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Things to Do in Alexandria - Trips in Egypt
Across the history of the world, the great city of Alexandria has gained the reputation for being the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea where many kings and queens created a legacy that will never be forgotten and a destination where the most incredible vacations are spent. This gem of a city was created in 331...
Hurghada Diving Sites - Trips in Egypt
Inside the wonderland of Hurghada are a number of famous and hidden pockets of rare tropical beauty envisioned in the most magical manner across the red sea.  Hurghada is truly a diver’s dream offering the chance to explore all the hidden miracles of the red sea in the most enjoyable and exciting manner. There are...
Things to Do in Cairo at Night - Trips in Egypt
To fulfill your passion for the beauty of Egypt and to get the absolute grander out of its pathways, you need to spend some special nights in the capital of Egypt “Cairo“, the city of a thousand Minarets!! While being in Cairo, you can do countless things to d in Cairo by feeling the soul...
How to Plan A Perfect Vacation in Egypt With Friends - Trips in Egypt
Having a vacation in Egypt is something marvelous as you can enjoy the nice weather of the coastal cities on the Red Sea or witness the ancient culture of Egypt through its temples and monumental sites spread across the whole country. Also, you can enjoy the elegant stay on a Nile cruise in Upper Egypt....
Things to Do in Hurghada - Trips in Egypt
In this hidden pocket, dimension lies various kinds of activities designed to put an unforgettable smile on your heart and could forever. The city of Hurghada is like a magical breathe of fresh air located across the shores of the red sea. The city resort contains a traditional bazaar, coffee shops, markets, malls, bars, nightclubs,...
Things to Do in Luxor at Night - Trips in Egypt
Built on the banks of the great Nile River and, Luxor is a city where half a million inhabitants live there and also considered the world’s largest open-air museum, the city contains some of the largest and most outstanding ancient monuments and landmarks ever constructed. The history of Luxor starts back at 3,200 B.C. Mentuhotep...
Weather in Egypt - Trips in Egypt
Egypt is the land of beauty and glory it witnessed the first civilization on the banks of the Nile River. In Egypt, you will see a lot of history and monuments from the pharaonic to Coptic and Islamic. The weather in Egypt, in general, has a hot desert climate. The climate of Egypt is mostly...
Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt
Egypt is famous for its beautiful landscape mixed with cultural diamonds. There are countless reasons to visit Egypt at least once in life, as it witnessed the first civilization ever known in history and gifted with the Nile river and two seas with a touch of extraordinary culture and heritage. So if you are looking...
Top 12 Tips for Traveling to Egypt As A Solo Woman - Trips in Egypt
Egypt is an ideal and momentous travel destination where you can feel the past and the present, including many historical monuments and marvelous landmarks as well as magnificent beaches. While exploring this ancient country it might become a bit overwhelming for women travelers. As a single woman traveler, you will always find what you looking...
Things to Do in El Gouna - Trips in Egypt - Things to Do in El Gouna - Trips in Egypt
Looking for a vibrant tropical destination across the Red sea can be challenging but El Gouna is the ideal choice as the things to do in El Gouna is numerous filled with excitement and satisfaction. The magical lagoon of El Gouna is a modernly created miracle located 20km (12 mi) north of Hurghada offering the...
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