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Easter in Egypt

Easter is a Christian festival that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, which established Jesus as “The Son of God”. According to the New Testament. It happened in the third day of his burial after his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary 30 AD. Christians start with a 40 days period of […]

Christmas in Egypt - Trips In Egypt

Christmas In Egypt

Here is All You Need to Know About Christmas in Egypt Christmas is such an amazing celebration which people celebrate every year with incredible customs and adorable traditions and those who live in cold countries love to go somewhere else like Egypt, which is really a warm and cool country to spend your Christmas holiday […]

Egypt Entry Visa - Trips in Egypt

Egypt Entry Visa

Egypt Entry Visa Visitors and tourists who come to Egypt can obtain their visa upon their arrival and some of them can obtain it the Egyptian Diplomatic or the consular missions abroad. If they wanted to obtain their visa upon their arrival to Cairo, they have to apply for it from the visa department at […]

Egypt Travel Tips - Trips in Egypt

Egypt Travel Tips & Hints

The Best Tips When Travelling to Egypt Egypt is one of the most favorable destinations for the majority of tourists as it has a wide variety of landmarks & attractions in its gorgeous cities. If you want to spend your vacation in Egypt to visit its marvelous tourist sites, here are some of Egypt travel […]

How To Plan A Trip To Egypt - Trips in Egypt

How to Plan A Trip to Egypt

Egypt is considered one of the most important tourist destinations all around the world and it should be on the travelers’ to- go lists because of its magical Giza Pyramids complex, the great Sphinx, its stunning temples & tombs in both Luxor and Aswan, in addition to the staggering monuments that you can head to […]

Nile Cruise Information - Trips in Egypt

What You Don’t Know About Nile Cruise

Nile Cruise Information Egypt is considered one of the most common tourist countries which attract people from all over the world because of its historical highlights which allow you to follow the footsteps of the Ancients and know all about their social life, how they used to construct their buildings, and how they achieved such […]

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Is It Safe To Travel To Egypt Right Now

Traveling To Egypt Traveling is one of the things that allow us to explore, get rid of the pressure of life, relax, get new experience, and most importantly, enjoying and reshaping our life as possible as we can. With so many choices, you’ll find out that traveling to Egypt is the best choice you’ll ever […]

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Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Best Places to Visit in Egypt It has been said that traveling is the only thing that you buy, which makes you richer and this belief can definitely be found in the land of pharaohs “Egypt“. Discover the best places to visit in Egypt the country which has been built over 7,000 years of civilization […]

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Best Time to Visit Egypt

Best Time to Visit Egypt Best time to visit Egypt one of the most common questions that many travelers prefer to ask before traveling to Egypt and this article we will explain every detail and all that you need to know about the best time to visit Egypt. Egypt is one of the best tourist […]

Philae Temple - Temple of Isis Relocation - Trips in Egypt

Philae Temple Relocation

Introduction about Philae Temple This mesmerizing temple is considered one of the most terrific sites to visit in Egypt. It is known for its sound & Light festival at night, so it attracts many tourists from different parts of the world. It is known as the Temple of Isis and it features in practically all […]