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Luxor Museum

Luxor Museum Built-in 1975 by the order of President Gamal Abd Al Nasser to solve the storage Problems in the Cairo Museum and that’s how the city Of Luxor gained a new Museum. The Luxor Museum is a two-story Building contains various artifacts of the Highest quality that goes back in time to more than 4000 [...]

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The Nubian Museum

Aswan Nubian Museum Overview Aswan Nubian Museum is located in the Elephantine Island on the southeastern side of Aswan in Egypt close to the ruins of Abu. It was opened in 1912 and it features many artifacts from Nubia during the construction of Aswan High Dam. What You Can Find Inside the Aswan Nubian Museum [...]

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The Egyptian Museum

The famous Egyptian Museum houses the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the world ( more than 120,000 priceless Egyptian antiquities). It is located in downtown Cairo on the north side of Tahrir square. Inside this great dome, you can find the mesmerizing treasures of Tutankhamun, mummies, jewelry of great pharaohs, and items belong [...]