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The Best Time to Visit Luxor

The city of Luxor is rated among the tip-top list of the must-visited Egyptian cities. What really makes this city a truly fabulous one and incomparable to any other tourist site in Egypt is that it has been built in the location of ancient Thebes, the old capital of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.

You can spend your best days in Luxor either at a 5* hotel or on the board of a 5* Deluxe Nile Cruise to enjoy the best accommodation, the most notable services, and the greatest desirable facilities & amenities ever while visiting some of the memorable sightseeing which was left by great pharaohs to be discovered and enjoyed at the most. Once you decide to plan your vacation in Egypt and if you would like to spend some time in Luxor city, there are specific things you really need to consider just like what are the best places to visit in Luxor and of course what is the most recommended time for your visit?? We will concentrate on answering the most frequent questions related to Luxor city throughout our article and for any further inquiries, kindly never hesitate in contacting us at any time.

The Best Time to Visit Luxor in 2022

When to Go to Luxor - Trips In Egypt

The best time to enjoy a Luxor tour is between March to April & between October to December. If you would like to experience the coolest temperatures in Luxor, then you need to schedule your plan to be in winter although prices get really high during that season. The fact that you will find hordes of tourists everywhere you go. It is totally up to you to choose the most suitable time for you to enjoy your vacation in Luxor and we will offer the ultimate limit of exceptional services to you at any time to plan a successful tour in the city of thousand gates. The mentioned periods represent shoulder seasons in Egypt and are highly characterized by small crowds, really affordable prices for tours & accommodation.

Overall Luxor Travel Experience by Season

Overall Luxor Travel Experience by Season - Trips In Egypt

  • Spring Season “From March Through May”

Spring season marks warm weather in Luxor city and although it is a short season, it offers waning crowds and it is a much recommended season to enjoy the best possible weather in Upper Egypt. Average temperatures range from 40.9°C to 27.6°C and this season is fairly slow for tourism so if you are looking for the best possible deal to have for your vacation, the spring season will be the best possible chance for you. April is the highest season for its hotels & Nile Cruises’ rate in Luxor but prices are considerably lower in March so feel free to choose the best suitable timing for your visit to Egypt.

  • Summer Season “From June through August”

Months in the middle of the year represent the hottest season in Luxor and they show the least precipitation. Temperature between the months of May & September usually climb into the 100s and this is with no doubt unsuitable for tourists at all to get outdoors to explore Luxor’s famous attractions. And despite hot weather, you can still enjoy the cheapest hotel & airfare rates during that season with minimal crowds. So if you can bear hot weather by bringing with you the necessary items just like your hat, sunblock, sunglasses, light clothes, suitable footwear, and drink lots of water, you can enjoy a truly wonderful tour in Luxor city. You should also arrange your tours to be either in the very early morning or after the sunset to avoid sweltering midday temperatures in Luxor.

  • Autumn Season “From September through November”

With a mixture of humidity & wind, you will be able to enjoy very nice weather really fits walking around the great landmarks in Luxor. Temperatures range between 39.7°C and 28°C and based on such weather, tourism is usually is the slowest in such a season and that is why hotels’ rates can be so affordable in autumn. It is rare to see rain showers in Luxor but in case you are going to visit Luxor city in October, consider packing an umbrella with you because it is the wettest month in Luxor.

  • Winter Season “From December through February”

If you intend to visit Luxor at any time from December till February, you will experience the most enjoyable warm weather in Luxor city. The average temperature ranges from 27.8°C to 22.1°C. You will contend with crowds everywhere you go as tourists really love the winter season to enjoy their remarkable tours in Luxor city. Don’t forget to pack warm & cool weather attire with you before your arrival to Egypt and make sure you book your tours & accommodation in Luxor in advance to guarantee availability since it is a seasonal peak in Luxor and in Egypt as a whole.

Best Places to Visit in Luxor

Best Places in Luxor - Trips In Egypt

We can divide Luxor attractions into two groups based on their location and it can be described as follows:

On the East Bank of Luxor, you can enjoy visiting the charming Karnak Temples Complex, the interesting Luxor Museum, and most importantly to spend some amazing time touring around Luxor Temple especially at night.

On the West Bank of Luxor, you will find a spectacular collection of the greatest historical sightseeing that will enrich your vacation and let you gain lots of fanciful information about the great history of Egypt and among those attractions, there are the spectacular Valley of the Kings that includes tombs of the most fascinating Pharaohs, the Valley of the Queens that includes the unique incredible tomb of Queen Nefertari, the bewitching valleys of the Nobles & the workers, Habu Temple, Rameseum Temple, the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Colossi of Memnon, in addition to tens of other amazing sightseeing that definitely worth your visit and you will admire them all as each one has its own incredible fascinating story and your Egyptologist tour guide will be the one who narrates the story behind each site to you in a very attractive way to live inside the story itself.

Enjoy the Best Day Tours in Luxor

Whenever you decide to plan your tour to the prestigious Luxor city, feel free to contact us at any time to assist you in planning the perfect vacation ever in order not to miss any of the major city’s highlights and to be able to choose the most recommended period to visit & enjoy it. So choose one of our Luxor day tours and start your bookings with “Trips in Egypt”, your time machine to the ancient era.

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