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Weather in Luxor

Luxor city is located in the desert and that is why it has a hot climate during most of the year and in addition to this, you should know that it has the most extreme temperatures in comparing to any other Egyptian cities. Because of its dry weather, the average temperatures can rise above 40 degrees Celsius in summer and regarding its winter season, it is very short and with no doubt is considered the best possible time to visit Luxor through especially in January.

The Average Weather In Luxor

Luxor Climate - Trips In Egypt

Here are some of the most interesting facts about average weather in Luxor which were collected throughout the historical climate date:

  • If you are looking for the best possible time to visit & spend some time in Luxor city, the months of December, January, and February are likely the most recommended having a wonderful tour as you will experience the most pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius.
  • The hottest season in Luxor can be experienced from April until the middle of November. That season is known as the driest period in Luxor and is not recommended to have tours, especially during the daytime.
  • June is the warmest month in Luxor in which the average of its maximum temperature is 41°C.
  • January is the coldest month in Luxor in which the average of its maximum temperature is 23°C.
  • October represents the most wet month in Luxor and tourists should definitely avoid
  • August is the driest month in Luxor city.

Precipitation in Luxor

We can explain the average of rain in Luxor into three major levels:

  • The lowest chance of significant Precipitation: in February, April, and June.
  • The lowest chance to see rain or snow: at the beginning of January.
  • The most likely chance to enjoy rain or snow: in the beginning of March.

Regarding snow, weather stations report no annual snow in Luxor city.

Humidity & Wind in Luxor

There are some comfortably humid months in Luxor and some of them are really dry ones. May represents the least humid month in Luxor with a humidity percentage of 16.8%. December is the most humid month and the percentage of humidity is 44.2%. Wind in Luxor is usually very calm and the windiest months in Luxor are June, July, and May. The wind speed in June is 3.9 knots.

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