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Egypt Travel – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Traveling to Egypt

Egypt is one of the most thrilling and vibrant destinations in the world – and, not surprisingly, most visitors who will visit Egypt for the first time have a few questions before arriving. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about traveling to Egypt.

Questions About Trips In Egypt

What is Trips in Egypt?

Trips In Egypt is a licensed travel agency that came to life in 2002 with more than 18 years of experience in organizing the most satisfying and enjoyable Egypt Tours. Trips In Egypt highly skilled and expert staff of Tour Operators, Tour Guides, drivers, and customer service will provide all our clients with a true sense of excitement and comfort.  All our clients will get to enjoy a variety of Egypt tours & vacation packages, Egypt Nile cruises, Egypt day tours & excursions, and Egypt shore excursions that will surely suit them plus the option to customize your own vacation with our Tailor-made feature. All our Egypt tour packages are designed to have the most top-rated accommodations, transportation, restaurants, Nile cruises, and activities at very affordable prices.

What is Trips in Egypt Purpose?

Trips in Egypt’s purpose is to provide all our clients with a true sense of satisfaction, safety, joy, and comfort through all our Egypt tours & vacation packages, Egypt Nile Cruises, Egypt day tours & excursions, Egypt shore excursions, and more.

What Kind of Products or Services Trips In Egypt Offer?

Trips in Egypt provide Egypt tours & vacation packages, Egypt Nile Cruises, Egypt day tours & excursions, Egypt shore excursions, plus the booking of the most suitable accommodations, restaurants, transportations, domestic flights, Nile Cruises, and a number of entertaining activities.

What Makes Us Different?

There is a number of factors that make Trips In Egypt special such as our sense of dedication and passion when it comes to crafting the most suitable tour guide. Trips In Egypt are always evolving, changing, growing with every tour we take.

We always work on creating the finest ways of communication across our chain of command to ensure the accuracy of our service and the safety of all our customers.

All of our tour guides are skilled Egyptologist tour guides who know the full history of Egypt and its rich culture.

All of our modern air-conditioned cars are well-chosen by experts in transportation and are daily checked for the highest level in security, hygiene, safety, and more.

All of our Egypt tours & vacation packages, Egypt Nile cruises, Egypt shore excursions, Egypt day tours & excursions are well written customized, and organized on every page of our website by the minds and hands of our excellent tour consultants and experts in the Egyptian tourism industry who have more than for more than 15 years of experience.

What Are the Benefits of Enjoying our Egypt Tours?

You will gain some knowledge about ancient Egyptian history from our expert tour guides.

You will witness the attractions and places you have ever seen during your life.

You will have a once-in-a-lifetime life-changing experience during your time in Egypt.

You will enjoy all the means of joy and entertainment across Egypt during your chosen Egypt tours.

How We Evolved the Main Core for Our Products (Tours)?

Trips with Egypt has evolved with the times as our products such as Egypt tours & vacation packages, Egypt Nile Cruises, Egypt day tours & excursions, Egypt shore excursions, start to be customized to fit the needs for all our client for the past 10 years which has won the praise of all our clients.

What Are the Effects of Our Products (Tours) On Our Customers And Users?

Our products such as Egypt tours & vacation packages, Egypt Nile Cruises, Egypt day tours & excursions, and Egypt shore excursions will provide the ultimate sense of joy, and comfort plus leave every soul with the most precious memories.

Why Book With “Trips In Egypt”?

“Trips in Egypt” is specialized in all tours that can be customized inside Egypt and with its professional tour operators, tour guides, representatives, and tour executives, it gets much easier to have your desirable tour with the best possible services with the most reasonable price as our target is to let tourism in Egypt get its highest level and that is why we always seek for perfection.

Is There A Special Offer For Private Groups Booking With "Trips In Egypt"?

Of course, we offer some special rates for groups with big numbers as all of our tours are totally private and with the increase in the number of travelers, we give a special offer per person.

Payment Questions

How Much Is The Deposit? How Will I Pay It?

The amount of the deposit depends on the price of the tour and it is just a very reasonable amount to guarantee that you want to proceed in the booking with us and to start in the booking procedures of your Hotel Accommodation, Nile Cruise, or even your flight tickets and. The remaining amount to be paid during the tour to your guide in Cash in USD or EGP or by Credit card with an extra 3% as bank fees.

If I Am Forced To Cancel My Trip With “Trips In Egypt” Will I Receive A Refund?

