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Akhenaten and The Hymn To The Aten

One of the oldest works of literature in poetry is the great Hymn to the Aten which is the longest Hymns every written to the sun-disk deity Aten.  The poem was composed in the mid 14th century BC to pharaoh Akhenaten "Amenhotep IV" (1343-1336 BC) who attempted to alter the religious atmosphere of the country [...]

Pyramid of Queen Shesheshet - Trips in Egypt

4300 Year Old Pyramid Discovered in Egypt

The Pyramid of Queen Shesheshet mother of the Pharaoh Teti "2323-2291 BC" of Egypt's Sixth Dynasty was found in September 2008 believed to be 4,300 years old, several hundred years after the constructions of the great pyramids of Giza which sunk 20m below the sands south of the Egyptian Capital Cairo.The 4300 year old pyramid [...]

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The Role of Women in Ancient Egypt

Women in ancient Egypt had power in their societies more than any other comparable societies as they couldn’t just rule the country, but they could also have the same rights as men. One of the most important ancient Egyptian Queens is Queen Hatshepsut, who obtained the rank of the pharaoh and ruled through the 18th […]

Egypt New Kingdom - Trips In Egypt

Egypt New Kingdom

Egypt new Kingdom is a period that is called “The Egyptian Empire” that starts from the 16th century BC. till the 11th century BC. This period witnessed some ancient Egyptian dynasties starting from the 18th through the 20th dynasties. During that period, Egypt was in its ultimate power and it witnessed its utmost prosperous stages […]

Ancient Egyptian Inventions - Trips in Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Inventions

Ancient Egyptian Inventions Overview Ancient Egyptian intellect and brilliance know no bounds, they had a magical imagination and foresight which enabled them to explore and experiment with many ideas in order to gain a more reasonable understanding of the universe. With the use of ancient Egyptian inventions, they were able to document their lives to […]

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Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt Overview The daily life in ancient Egypt was quite unique as they were able to find the perfect balance a society needs in order to thrive. They understood that they blessed with a very fertile land on the banks of a magical Nile, so they take it upon them to live […]

Egypt Old Kingdom - Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt - Trips in Egypt

Egypt Old Kingdom

Egypt Old Kingdom Facts Egypt old kingdom started from 2686 and lasted until 2181 BC as it was mentioned in many historical sites including Wikipedia. This period is commonly known as “The age of the pyramids” or “The age of the Pyramids builders” as, during this period, there were great builders of pyramids including Snefru. […]

Egypt Middle Kingdom - Trips in Egypt

Egypt Middle Kingdom

The Classical Age of Egypt Middle Kingdom This period is also known as the “Reunification period” and it started from 2050 BC until 1710 BC. This period starts with the eleventh dynasty under the reign of Mentuhotep II and stretches until the thirteenth dynasty. Osiris became the most important deity during this kingdom of Egypt. […]

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Ancient Egyptian Afterlife Beliefs

The ancient Egyptians believed in the afterlife and they had some various complex rituals according to this matter. That afterlife took many forms according to the social status of the deceased. The most important figure that controlled the whole of that process was religion as there were a lot of different gods in the past […]