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Best Time to Visit Alexandria 2022

The marvelous city of Alexandria was founded by the legendary military icon, Alexander the Great during the Hellenistic era in 331 BC. Since then, Alexandria has become the Greco-Roman capital of Egypt. It is rich with great culture, heritage, and fabulous architecture and that is why tourists really love to come to visit Alexandria whenever they get the chance to enjoy its terrific breathtaking sightseeing. It contains a list of the most captivating landmarks including its majestic Library, its incredible world-class museums, a hypnotic Opera House, the Catacombs of Kom El-Shoqafa, a collection of the most attractive gardens, and numerous cafés & seafood restaurants that make a visit to the beautiful pearl of the Mediterranean Sea a truly special experience.


The Best Time to Visit Alexandria 2022

You can enjoy a visit to Alexandria city at any time during the year but if you are looking for the best time ever to visit Alexandria, you definitely should schedule your tour to be at any time between June and October as you will experience in that period some true perfect climate conditions. That time is actually out of the peak holiday seasons so you will find that the cost of domestic flights & accommodation is much cheaper than any other time especially if you booked them in advance. The daytime is the longest in July in Alexandria and the sun stays up for a much longer time in comparing to any other month and it is such a terrific chance for travelers who want to enjoy the amazing beauty of the sea and to do lots of water activities. You should avoid traveling to Alexandria during December since it is the wettest month of the year. You will find below more information regarding weather in Alexandria based on different seasons and the average temperature during the whole year. Here is an overall Alexandria travel experience by season:

  • Spring Season “That Starts From March Till May”

This season is pretty warm as humidity is combined with temperatures making it a much recommended season to enjoy wonderful weather in Alexandria. Temperatures vary from 29.1℃ until it reaches 20.1℃. It is a rare thing to see rain in such a season so if you would like to enjoy the best tours around the most fascinating attractions and landmarks in Alexandria, visiting it during spring is such a terrific opportunity to do so.

  • Summer Season “That Starts From June Till August”

Alexandria city is a coastal destination in Egypt and that is why the temperature in the middle year months is really comfortable especially that you will have a wonderful chance to do some exciting water sports. The period from June till August is considered the slowest period for tourism and that is the main reason to schedule your tour so that you get the best possible price for your accommodation and tours. You will never get the chance to see rain during summer with a zero percentage of precipitation.

  • Autumn Season “That Starts From September Till November”

The average temperature during autumn varies from 31.2℃ and 23.4℃ and this is also a nice opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather in a mixture between humidity & wind. Tourism is somehow slow during such a season and that is why hotels offer special prices for their guests during autumn so if you are looking for a good chance to get a nice offer then you need to consider Autumn Season in Alexandria.

  • Winter SeasonThat Starts From December Till February”

The weather during winter in Alexandria is so cool and offers really enjoyable weather for Alexandria guests to enjoy very beautiful weather with a mixture of wind, snow, and wind with a terrific breeze of the sea. It is not a recommended season to enjoy water sports but it is the best chance to enjoy different marvelous tours to Alexandria’s tiptop attractions. Temperature varies in that season between 22.1℃ and 18℃. The winter season represents the second most crowded period during the whole year after the summer season. 

Temperature in Alexandria

Temperature in Alexandria - Trips In Egypt

The average temperatures in Alexandria vary greatly. The weather in Alexandria is very nice most of the year except for the hot weeks of summer. The hottest months of the year in Alexandria are August, July, and September, and the temperature can get up to 32℃. The middle of August represents the warmest time of the year in Alexandria and the temperature can be 31.9℃ and drop at night to be 24.5℃. The temperature in winter drops to be 13℃ and it can be dropped up to 12℃ to represent the coldest temperature in Alexandria.

– Precipitation in Alexandria

If you are looking for dry weather, then you should come to visit Alexandria during June, July, or August that have the lowest chance of significant precipitation especially in April that represents the Easter season in Egypt due to its moderate weather and sunny climate. It usually rains in Alexandria in the first part of January. 

– The Busiest Months in Alexandria

The most crowded months in Alexandria with tourists from all over the world are May followed by March & February. You should also know that the prices of hotels, flights from & to Alexandria are likely to be more expensive during those seasons and if you would like to come to visit Alexandria at any of the mentioned months, you should book your tour in advance to guarantee a good price for your booking.

Best Vacations to Egypt

Whenever you get the chance to spend a day or two in the beautiful city of Alexandria, don’t hesitate in contacting us as we do guarantee that you can spend the most prestigious well-planned tour to the mesmerizing city of Alex plus Cairo, Luxor & Aswan, and explore some of its greatest tourist sites with professional tour guides. So contact us now and start planning your Egypt vacation with “Trips in Egypt”.

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