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How to Spend the Night in Hurghada

True excitement and joy can be found under the shades of the night, you feel the highest rush and experience absolute freedom as you explore the incredible nights of Hurghada. You will get the sensation as if you have transported to a different magical dimension where the times are endless and the party comes in different types and never ever stops. Here are best things to do through the Night in Hurghada:

Let’s Make A Quick Look On Hurghada

The marvelous city of Hurghada is a gigantic resort stretching 36 km “22me” along the coast of the red sea in close proximity of the eastern Arabian Desert, even the climate is truly amazing with tropical weather accompanied with a warm breeze and an average temperature of 24 C (75F). Beneath the waters is a captivating marine life filled with a breathtaking ecosystem of rare colorful fish and wonderful coral reefs that elevates all waters sports like swimming, diving, snorkeling, and wind or kite surfing. Hurghada is a party capital containing everything a traveler could be looking for likes amazing hotels, restaurants, Bazaars, markets and the finest nightclubs where the night is explored to the fullest. Now, let’s know the best things to do in a night in Egypt:

First: Experience the Hurghada Nightlife

How to Spend the Night in Hurghada - Things to Do in Hurghada by Night

The nightlife of Hurghada is a time beyond existence where everything was achieved and the highest form of joy is always on the reach. Hurghada is filled with the wildest hotspots and the almost hypnotic atmosphere next to the magical red sea Rivera. There are various great clubs, discos, and bars in Hurghada filled with creative music, awesome drinks and a hypnotic atmosphere where you will have a fun memorable time.

Second: Explore the Bedouins Lifestyle

How to Spend the Night in Hurghada - Things to Do in Hurghada by Night

Imagine if you can feel the ancient spirit, then the Bedouin village awaits. You will get to have dinner in the heart of the desert, explore the Bedouins lifestyle and different cultures. You will get to put on their clothes, stay in a tent and feast on Bedouin cuisines like a barbecued dinner such as chicken, kofta, rice and potatoes cooked on natural coal, plus the natural baked Bedouin bread which serves directly of the oven directly into your mouth where it melts, followed by a delightful Bedouin tea while enjoying an oriental show and folkloric songs.

Third: Meditate Within the Magnificent Astronomical Nights

How to Spend the Night in Hurghada - Things to Do in Hurghada by Night

The night of Hurghada is an unforgettable divine miracle where the sky is filled with infinite stars and galaxies where you feel as you are in the embrace of God. The nights of Hurghada are truly majestic as the sky is illuminated with billions of light bulbs all for you. You will get to travel into the essence of the desert after dusk and behold the wonders of the night’s sky with a telescope for further inspection and explore a marvelous cosmic filled with miracles.

Fourth: Partake in Hurghada Desert Safari

How to Spend the Night in Hurghada - Things to Do in Hurghada by Night

The majestic spirit of the desert is a phenomenon that needs to be explored through desert safari where the best adventure is waiting for you. In the heart of the desert lie the spectacular hidden locations in the desert such as majestic Bedouin villages.  You will have the chance to become Indiana Jones by going on an adventurous Quest through Hurghada’s  Sahara park a.k.a the eastern Arabian desert hills. You will get to cast your eyes on all the ancient landmarks in the arms of the desert, witness the color of the desert shifting during the sunset. Through your camel ride or jeep, you will get to be among ancient villages of Bedouin culture & live as one of them for short time and exercise life in a new light.

Fifth: Withness Luxor Temple at Night

How to Spend the Night in Hurghada - Things to Do in Hurghada by Night

Every night is where a lunar miracle happens where the moon smiles on the Luxor temple and reveal all of its secrets. You will feel a sense of magical wonder as id you are in a fairy tale where all the monuments come to life and tell all of their stories. The Luxor temple is a marvel that needs to be seen as it is one of the most preserved temples in Egypt and contains a great number of artifacts dating back to 1400 BC to the times of Amenhotep III. The architecture and history of the temple are quite marvelous that shines brighter under the heavenly moon.

Live Each Magical Day-by-Day with Hurghada Day Tours

Through our Hurghada day tours, you will be guided and experience literally everything in Egypt starting with go under the sea with diving excursions, explore the city sightseeings, visit the best near destinations of Hurghada such as Luxor & Aswan, discover the amazing sites of Cairo and Alexandria, and much more during your time in Hurghada, here are the best tours you can do, so don’t waste your time and book us now:

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