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If you are looking for the most elegant enthusiastic cheerful country on earth, then Egypt should be your worthwhile choice especially its awesome city Hurghada. It has a population of 95622 and that is why it’s considered to be the biggest city in the Red Sea. Its climate is fantastic most of the year that attracts tourists around the world. It is the best place for those who really seek the beautiful weather the extraordinary unique beaches to spend an imaginary vacation.

The History of Hurghada

There isn’t much to know about Hurghada before its late 20th century establishment when Egypt knew its potentials. This gorgeous city was established in the 20th century. It began as a fishing village but in 1980, it has become the leading coastal resort on the Red Sea. It has acquired its name from a plant that used to grow naturally in the ancient times. In 1913, people who lived there discovered oil in the area but they didn’t start to export it until 1921. Thanks to its location, it has become one of the most significant ports in Egypt after being a small fishing port. The fishing village of Hurghada remained isolated and unknown during Al-Quseir’s centuries, despite its spectacular diving and breathtaking Red Sea beaches.

The Location of Hurghada

Hurghada is a gorgeous city in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt. It stretches for about 36 kilometers along the seashore. It is located 27.26 latitudes and 33.81 longitude that gives it a unique location from all of its surroundings.

The Climate of Hurghada

Climate in Hurghada is subtropical desert. Its average temperature ranges from 16 °C in January and February to 31 °C in August and July. Winter in Hurghada is very mild. Spring is pleasantly warm. Summer is somehow hot and autumn is sunny and hot.

The Demographics of Hurghada

There are four schools for Russian children in Hurghada as there are about 20,000 Russians there, which makes it the largest Egyptian city for Russians. Russian women also stay in Hurghada to marry Egyptian men.

Guess What You Can Do in Hurghada

There are many unbelievable things to do in Hurghada such as Snorkeling. If you are an adventurous person and seek to find joy and entertainment, then Hurghada has the best opportunity to try a snorkeling adventure in, having a private tour with an expert tour guide, you can have an amazing tour to the Big Mosque, St Mary Church, and definitely free time for shopping in the bazaars or board the submarine, nothing in the world is better than getting deep underwater to enjoy the tranquility of life beneath the waves of the Red Sea. Also, a private Luxor tour from Hurghada, Luxor is a fancy country full of archaeological sites just like the amazing Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Colossi of Memnon, and Karnak Temple. Therefore, if you’re in love with ancient Egypt and its great civilization then you have to check our tour. Also visitng the Miniature Museum, it is a charming place and has unique artistic measurements so don’t underestimate such a place. It consists of a collection that includes about 60 artistic items. Enjoy a tour exploriation Giftun Island, the Giftun Islands boast a beautiful sandy beach and clear blue water. They can be very crowded at different times as they’re visited by the majority of boat trips. Grab a snorkel and explore an alien habitat beneath the waves of the Red Sea. enjoy a desert safari, get into different types of terrain that can’t be reached by cars and orient yourself with the quad bike. Your tour guide will assist you in reaching and accessing all hidden and different locations that attract the majority of people. Also great idea it’s a trip to Cairo, you can enjoy a day trip from Hurghada to Cairo by plane, so you can be close to the Ancient Egyptian Civilization and meet the amazement of the Ancients’ minds through visiting the Great Giza Pyramids, emphatic Sphinx, the Miraculous Egyptian Museum, and the amazing Valley Temple that was used in the Mummification process of the mummy of the king. A trip to Abu Simbel, you can visit the two temples of Abu Simbel that are considered to be two masterpieces from the Ancient Civilization. They are located in a village in Nubia. They are suited about 230KM from Aswan. A Trip to Alexandria, Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt that is known for its amazing attractions and landmarks such as The Catacombs, great Pompey’s Pillar, The Citadel of Quitbey, and the splendid Alexandria Library. A trip to Aswan, which it’s known for its admirable attractions that you have to see such as, the noteworthy High Dam, The Unfinished Obelisk, and the awesome Philae Temple, and more. Cruising the Nile Valley between Luxor and Aswan, having a Nile cruise from Hurghada is your best chance to discover all of what you want to know about a place anywhere in the world. These Nile Cruises can take you to the heart of Egypt where you can enjoy the beautiful view over incredible Egypt. So you can also explore our Hurghada excursions and choose your favorite trip.