After receiving the deposit:

  • If the cancellation from our side your full deposit will be refunded for you
  • If the cancellation from your side Deposit non-refundable as once we receive the deposit we book the flight ticket and send it to you.   

How Much Does It Cost To Do A Private Guided Tour?

You can contact us any time you want to plan a trip to Egypt and we will start directly in customizing your tour according to the number of travelers, the required dates, and your budget.

Will Be Any Extra Fees That Will Be Paid More Than The Tour Price Which I Agreed On?

We would like to assure that there won’t be any extra charges of taxes of any kind over the tour price which we agreed on as we mention the tour price according to the whole inclusion of your tour including all taxes and charges but it excludes all of your personal purchases & gratitude “Tipping”.

Should I Print A Receipt To Show To My Tour Guide Upon My Arrival?

We highly recommend that you should carry your personal ID or your passport that matches your reservation in addition to a receipt from our side which we send immediately after you confirm the tour with us.

Is This Price Mentioned On The Website A Final One?

We inform you that the price mentioned on the website is a guided price, not an exact price so we added “starting from” beside any tour price. We mention the tour price according to a certain algorithm, one of its elements is the number of participants, the date of the tour, and the cost of the flight tickets.

Is There Any Surcharge On Transactions Completed Using A Debit Or Credit Card?

Kindly inform you that you can use your credit card to send us the deposit and when you arrive in Egypt, you can use your credit card instead of carrying the rest money with you and you can use it for any money transactions.

Reservation Questions

Do I Have To Make Any Early Reservation?

We highly recommend an early reservation to get a better chance of getting a better dear and availability of the best hotel accommodations, flight bookings, Nile cruises, etc. Your early reservation gives us a better chance of getting the best Egyptologist guides, most impressive private drivers, and it also gives us the chance to make some alterations and changes in the tour to match your inquiry.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Feel free to bring your personal items with you to use while being in Egypt and put in mind that each traveler is allowed to carry luggage that weighs 23 kg in addition to 7 kg carry-on bag. You can carry some of your important medicine with prescriptions from your doctor in order not to waste time looking for medicine in Egypt. You should also bring your passport that must be valid for 6 months from your arrival. Bring some of your personal items like clothes, footwear, and so on.

Egypt Visa Questions

Do I Need A Visa While Planning To Visit Egypt?

It is a necessary thing to obtain a visa either upon your arrival or you can have your e-visa according to your nationality. Click here to know more about Egypt’s entry visa.

How Can I Apply For My Tourist Visa To Egypt?

You can obtain your visa upon your arrival to Egypt and it lasts for 30 days and it is highly recommended to have your entry visa before your arrival through obtaining an e-visa which can be obtained through an online application and it gives the traveler 30 days from entering Egypt.

Can I Obtain A Visa Upon Arrival In Egypt?

For some nationalities, it is totally acceptable to obtain an Egypt entry visa upon arriving in Egypt including the Americans and citizens of other 40 different countries. It costs only 25 USD.

Can I Extend My Visa To More Than One Month?

Your visa lasts for only 30 days and if you want to spend more time in Egypt then you have to go to the Ministry of the Interior in Cairo and ask them to the extent your time in Egypt.

Egypt Safety Questions

Is Egypt Safe To Visit Right Now In 2021?

Egypt is a wonderful country that is known to be the best tourist destination that is rich with some of the most remarkable pharaonic landmarks and that is why the Egyptian government is doing its best to keep Egypt’s tourist sites safe at the most and totally ready to receive tourists from the whole world with different nationalities.

Is Egypt Safe For Female Tourists?

Egypt is a totally safe country for female tourists as Egyptians are really helpful and they respect all tourists who come to visit their country. Female tourists come to visit Egypt and they feel highly safe while being there.

Is It Safe To Walk Alone In The Street Without Being Accompanied By A Tour Guide?

It is highly recommended to have your tours with a private Egyptologist tour guide who is going to take you to the best sites in Egypt and organize your tours so that you don’t miss anything during your accommodation. If you wanted to go to other places on your own then you should inform the receptionist where you want to go and hire a cab through the hotel front desk so that you feel safe the whole time.

Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water While Being In Egypt?

You shouldn’t drink tap water in Egypt as it is not safe for your health and you should buy mineral water which is cheap and can easily reach anytime.

It’s Safe To Swim In The Nile Water?

