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Dahab Red Sea

Dahab is a magnificent small town that is located on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula around 95 Km north of Sharm El-Sheikh and it is mainly considered the third biggest Egyptian scuba diving destination after Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh cities. Previously, it has been a Bedouin fishing village but it then became a very popular destination for hippies and after that, it attracted backpackers and independent travelers.

It is served with the amazing Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport and Masbat within the town is considered by many the main diving destination and you will find there Dahab Blue Hole which is the most famous and dangerous diving spot in the world. In addition to being a truly interesting scuba diving spot, Dahab is also a world-class spot for both windsurfing and free diving.

Moreover, Dahab town is really famous as being a gateway for the best Desert Safari Excursions and also tourists can enjoy the best tour to Mount Sinai which is one of the most fabulous attractions of that area. There are more than 50 different diving centers in Dahab and most of them are actually shore dives. Dabah is divided into three main parts which are:

  • Masbat: it is located in the north and includes the Bedouin Village Asalah.
  • Mashraba: it is located south Masbat and it contains many amazing hotels and it is actually more touristic.
  • Medina: it is located southwest of the town and has the Laguna area and it is best known for its ideal shallow-water windsurfing.

Best Things to Do in Dahab Red Sea

Ras Abu Galum – All You Need To Know About Dahab Red Sea - Trips in Egypt

1. Have An Unforgettable Diving Excursion in the Blue Hole

Here is another interesting tourist characteristic or feature about the beautiful Dahab Town. Tourists come from different parts of the world to enjoy a scuba diving tour in the Blue Hole which is the most famous tourist spot and at the same time it is characterized for being the most dangerous diving spot in the world or just like what people say about it “The World’s Deadliest Diving Spot“. You can easily reach it from the shore and the maximum depth you can reach is 328 feet. It is a much-recommended spot for both qualified divers and also beginners who are eager to learn how to dive just like professionals. You will be able to find their many tec divers and lots of advanced free divers and if you are looking for the ultimate freediving challenge. Unfortunately, many divers have lost their lives in the Arch “Which Leads from the Blue Hole to the Open Ocean” and that is why it is locally known as being the Divers’ Cemetery. You should be a very professional diver if you would like to head to that spot and to have other professional divers with you in case of any emergency.

2. Don’t Miss the Chance to Discover the Impressive SS Thistlegorm

This is one of the most exquisite & impressive shipwrecks and the majority of diving centers in Dahab offer a marvelous day trip to that spot to add extra fun and enjoyment to their vacation in Egypt. There has been a British Freighter that was drafted into Military service during World War II and it sank after being hit by two German numbers in 1941. The ship was loaded before being sunk with many Allied suppliers just like armored vehicles, guns, military motorcycles, cases of ammunition, and also aircraft parts. Jacques Cousteau was the one who has discovered that spot in 1955 and since then, it is considered the jewel of the Red Sea and the main diving center.

3. Enjoy Kite-Surfing or Wind-Surfing in Dahab

In addition to being an impressive diving spot, the town of Dahab a very famous destination where there are many windsurfers and kitesurfers. If you are learning windsurfing or kitesurfing for the first time, then a visit to Dahab will be the best decision you can take since it has two sheltered lagoons which have safe stretches of flat water and this is with no doubt the best for such sports. The area beyond Napoleon Reef is the perfect place for advanced riders who keep looking for adventure and challenge. There are lots of ships in Dahab that offer such amazing sports in a form of courses and they also provide all of the necessary equipment.

4. Have A Terrific Trip to Ras Abu Galum

This is among the most magical paradises on earth which are located right in the north of the Blue Hole. This charming Bedouin Camp is an ideal spot to enjoy a hiking tour, joining a camel safari, or even taking a boat ride. You will definitely enjoy the terrific scenery on that protectorate since there are many fabulous granite mountains there meeting the Gulf of Aqaba. Among the most interesting activities, you can enjoy while being there are having a Bedouin Camp beneath the stars and with no doubt doing snorkeling and scuba diving excursions.

5. Sign Up for A Camel Safari

Camels in Egypt are known to be the first transportation way which ancients use to head too far destinations and camels are called “Ships of the Desert” and in case you decided to sign up for a camel ride in a desert, you will be able to spend a couple of hours touring towards the Blue Lagoon or to head to Wadi El-Bida Oasis that has the most mesmerizing view over the whole town. Then you can head deeper into the desert of Sinai for about a half-day safari through which you will head to Wadi Qunai oasis and there you will have the chance to explore many terrific canyons. If you are looking for the most imaginary destination to enjoy the view, then you should head to Ain Khudra which is a really worthwhile tourist spot because of its spectacular rock of inscriptions where many ancient pilgrims from different nationalities have left their marks while traveling from Jordan to Mount Sinai.

