Things you don’t know about Dendera Temple

This complex is located about 2.5 kilometers southeast of Dendera, Egypt. It is considered the best-preserved temple in Egypt. Dendera Temple is sited about 60 kilometers north of Luxor opposite the modern town of Qena.

The Description of the Temple

The complex is totally surrounded by a hefty mud brick enclosed wall and it covers around 40.000 square meters. Dendera has been the main site of ancient chapels & shrines. The pharaoh Pepi I was the one who was responsible for the establishments in Dendera.

Inside the complex, you can see:

  1. Hathor temple (the main temple)
  2. Temple of the birth of Isis
  3. Sacred Lake
  4. Sanatorium
  5. Mammisi of Nectanebo II
  6. Christian Basilica
  7. Roman Mammisi
  8. a Barque shrine
  9. Gateways of Domitian and Trajan
  10. the Roman Kiosk

The Temple of Hathor

Dendera Temple was known before as the temple of Tentyra. It was mainly dedicated to Hathor. Inside the temple, there are some depictions of Cleopatra VII that symbolize the Ptolemaic Egyptian art. On the external part of the temple, there is a carving of Cleopatra VII Philopator and her son, Ptolemy XV  fathered by Julius Caesar. The highest part of its roof has been closed since 2003.

The Layout elements of Dendera Temple:

  1. Large Hypostyle Hall
  2. Small Hypostyle Hall
  3. Laboratory
  4. Storage magazine
  5. Offering entry
  6. Treasury
  7. Exit to well
  8. Access to stairwell
  9. Offering hall
  10. Hall of the Ennead
  11. Great Seat and the main sanctuary
  12. Shrine of the Nome of Dendera
  13. Shrine of Isis
  14. Shrine of Sokar
  15. Shrine of Harsomtus
  16. Shrine of Hathor’s Sistrum
  17. Shrine of gods of Lower Egypt
  18. Shrine of Hathor
  19. Shrine of the throne of Rê
  20. Shrine of Rê
  21. Shrine of the Menat collar
  22. Shrine of Ihy
  23. The Pure Place
  24. Court of the First Feast
  25. Passage
  26. Staircase to roof

Who is Hathor!!

Hathor was the main goddess in the ancient Egyptian religion and she had many roles. She was the mother of Horus, the sky god, and Ra, the sun God. She was mainly depicted as a cow to symbolize her maternal and celestial aspects and she had the form of a woman wearing a headdress of cow horns and a sun disk. Gods such as Mut and Isis exceed Hathor but she remained one of the most widely worshipped deities.

Tourism in Dendera Temple

It has been the most important worship temple in ancient Egypt and it is easy to access for tourists that is why tourists love visiting such a gorgeous historical site through our Egypt tours Packages.