It is totally forbidden to swim in the Nile and you can only experience a Nile Tour through boarding a Nile Cruise or through having a felucca tour otherwise, you shouldn’t try swimming in the Nile.

Preparation Questions

What Should I Wear In Egypt?

Feel free to wear whatever makes you comfortable and most importantly, you should put in mind the season in which you are going to visit Egypt for example, in summer, you should wear a hat, a scarf, light clothes, and sunglasses plus using sunblock to protect yourself from the heat of the sun during the daytime. You should also choose comfortable footwear to be able to tour around the impressive attractions and landmarks in Egypt without getting tired.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Feel free to bring your personal items with you to use while being in Egypt and put in mind that each traveler is allowed to carry luggage that weighs 23 kg in addition to 7 kg carry-on bag. You can carry some of your important medicine with prescriptions from your doctor in order not to waste time looking for medicine in Egypt. You should also bring your passport that must be valid for 6 months from your arrival. Bring some of your personal items like clothes, footwear, and so on.

How Should I Dress For Entering A Mosque (Male & Female)?

For both males & females, you should take off your shoes if you want to enter a mosque. Women should wear a scarf and regular clothes and men can wear anything as there are not specific clothes for men in mosques.

What Clothes Should I Wear On The Nile Cruise?

  • A Good Maxi Dress or Skirt.
  • A Pool Cover-Up.
  • Linen Flow-y Pants.
  • A Fun Swimsuit.
  • Sturdy Flip-Flops.
  • A Breath-able Long-Sleeve Shirt.
  • Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf.
  • Good Sunglasses.

What Clothes Should I During My Tours?

  • Shorts or short skirts as you see fit
  • A couple of T-shirts.
  • A shirt, blouse, or smart-looking top.
  • long trousers.
  • A veil/shawl for women only.
  • Swimsuit or bathing suit.

Language Questions

Do Egyptians Speak Languages Other Than Arabic?

The majority of Egyptians have the ability to speak and to understand English very well so it gets easier for tourists nowadays to communicate with Egyptians and to ask them in English. It gets much easier for you to have a private tour guide who speaks the same language as you through booking with a travel agency.

Do I Have To Learn Arabic To Enjoy My Visit In Egypt?

You don’t need to learn Arabic at all as Egyptians can use English for communication but it gets much interesting to learn some common Arabic words just like Shokran, which means “Thank you”, Sabah El-Kheir, which means “Good Morning”, and some other interesting words that you can collect through surfing the internet.

Egyptian Sites Questions

Can I Enter Inside The Pyramids?

Sure, you can enter the Great Pyramid of Khufu which is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World with an extra charge of 10 USD Per Person.

Is It Allowed For Non-Muslims To Enter Islamic Sites In Egypt?

Non-Muslims have the ability to visit all of the Islamic sites in Egypt including mosques and they won’t face any problems there, on the contrary, they will enjoy discovering the incredible Islamic sites and know the history of each one of them. The most important thing to put in mind is that it is not allowed to wear shoes inside mosques and it is preferable for women to put in a scarf while being in a mosque otherwise, you will enjoy yourself a lot while being there.

Are Tourists Allowed To Enter The Christian Sites In Egypt?

Egypt is rich with some amazing Christian sites and churches that tourists have the total ability to visit anytime they want including the Hanging Church, Abu Serga Church, and a lot of other mesmerizing Christian sites that can’t be missed while being in Egypt.

Taking Photographs Questions

Can I Take Pictures To The Egyptian Monuments During My Tours In Egypt?

The most interesting thing about being in Egypt is taking some memorable photos to commemorate such a remarkable tour and you can take photos of Egypt’s attractions anytime but it is not allowed to take photos inside the Egyptian tombs but feel free to take photos of the Egyptian attractions * landmarks during your tours.

Can I Take Some Photos To People, Streets, Etc. In Egypt?

Egyptians don’t mind having photos with but it is highly recommended to take their permission before taking photos so that you don’t get any bad comment or reaction, especially for the Egyptian Women. It is totally acceptable to take photos of the Egyptian streets and landmarks.

Accommodation Questions

What Is The Difference Between A 5* And A 5* High Deluxe Hotel/Cruise In Egypt?

5* Hotels and Nile Cruises in Egypt are qualified with the whole necessary services that may be needed during your accommodation but the 5* High Deluxe Hotels and Nile Cruises are for royalty and billionaires where you get ‘royal’ treatment rather than just luxurious or presidential. In general, the classification of hotels in Egypt is applied by the Ministry of Tourism according to the number of rooms, how big the hotel is, and of course, the services so feel free to choose the most convenient for you.