6. Consider A Horseback Safari

If you aren’t interested in exploring the Egyptian desert on the board of a camel, then you can enjoy exploring the best of the area on a horseback. There are many chances to enjoy the best horse ride through the fanciful desert canyons and head towards an oasis where you will find Bedouins and you can sit with them and enjoy the marvelous beauty of the area while drinking the traditional Bedouin tea. For a longer exploration tour into the life of the Bedouins, you can spend an overnight in the desert camping beneath the beautiful sky. You can ride a horse and enjoy swimming, head towards a snorkeling tour, or even ride a camel and head to the caves along the beach.

7. Tap Into Your Spiritual Side

Dahab has a big side of spirituality as there are lots of hotels there that offer classes in meditation and yoga which aim at free-divers teach breathtaking techniques so that students can increase the time of their breath-hold underwater and also be able to achieve mental balance beneath the water. The best area to practice your yoga exercises is nearby wadis where the area is really calm and the view is captivating and there you will definitely be able to inspire your inner wellbeing.

8. Enjoy the Best Beals & Drinks at Ralph’s German Bakery

While being in Dahab, you surely shouldn’t miss a visit to Ralph’s German Bakery that is a famous institution in Dahab since 2009 and it contains two stores “Assalah Square – A Store near Lighthouse Reef“. Both stores are specialized in preparing the best German Coffee and the tastiest mouthwatering pastries. They also offer their delicious light lunches including salads, sandwiches, omelets, and other light meals. If you are planning to head to the beach and have a picnic there, then you can bring with you also some freshly baked bread as there are the most professional bakers in the area.

9. Enjoy A Remarkable Visit to St. Catherine’s Monastery

Among the most notable tours, you can arrange from Dahab is an unforgettable tour to St. Catherine’s Monastery that is nestled at the foot of Mount Sinai. It has great importance in the area since it is one of the world’s oldest monasteries and it has also been an essential pilgrimage spot. St. Catherine Monastery has been built during the rule of the Byzantine Emperor, Justinian during the 5th century in the exact place where it was said that Moses has heard the commandments of God from the burning bush. In the same area of the monastery lies also a very important sacred sacristy museum which contains a collection of the greatest world’s religious icons, manuscripts, and arts.

10. Climb the Prestigious Mount Sinai

To climb that spectacular mountain, you need to start your tour at night so that you enjoy the marvelous view of the sunrise over the Sinai Peaks. It is considered an amazing Physical achievement to any traveler to climb the mountain since it stands 2285 m tall and it is such a perfect spiritual experience following many Muslims, Christians, and Jewish pilgrims who come from all around the world to the place where Moses has received God’s Ten Commandments.

Best Places to Stay in Dahab

Acacia Bahab Hotel – All You Need To Know About Dahab Red Sea - Trips in Egypt

There are many fascinating Hotels where you can spend your vacation in Dahab and here is a list of the most interesting ones among them:

1. Dahab Paradise

This is a truly marvelous paradise in Dahab which has its own diving center for beginners and also for certified divers. You can enjoy the best accommodation there overlooking the hypnotic Red Sea Coast.

2. Dive Urge

This gorgeous guesthouse is located on the Sinai coast and there you will find many traditional features about Bedouin life in Egypt including tiled floors and Bedouin rugs. There is also a dive center in the hotel and you will be able to explore the majestic Coral Reefs and enjoy very relaxed weather.

3. Acacia Dahab Hotel

This is one of the most charming hotels which is located right outside Dahab and it overlooks the Sea. It is a simple hotel but you will definitely enjoy the best accommodation ever while being there as it has a Bedouin-style and the whole area there gives an authentic touch. You can taste there the most delicious types of meal and spend some wonderful unforgettable time with your family or friends.

4. Jaz Dahabeya

This is another stylish resort in Dahab that is located against the backdrop of the Sinai Mountains and guests there enjoy the most hypnotic spacious accommodation especially if they decided to upgrade their accommodation to be at deluxe suites.

5. Casa D’Or

While being in that hotel, guests can enjoy the most interesting accommodation especially that the hotel offers direct sea access and it also occupies the interior courtyard. It is a good choice for families and couples because of its facilities & amenities.

Best Egypt Red Sea Holidays

With “Trips in Egypt“, you can enjoy the best of the amazing town, Dahab, and arrange the most interesting tours from that spot to other fabulous Egyptian cultural and historical sightseeing that you can enjoy while booking any of our Egypt Red Sea holidays.

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