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Important Tips for Traveling to Egypt As A Solo Woman

Trips in Egypt Sunday April 12, 2020

Egypt is an ideal and momentous travel destination where you can feel the past and the present, including many historical monuments and marvelous landmarks as well as magnificent beaches. While exploring this ancient country it might become a bit overwhelming for women travelers. As a single woman traveler, you will always find what you looking for from the amazing destinations in Egypt to the stunning white-sand beaches. Traveling alone as a woman is unfathomable to many people in Egypt, so expect a lot of attention. Some of this will be friendly and welcome and the other will be confusing and annoying. So in this article, we will tell you how to enjoy your visit to Egypt and here the top tips for traveling to Egypt as a solo women:

1- Keep an Open Mind During Your Tour in Egypt

It might be comfortable to go to the famous tourist attractions in Egypt where everyone speaks English and accommodations are available. Egypt offers the chance to travel as a solo woman, but you need to go the extra mile to step out of your comfort zone and make it your own way. Of course, it has its risks as well as its benefits. This is the best way to experience a culture or country as you feel free and empowered.

2- Be Adventurous in Egypt But Prepared

While traveling even in groups you have to be cautious. As an independent traveler, you have to be more alert and prepared. Egypt is a nice safe place to visit or even live in. You will feel just like at home. But try to stay away from troubles. Adventure doesn’t mean to risk yourself but it means to enjoy your time like no other.

3- Archive Every Adventures Moments in Egypt

When you travel, you think you will remember all the details, but in fact, a lot of new things are happening fast every day, in the end, the details will fade away. So take a few minutes every day to write down main events or memories, this will help you to make your adventure unforgettable. Photos are also is another good way to capture your special moments. So don’t forget to archive your adventures.

4- Check Where to Go in Egypt

Egypt is not a small country. It is full of attractions and landmarks that is spread all over the land, so you have to check best places to visit in Egypt. As a solo adventurer, you will have to pick up your destination and plan your whole trip, this will help you to have some confidence and information.

5- Have Confidence While Enjoying Your Egypt Vacation

Confidence is a major factor for any traveler to enjoy his adventure. In Egypt, you will feel safe and homemaking you have more confidence to take your journey to the next level.

6- Understand the Culture of Egypt

Every traveler and each visitor must know about the place he is going to Egypt is no different. Egypt has an ancient unique culture that began with pharaohs, Coptic and Islamic to modern. Egypt’s majority is Muslims and they have a very simple way of life. But you have to understand the culture of Egypt and some habits of its people such as you must cover your hair while visiting mosques and your voice should always be low and so on. By that, you will avoid a lot of misunderstandings and confusing situations.

7- Pack Appropriate Dress for Egypt

Egypt is a conservative country, so it is not the perfect place to be breaking out your hot pants and revealing dresses. You have to respect the locals and dress modestly by covering shoulders, cleavage, and knees. Modest clothes are a good way to avoid unwanted attention and they also help in encouraging interactions with local women. It is highly recommended to left you Bikinis and swimsuits to the private beaches of hotels.

8- Traveling in Groups is the Best

Traveling in groups is best for women travelers as safety is in numbers. Egypt group tours give you the chance to discover the ancient secrets of Egypt in a well-organized way. Tours also offer full freedom to explore the marvelous places nearby with less attention from locals.

9- Avoid the Egyptian Dangerous Places

Egypt is a safe country but you should be cautious. So you shouldn’t walk alone late at night and you need to pick the roads you will walk in carefully (we mean main streets are the best). Also as a solo woman adventurer, you should watch your back and always ask locals for help, directions or anything you need and you will be impressed by how friendly the Egyptians are.

10- Find Yourself a Safe Hotel in Egypt

The perfect places to stay at while visiting Egypt are hotels as they have security check at entrances with at least standard accommodation facilities. So our advice will be to choose a highly rated hotel with good reviews before traveling as it may become your second home. One more thing, always carry your hotel information card with you

11- Book An Egyptologist Female Guides

We know that you have decided to make your own adventure alone and we appreciate your decision, but you really need to consider hiring a local female tour guide. While in Egypt, you will feel safe and welcomed but, it is recommended not to walk alone in some places. So don’t be shy to be accompanied by a trusted female local guide. Add the can also give you some valuable information about Egyptian history and the places you should visit.

12- Mark Your Territory

As a solo female adventurer in Egypt, you always need to search for and know more about the places you wish to visit to see if you will face any problems while visiting them alone or not. The Internet is the perfect way to do that research. So you should take some time to see Egypt travel blogs, governmental sites, and traveling forums as they will help you make up your mind what, where, when to visit. Another thing that is good to do is to learn some Arabic most used words so you can have a little advantage of interacting with locals. Some of these words are:

  • Salamo Aleko or Marhaba: Hello or Hi
  • Betetkalem Ingleezi?: Do you speak English?
  • Gameel: Beautiful
  • Ismi…: My name is…
  • Shukran: Thank you
  • Afwan: You are welcome.

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