Do I Have To Stay In My Hotel After The End Of The Day Of The Tour?

After finishing the day of your tour, you may want to get back to your hotel to have shower, have your dinner, relax, and prepare yourself for another tour but if you wanted to get out by yourself at night to have a private tour on your own, feel free to do so but the most important thing is to inform the hotel receptionist with your plan and to have an SIM card with you so that you contact your travel agency representatives or the front desk of your hotel anytime if you need help.

Can I Leave My Suitcases In The Hotel?

Sure you can and you don’t need to carry your luggage during your tours at all. You can leave them in your room or in the safe of the hotel and you have to feel safe in Egypt as the Egyptian government is doing its best to let tourists feel totally safe and secure while being in the land of Pharaohs.

If I Found That My Accommodation Is Bad Can I Change It?

With “Trips in Egypt” everything is possible but you also have to know that you will never find your accommodation bad with us as we inform you with the hotel and Nile Cruise accommodation from the moment you confirm your tour with us and we choose only the best to our guests but of course upon your arrival if you wanted to be accommodated at another hotel, we will do our best to change it for you as your comfort means a lot to us.

Transportation Questions

Do Cars Have Wifi In Egypt?

Cars don’t offer the WIFI service in Egypt but most of them offer GPS services so that you get the ability to be transferred easily from a place to another.

Is It Easy And Safe To Get A Cab In Egypt?

It is so easy to find taxis everywhere in Egypt and it is highly recommended to book through Uber Service that is totally safe and reliable in Egypt.

Do Cars In Egypt Have Seats For Children?

Yes, it is totally easy to find such cars and of course, the easiest way to have such cars is through informing your travel agency that you want a car with a seat for your child and they will take care of everything.

Currency Questions

What Is The Official Currency In Egypt?

The Official currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound EGP. Its symbol is E£ or in Arabic ( ج.م).

What's The Best Currency I Should Have To Be Able To Buy Things In Egypt?

The best currency to hold with you while being in Egypt is the American dollar as it has a high value in Egypt and you will find that most shops and stores deal with it. If you don’t want to carry too much cash with you, you can have your credit card with you instead and you will find a lot of ATMs in Egypt to have money from.

Will I Be Able To Exchange Dollars, Euros, Or Other Currencies In Egypt?

Yes, you will be able to exchange your money in Egypt through the following steps:

  • Your bank or credit union. Many banks offer currency exchange to their customers.
  • Order cash through a currency converter.
  • Airport kiosks or stores.

Can I Use My Credit/debit Cards Easily?

Most hotels and stores In Egypt will accept major credit cards, with Visa and MasterCard having the widest acceptance but American Express is less commonly accepted even though it is still useful in higher-end facilities.

Nile Cruise Questions

What Are The Differences Between Nile Cruises?

In general, there are two major types of Nile cruises in Egypt. The first type starts from Luxor and ends in Aswan and it takes 5 days sailing the Nile River. Through this type of Nile Cruises, you will be able to visit both the east and west banks of Luxor on two separate days and you will also get the chance to witness Luxor Temple at night and see the incredible festival that is held there. The second Type of Nile Cruises takes 4 days and it starts in Aswan and ends up in Luxor and through this types you will be able to combine between the east and the west banks of Luxor in only a day.

Both types of Nile cruises can start from your hotel in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Hurghada to enjoy the most while boarding a floating Hotel and we choose the best 5* Nile Cruises to accommodate our guests.

Why There Is A Price Difference Between Nile Cruises Of The Same Category In Egypt?

There are many reasons behind the price differences of the same Nile cruise categories and here are some of those reasons:

  • The Nile Cruise Brand Name
  • The Cruise shape and decoration
  • Cabins Size.
  • Chartered Cruises.
  • Tours Included.
  • The Costs of the Tours in addition to the additional tours.

Are All Nile Cruises Available At Any Date?

Nile cruises have a fixed schedule in Egypt that can’t change. For example, the 5 days Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan can start on Saturdays, Mondays, and Thursdays but the 4 days Nile Cruise that starts in Aswan can start on Wednesdays, Mondays, and Fridays.

Is There Wifi On The Cruise?

Some Nile Cruises in Egypt have access to WIFI but the service will cost you additional fees that may reach 5 USD per half an hour and it is not guaranteed to have such a service in all of the Nile Cruises so if you are going to need such a service, you have to inform your travel agency so that they arrange the Nile cruise accordingly.

