Egyptian Food

Traditional Egyptian Food Egyptian food is known for its legumes, vegetables, and fruits, which come from the rich Nile Valley and Delta. There are some similarities between the Egyptian food and the food of the eastern Mediterranean regions. Some tourists come to Egypt especially to try some of the Egyptian food. Here is a list […]

Festivals & Public Holidays in Egypt

Festivals and Public Holidays in Egypt

Festivals and Public Holidays in Egypt Egypt is known for its amazing and unconventional festivals. There are different types of public holidays in Egypt including Religious, customary, and national holidays. The Egyptians are known for their personable customs and traditions, starting from different clothes, types of food, and different holidays destinations. Here are some public […]

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Abu Simbel Sun Festival

Overview About Abu Simbel Temples Egypt is famous for housing countless temples that date thousands of years back but in the south of the county in the enchanting city of Aswan lays the miraculous Temples of Abu Simbel. One of the temples is dedicated to the great (king Ramses II) and the second is for [...]