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St Virgin Mary Church

St Virgin Mary church is the oldest church in Egypt. It was built to honor the mother of Jesus. At the beginning of the church construction, it was known with many names as Meniet El Sudan, Bustan El Adawia and El Martouti. There is a rumor that a miraculous event happened on the 12th of March in 1976 where a holy book was opened on the verse of Isaiah stating “Blessed be Egypt my People“. The church of St Virgin Mary is one of the most important Coptic sites in Egypt. Here is all information you need to know about St Virgin Mary church:

History of St Virgin Mary Church

History of St Virgin Mary Church Maadi Egypt - Trips in Egypt

The church was constructed around the 10th century AD to be the home of Coptic worship in the area. In 1321 the church was destroyed and after it’s rebuilt it became the main stay of the Coptic Orthodox Pope of Alexandria. St Virgin Mary Church was the place where Jesus and his mother begin their journey heading south to Upper Egypt by a boat. Egyptian Coptic considers the church the most important sacred place.

Location of St Virgin Mary Church

Located just on the east bank of the Nile, 13 km south of downtown, St Virgin Mary Church is situated at an area called Maadi which means “The Crossing Point“. Nowadays the church is located at the heart of Cairo city surrounded by modern tall buildings.

Architecture of St Virgin Mary Church

Architecture of St Virgin Mary Church Maadi Egypt - Trips in Egypt

St Virgin Mary Church has three marvelous domes situated on the three altars at the east. You will see an entrance that leads to the corridor to the inside of the building where the nave consists of ancient carvings and drawings like the ancient wall of water and the altar screen. The chapel in the church also contains four boxes holding the relics of the saints as well as an original copy of the holy bible that was believed to be found floating on the Nile river. The church also has a number of amazing chambers such as the Baptistery, the ancient tunnel and the steps of the Holy Mother and Son.

Explore the Best Attractions of Egypt

St Virgin Mary Church is a stunning monumental place that must be visited while in Cairo. With our Egypt travel packages, you will enjoy an unforgettable vacation to these sacred places and similars. So don’t waste more time and feel free to contact us to book your place.

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