Tipping In Egypt Questions

Is It Normal To Give Tips In Egypt?

Yes, it is totally a normal thing to offer tips in Egypt for those who offer you services but it is not an obligatory thing at all so feel free to give tips or not.

Who Should I Tip?

You should give tips to those who really deserve it without feeling obliged to give them to everyone you meet. For example, you can tip your driver, your tour guide, the porter at your hotel, etc.

How Much Should I Tip?

The amount of tipping is totally dependent upon the service that has been offered for example you can tip your guide 10 – 20 % of the cost of the tour. This can be also applied at restaurants and cafés if you received good services but on the other hand, if you received bad service, you shouldn’t tip at all and you have to head to the head manager to offer your complaint.

Health Issues Questions

Are There Any Health Issues That I How To Know About Before Heading To Egypt?

Fortunately, there aren’t any health issues that you have to worry about while planning a trip to Egypt so feel totally secure to visit Egypt at any time.

Are There Vaccinations I Should Take Before Traveling To Egypt?

There are some vaccinations that you may need to know about before heading to Egypt including  Measles for Infants (6 through 11 months old), Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Covid-19 vaccinate, and for some travelers Hepatitis B, Rabies, and Yellow Fever.

Weather Questions

What Is The Best Time To Visit Egypt?

The duration from October till April is considered by many travelers the best time to visit Egypt which is between winter & spring. The weather gets really tropical & warm with a winter breeze which allows tourists to enjoy their time in Egypt, touring around the magnificent Egyptians attractions & landmarks and most importantly to be able to enjoy a Nile Cruise excursion and have a sailing tour in the longest river in the world.

General Questions

Can You Purchase Alcohol In Egypt?

Although it is not a preferable matter to drink alcohol in Egypt, there are different alcohol stores where you can buy and drink some alcohol that is served in higher-end and tourist-orientated restaurants.

How To Enjoy Egypt During Ramadan?

Some tourists believe that they shouldn’t visit Egypt during Ramadan because stores may be closed and they won’t be able to have fun during their tours but on contrary, it is highly recommended to visit Egypt in Ramadan to witness the spiritual festival of all Muslims there and to visit the amazing Islamic sites in Egypt and see how they got decorated with some colored decorations and you have to know that you don’t have to fast at all, it is only for Muslims and a lot of restaurants and cafes are opened in Ramadan during the daytime for the tourists who come to visit Egypt.

Are There Any Special Customs I Should Observe?

You should know that while planning to travel to Egypt, it is highly recommended to be aware of the Egyptian culture and the local traditions. Women should wear regular t-shirts and trousers and while visiting any religious sites, they should wear scarves to cover their hair. Tourists should be friendly with the Egyptians and try to respect their homeland and on the other hand, the Egyptians will show them all hospitality and kindness they can offer.

What's The Weather Like In Egypt?

Egypt is known among its peers for its moderate weather all through the different parts of the year. Winter in Egypt is really suitable to have your vacation in as it is rare to face snowy or rainy weather in Egypt; it just gets somehow cold at night. In summer it gets pretty hot during day time and it is not recommended to visit Egypt between June & August. Spring & Autumn are the best two seasons in Egypt through which you can have your tours to any destination in Egypt plus having the opportunity to board a Nile Cruise to visit the tiptop highlights of Luxor & Aswan.

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Anna C
Solo Traveler

A Fsull day escapade with a very valuable experience with the ancient Egypt history. Thank to our tour guide, Ms. Nermeena, who made things more interesting and enjoyable. She was one of the best tour guide I’ve ever known so far. She was very knowledgeable and is very passionate in her work. I will highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you Ms. Nermeena!! Hope to see you soon!

Neal Bartolome
Solo Traveler

I want to thank you for assisting us on our trip as our tour guide. Aside from being an excellent and informative guide we enjoyed being with her. She made our trip worthwhile, interesting and exciting. This is a vacation that we will talk about for many years to come.

Solo Traveler

We booked 3 nights Nile cruise with Trips In Egypt. When we initially made inquires we received very prompt responses to all our queries. When we arrived Luxor we met our tour guide Omar who waiting for us, he is extremely knowledgeable and pleasent. Omar made our experience a very memorial one . Throughout the whole tour this travel agency took a good care of us. We are very happy by this level of service we got.

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