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4300 Year Old Pyramid Discovered in Egypt

The Pyramid of Queen Shesheshet mother of the Pharaoh Teti “2323-2291 BC” of Egypt’s Sixth Dynasty was found in September 2008 believed to be 4,300 years old, several hundred years after the constructions of the great pyramids of Giza which sunk 20m below the sands south of the Egyptian Capital Cairo. The 4300-year-old pyramid discovered in Egypt lies near two other pyramids that belong to Unas (her father)’s two wives, Nebet and Khenut. It is the 118th pyramid in Egypt and the 12th located in Saqqara and is considered to be Saqqara’s most Subsidiary pyramid. The discovery was part of the sprawling necropolis and burial site of the rules of ancient Memphis about 12mi south of Giza.

After two years of excavation at the location, it has been reviled that the sides are about 22m “72 foot” long which is the base and a headless 5m “16 ft” high pyramid originally reaching about 14 meters.  The remain of the pyramid is a square-shaped “16 ft” tall that has buried under “65 ft” of sand. Parts of the pyramids white casing of the pyramid believed to have covered the entire structure which was 14 m “45 ft” tall.

Queen Shesheshet’s Mysteries

Queen Shesheshet Mummy - Trips in Egypt
The mummified remains of Queen Seshestet

The mother of King Teti was mostly known for her baldness as a medical papyrus dating back to the New Kingdom notes that Shesheshet had asked her doctors to find a cure for her loss of hair. She was identified with the divinity Isis, goddess of motherhood, also she was protected by the goddess of festivities and love, Hathor. Today, there is little data on the political role Shesheshet might have played, But Archeologists who have investigated Shesheshet’s tomb have yet to enter the pyramid’s burial chamber. Archeologists entered the pyramid on January 8, 2009, and discovered remains of Sesheshet which were found in the sarcophagus of the tomb but that remains unquestioned as it was heavily roped.

The mummy was found wrapped in cloth in the 22-meter long and four-meter wide chamber. The tomb contains enchanting graphic designs which reveal great and important details about the 6th Dynasty of the old kingdom which represent the first peek of the Pharaonic Civilization.

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