The Story of Osiris and Isis - Trips in Egypt

The Story of Osiris and Isis

The story of Osiris and Isis started from the beginning of the ancient Egyptian civilization, Osiris held the position of the ruler of Egypt next to his Wife Isis goddess of motherhood & healing. He was totally responsible for everything like the creation of law, religious instruction, culture and anything surrounding agriculture. He was highly [...]

Ancient Egyptian Creation Myth - Trips in Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Creation Myth

The Ancient Egyptian Creation Story Ancient Egyptian creation myth started before the universe came to existence, there was nothing but endless darkness, pointless water, and utter chaos. Within the darkness, there was the primordial hill a.k.a the ben-ben on which Atum-Ra resides. Atum stood in complete loneliness and through the usage of magic “Heka” he […]

Ancient Egyptian Afterlife - Trips in Egypt

Ancient Egyptian afterlife

Ancient Egyptian Afterlife Beliefs The Ancient Egyptians were very heavily affected by the dogma of the afterlife as they truly believed the soul was immortal and was part of a larger plan and a bigger journey. They were convinced that the soul consists of nine-parts that were a part of one earthly existence and one […]

Ancient Egyptian Symbols - Trips in Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Symbols

Ancient Egyptian Symbols Meaning Religion and the mythological spiritual belief of the public were ever present in every aspect of their life. They believed that the gods looked over them from their birth to their earthly life till their eternal one if their souls were chosen to cross to the afterlife. So they needed symbols […]

Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses -Trips in Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Ancient Egyptian Gods Thanks to the unique natural surroundings and the astronomical patterns of Egypt such the cyclic order of the sun and the seasonal pattern of the Nile floods the enriched the soil of the delta, all these phenomena’s inspired the Egyptians to wonder about eternal themes which are order, chaos and resurrection that […]