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Best Hurghada Diving Sites 2022

Inside the wonderland of Hurghada are a number of famous and hidden pockets of rare tropical beauty envisioned in the most magical manner across the red sea.  Hurghada is truly a diver’s dream offering the chance to explore all the hidden miracles of the red sea in the most enjoyable and exciting manner. There are a countless number of diving sites in and around Hurghada that heighten the driving experience to the fullest level, Here are the best 18 Hurghada diving sites 2022:

1. Marsa Abu Galawa (Carless Reef)

Marsa Abu Galalwa is one of the best Hurghada diving sites. It’s magical reef located in Hurghada between the enchanting islands of Giftun and Shaab Umm Qamar just 14 km northeast of that acts like a marine pocket dimension that has two pinnacles at 12 m and you can witness white tip reef sharks and a massive moray eels and various more plus it has a lagoon than contains various rare kinds of fishes.

2. Fanadir (El Fanadeer)

Fanadir is one of the largest coral reefs and Hurghada diving center located in Hurghada containing a protected marine area since 2006 that acts as a home for all divers whether shallow or deep. In the waters lies a number of the human of the sea dolphins.

3. El Fanus (Dolphin Reef)

In this magical diving site is a shallow submerged reef system that is famous for its bottlenose dolphins sea stone & scorpionfishes, morays and delightful turtles. The diving site is very calm & extremely relaxing.

4. El Gifton

El Gifton is one of the most beautiful and reclusive diving sites in Hurghada located 45 minutes away by a boat ride from Hurghada and holds 80% of the biodiversity of the coral reefs in the red sea that became very popular since 1986.

5. Turtle Bay

The turtle bay is a horseshoe reef with a shallow swim through a bowel reef filled with fish and coral located off the northern end of the Giftun Island. On the bay lie a number of golf courses and a number of amazing excursions. It’s considered one of the magical Hurghada diving sites.

6. Oberoi House Reef

It is one of the amazing places located in Hurghada which contains incredible sea creatures like octopus, lionfish, turtles, eagle rays, and many more plus a number of majestic natural tropical sites.

7. El Aruk

Al Aruk is located north of Gota Abu ramada and can be divided into three incredible locations” Aruk Gigi” “Aruk Diana” and “Aruk Giftun” in the northeast which by far the best diving site.

8. Gota Abu Ramada a.k.a “The Aquarium”

In this heavenly aquarium is the essence of relaxation and excitement located between not far from Hurghada. It is known for being the home a wealth of marine life like the abundance of hard and soft corals plus a number of butterflyfish, bannerfish, snappers, goatfish and many more.

9. Susana Wreck

It is a piece of history under the sea with 15 m depth where which transformed with time into a pearl offering the most unforgettable diving experience by the sight of a mesmerizing collection of coral reefs.

10. Gota Abu Makadi

One of the most magical Hurghada diving sites close to Makadi bay which is full of colorful coral garden located between the depths of 6m to 30m consisting of different kinds of rare sea creatures.

11. Soma bay

It is a coastal resort on the red sea 45 km south of Hurghada international airport, about 2 km wide and 5 km in length, a majestic peninsula surrounded by sparkling waters, enchanting view of huge desert mountains and crystal sandy beaches under a delightful climate of mild temperature and sunny skies. The resort is filled with luxury hotels, a grand thalassotherapy spa,  diving & kitesurfing centers, and a championship golf course.

12. Baron Palace SahlHasheesh

The majestic “Baron Palace SahlHasheesh” is about 17 km south of Hurghada International airport which is a six stars mega-hotel located on an isolated haven among the wonders of the red sea waters. It is known for having a beautiful geographic nature of luxurious landscapes, charming climate plus amazing diving & snorkeling centers. It has a lot of great restaurants and various means of entertainment.

13. The Seagull Beach Resort

It is just 7 km away from Hurghada International airport and contains some of the delightful hotels, restaurants, malls and entertainment activities. The resort is able to elevate the experience of the traveler as everything within the resort is designed to fit any accommodation in the most satisfying way.

14. SahlHasheesh Resort

The tropical SahlHasheesh resort is Hurghada’s most splendid locations in the red sea that enjoys every possible way of entertainment accompanied by the best satisfying service. It is located 18 km south of Hurghada international airport and holds some of the magnificent hotels, restaurants and beachfront.

15. Giftun Azur Resort

Famous for being one of the oldest & majestic resorts and to be a true magical marine site that reflects the beauty of Hurghada. It is located 3 km from Hurghada international airport and houses the finest Hotels, restaurants that enjoy the best service and the most awesome means of entertainment.

16. The Sunrise Resort

is a 9 km from Hurghada international airport classical resort, home to one of the most relaxing spots in Hurghada. It is a special holiday resort situated on a private beach lagoon that contains the most easygoing, satisfying feeling and refreshing atmosphere accompanied by the best service in all the hotels, spa treatment centers, restaurants, and the most exciting nightlife.

17. Cleopatra Luxury Resort

is one of the rare tropical resorts that can showcase the magical colorful beauty of the red sea. It is able to perfect the balance between majesty, tranquility, luxury and provides the ultimate form of comfort accompanied by the best means of entertainment while enjoying the finest service.

18. Sunrise Royal Makadi Resort

It is the perfect destination for everyone looking for the ideal vacation located just 32 km away from Hurghada international airport. It has incredible house reefs and the best location for diving and snorkeling plus the best hotels and restaurants accompanied by the finest service under the best tropical climate.

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