Hyksos Invasion - Trips in Egypt

Hyksos Invasion

Hyksos Invasion of Egypt The Hyksos invasion of Egypt was a defining moment in the history of Egypt. The Hyksos nation was a mixed Semitic people from west Asian, a dynasty of Palestinian origin that ruled northern Egypt during the 15th dynasty (c.1630-1523 BCE). Hyksos Invasion Definition The word Hyksos was an Egyptian term which […]

Battle of Pelusium - Trips In Egypt

Battle of Pelusium

Battle of Pelusium History The decisive battle of Pelusium was between ancient Egypt empire led by Pharaoh Psametik III (526-525 BCE) and the Achaemenid Empire (The First Persian Empire) led by Cambyses II (525-522 BCE) and played a crucial part in shaping the future of both kingdoms as the throne of the pharaohs was transferred […]

Battle of Megiddo - Trips in Egypt

Battle of Megiddo

Battle of Megiddo Facts The ancient city of Megiddo has been the location for various battles over the millenniums but the most important is The battle of Megiddo which is known to be the first battle to be recorded in full details. During ancient history, it was a custom for the chief military scribe “Tjaneni” […]

Battle of Kadesh - Trips in Egypt

Battle of Kadesh

Battle of Kadesh History There has never been more talked about the battle in the history of ancient Egypt than The infamous battle of Kadesh. The battle of Kadesh is the most document military engagement of ancient times in the Middle East. It took place in 1274 BC in the city of Kadesh “an important […]

The Battle of Djahy - Trips in Egypt

Battle of Djahy

Battle of Djahy History Before the battle of Djahy, Egypt has maintained the reputation of being one of the most powerful and richest kingdoms at the time which encouraged many foreign factions and various coalitions to attack it. One of those forces was the mysterious Sea people who attempted to invade numerous times during the […]

King Menes and The Unification Battle of Egypt - Unification of Lower & Upper Egypt

King Menes and The Unification Battle of Egypt

The Unification Battle of Egypt The unification battle of Egypt marked the beginning of the early dynastic period which acted as a stepping stone that led to the creation of the first royal dynasty in (c.3100 BCE) by the first Pharaoh “Narmer” a.k.a“Menes” that means “He Who Endures”. King Menes is credited with unifying Egypt […]