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Information about Egypt

Egypt is a land of civilizations that is why it has the longest histories of any other country. Egypt attracts tourists all around the world because of its attractions and landmarks that date back to the ancient Egyptians with their great heritage, wisdom, nobility, and their mentality, which helped them in building a great civilization […]

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Giza City

Under the rays of heaven lies a piece of paradise, Giza city which contain ancient tales dating to more than 4000 years that achieved immortality and comes in the shape of create constructions that are the biggest and most important in the world such as the Giza plateau that holds Egypt’s first official capital Memphis, […]

Things to Do in El Gouna - Trips in Egypt - Things to Do in El Gouna - Trips in Egypt

Best Things to Do in El Gouna

Looking for a vibrant tropical destination across the Red sea can be challenging but El Gouna is the ideal choice as the things to do in El Gouna is numerous filled with excitement and satisfaction. The magical lagoon of El Gouna is a modernly created miracle located 20km (12 mi) north of Hurghada offering the […]

Discover Egypt As A Holiday Destination

Discover Egypt As A Holiday Destination

Discover Egypt as a holiday destination as there are many things to discover including its sand-covered tombs, its austere Pyramids, and the breathtaking ancient Egyptian tombs that are located in its different Egyptian cities. Through our article, we tried to collect the major highlights regarding Egypt and the most important questions that may come to […]

Looking for how to spend the night in Hurghada? Amazing Nightlife, astronomical Nights, and adventure activities by night are waiting for you. Read more!!!

How to Spend the Night in Hurghada

True excitement and joy can be found under the shades of the night, you feel the highest rush and experience absolute freedom as you explore the incredible nights of Hurghada. You will get the sensation as if you have transported to a different magical dimension where the times are endless and the party comes in […]

Things to Do in Aswan - Trips in Egypt

Best Things to Do in Aswan

Lucky those who have the chance to the most impressive & elegant Egyptian city “Aswan” for what it includes from the best commercial, historical, and sensational things that touch one’s heart and opens new horizons in one’s soul. There are many things to do in Aswan where you will enjoy its abundance of palm trees […]