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Luxor Museum Built-in 1975 by the order of President Gamal Abd Al Nasser to solve the storage Problems in the Cairo Museum and that’s how the city Of Luxor gained a new Museum. The Luxor Museum is a two-story Building contains various artifacts of the Highest quality that goes back in time to more than 4000 years on the best possible display. But still, the Luxor Museum doesn’t compare to the Egyptian Museum as its way more bigger and holds more monuments.

The Location of Luxor Museum

Luxor Museum Located on the east bank of the Nile between Karnak temple and Luxor Temple, parallel to the Corniche street overlooking the Nile. You can pay a visit to the Luxor Museum while sailing on a Nile cruise.

History Incarnated Inside the Marvelous Luxor Museum

The Luxor Museum holds many artifacts and masterpieces from the Egypt Middle Kingdom and the Egypt New Kingdom like Pottery, Statues, and Jewelry belonging to some of the most powerful Pharaohs like Tuthmosis III, Akhenaten, and King Tutankhamun. One of the most important monuments is the mummies of Ahmose I & Ramesses I and one of the reconstructed walls of Akhenaten’s temple at the Karnak in addition to a huge Statue head of Akhenaten wearing a double Crown.

It also has many statues of the ancient Egyptian gods such as the mesmerizing statue of the Crocodile God “Sobek” brought from the Kom Ombo Temple in Aswan, a black Granite Statue of the goddess of Beauty “Hathor” and a statue of the Goddess Inet. There is also a massive statue of the God Atom with the last King of the 18th dynasty “Horemheb”. There are also small statues between 90 to 130 cm long to Thutmose III and Amenhotep III. The Luxor museum holds many more magical artifacts and breathtaking monuments so if you found yourself in the city of Luxor make sure, you drop in.

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