How to Enjoy A Perfect Nile Cruise

Cruising the Nile Valley is a miracle resembling time travel where every traveler will sail across the immortal magical stream that gives life to the oldest civilization in human existence. The entire experience of a Nile cruise is simply the essence of Egyptian travel, every Nile cruise is like a floating hotel providing the ultimate chance to explore all the epic wonders of ancient Egypt between the golden cities of Luxor and Aswan such as the legendry Valley of the Kings, the heavenly Karnak temple, the beautiful Hatshepsut Temple, the majestic Edfu Temple, the enchanting Philae Temple, and various more. A chance to get a glimpse of one of the gates of Paradise has never been closer. Here are things to consider for enjoying a perfect Nile cruise:

1. How Long Nile Cruise Do You Want?

The duration of the Nile cruise heavily depends on your preference and budget. The ideal time for a Nile cruise is 5 days Nile cruise between Luxor & Aswan as its ideal for budget travelers and gives enough time to explore all the major highlights and attractions without being too restricting while enjoying the finest entertainment experience. But there is also the option to go on 7 days between Luxor & Aswan or even longer up to 14 days between Cairo & Aswan.

2. Where Do You Want to Start Your Nile Cruise?

The start point of any Nile cruise can be from anywhere in Egypt. It is also an important factor as the usual route for most Nile cruises is from Luxor especially for all the residents and visitors of the red sea in Hurghada, Marsa Alam, El Gouna, and more. it can also be from Aswan to Luxor which is equally fun. If it happens you are in Cairo a domestic flight to Luxor is suitable to start your Nile cruise from there.

3. What Style of Nile Cruise Are You Looking For?

Nile Cruise - How to Enjoy A Perfect Nile Cruise - Trips in Egypt

The quality and style of the Nile cruise are highly crucial to your trip as there are many different categories of Nile cruises. There are three categories & styles standard Nile cruises for budget travelers which contains amazing accommodations with efficient 5 stars service and ton of activities such as the Rosetta Nile cruise, the Movenpick Royal Lily, the Movenpick Royal lotus Splendor Nile cruise, Queen Nefer Nile cruise and a lot more. Then comes the deluxe Nile cruises which provide all the bells and whistles designed to make every moment feel truly majestic, it has a 5 stars service, spacious rooms with private dining, a number of activity chambers such as game room, gift shops, spas, daily parties, Discotheque, oriental shows, and many more awesome forms of entertainment. The third and final style is high luxury Nile cruises which contain all the elements of the above and is designed to provide the treatment of true royalty.

4. What Is Your Budget For A Nile Cruise?

The exact amount of your budget will determine plenty of details concerning your Nile cruise as the more affordable the cruise the more basic the accommodations and entertainment features. The exact value of your budget will give you access to a variety of Nile cruises categories which are the standard, the luxury, and the high luxury.

5. Check High-End Ships

The finest and most majestic Nile cruise experience can be found onboard a High-End Nile cruise where everything will literary feel like a dream where every single wish is satisfied. Everything in the high luxury is all about providing the ultimate vision of luxuries such as the Sanctuary sun boat Nile cruise, Sonesta Nile cruise, Oberoi Zahra Nile cruise, and more.

6. Check Good Quality But More Affordable Ships

Egypt Nile Cruises - How to Enjoy A Perfect Nile Cruise - Trips in Egypt

You should first choose which category of a Nile you want and know the exact price of the Nile cruise and know what exactly you are paying your money for. An affordable Nile Cruise is the most common choice between all travelers. Before booking any Nile cruise you should check the quality of the Nile cruise through the reviews online before booking the cruise itself.

7. Check the Availability of Cruises

The most important factor of your Nile cruise is to check the availability of the cruise before making any moves. You should contact your travel agency or the Nile cruise management office to confirm the availability which matches your needs, requirements, timing, and your budget.

Book Your Nile Cruise Vacation with Us

The greatest vision of tranquility, comfort, and the sight of the great legendry monuments ever built in history is all onboard a Nile cruise, the ultimate ship of dreams and fantasies where all the precious moments and memories of the ages are born. You turn to book your vacation onboard a ship of allure, magic, and beauty is one click away. Here are the best Nile river cruises:

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