn al-As mosque was the center of the ancient capital of Egypt “Fustat”. It was built in 641–642 AD and was considered the fourth largest mosque in the Islamic world. The mosque has been built in the previous location of the tent that belonged to the Islamic commander Amr ibn al-As. The [...]

Al-Azhar Mosque Facts - Al-Azhar Mosque History - Al-Azhar Mosque Architecture

Al-Azhar Mosque

Al-Azhar mosque is also known as "The Most Resplendent Congregational Mosque". The one who commissioned its construction was Al-Mu'izz li-Din Allah of the Fatimid dynasty in the new capital of Egypt in 970 by the builder of Egypt, Gawhar El-Seqelly. The History of Al-Azhar Mosque Al-Azhar was first established in the first place as an [...]

Hatshepsut Temple Facts | Hatshepsut Temple History | Hatshepsut Temple Luxor

Queen Hatshepsut Temple

Hatshepsut temple is an ancient example of pure visual architecture and there is simply nothing that can match the beauty and elegance of the Hatshepsut temple. It is able to reach the highest level of perfection and is one of Egypt’s incomparable monuments. The History of Hatshepsut Temple Hatshepsut temple was built by Queen Hatshepsut during the [...]

Abu Serga Church of Cairo | Abu Serga Church Facts | Abu Serga Church History

Abu Serga Church

Abu Serga church is considered one of the oldest Coptic Orthodox churches in Egypt. It dates back to the 4th century and its importance is seen in its impressive history. The location of the church is believed to be the spot where the Holy Family “Joseph, Mary and the infant Jesus Christ” rested at the [...]

Al-Rifa'i Mosque of Cairo - Al-Rifa'i Mosque Facts - Al-Rifa'i Mosque Burials

Al-Rifa’i Mosque

Al-Rifa'i mosque is believed to be the most remarkable Islamic structure in Cairo. It is located in the Qala'a facing the great Al Sultan Hassan mosque. The History of Al-Rifa'i Mosque The mother of Khedive Ismail “Khoshiar” embellished the mosque to be the grand mausoleum of the royal family. She wanted to build a mosque [...]