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The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid Facts The Red Pyramid is commonly known as the Shinning or the Northern Pyramid and it has the second largest base of any pyramid in Egypt, each side measures about 220 m. It is considered the largest of the three major pyramids located at the Dahshur necropolis 40 km outside Cairo near Saqqara. It was built from red […]

The Hanging Church

Why is It Called The Hanging Church The Hanging Church is the most important and the oldest Church in Egypt. The name “Hanging Church” is actually the name of Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church. It is even referred to as the suspended church “Al-Muallaqah”. It was built on the southern gate of the Babylon […]

Bent Pyramid - Trips in Egypt

The Bent Pyramid

The Bent Pyramid of Snefru The bent pyramid is located about 40 km away from Cairo at the royal necropolis of Dahshur. It was built by the great pharaoh Snefru and it was actually the second pyramid built by him. Bent Pyramid appears a transitional form between smooth-sided and steep-sided pyramids. Because the original angle of inclination showed some […]

Sultan Hassan Mosque

Sultan Hassan Mosque “Madrasa” Sultan Hassan, the Mamluk ruler, built this mosque between 1365 and 1363. He was the grandson of Sultan Qalaun and reached the throne when he was only 13 years old. Sultan Hassan was assassinated shortly after the construction of the mosque. Surprisingly, historians believed that the builders of Sultan Hassan mosque […]

St. George Church

St. George Church “Cairo” St. George Church was built during the 10th century but it was destroyed because of a fire in 1904 and was rebuilt & finished in 1909. It is located within the Babylon fortress in Coptic Cairo and it is an outstanding Greek Orthodox Church and it is mainly It is part […]

Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Mosque of Ibn Tulun Facts The Mosque of Ibn Tulun is considered to be the oldest Egyptian mosques that have survived with its original shape and it is also the largest one in Cairo. It was built between AD 876 and 879 by Ahmed Ibn Tulun, who was a soldier among the troops of Samarra […]

El-Moez Street

El-Moez Street History El-Moez street is an outstanding street that was known in Islamic Cairo as Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatimi Street. The street is named after the fourth Caliph of the Fatimid Dynasty and the 14th Ismaili imam who reigned from 953 to 975, Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatimi. Its location starts […]

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Ben Ezra Synagogue

Ben Ezra Synagogue Overview Ben Ezra Synagogue “The prayer-place of the Jews” is sometimes called El-Geniza synagogue and it is located in old Cairo on the site where baby Moses was found. The storeroom of this synagogue was found in the 19th century and it contained a treasure of abandoned Hebrew, Aramaic and Judeo-Arabic secular […]

Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque - Trips In Egypt

Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-As

The amazing mosque of Amr ibn al-As was the center of the ancient capital of Egypt “Fustat”. It was built in 641–642 AD and was considered the fourth largest mosque in the Islamic world. The mosque has been built in the previous location of the tent that belonged to the Islamic commander Amr ibn al-As. […]

Al-Azhar Mosque - Trips In Egypt

Al-Azhar Mosque

Overview About Al-Azhar Mosque Al-Azhar mosque is also known as “The Most Resplendent Congregational Mosque“. The one who commissioned its construction was Al-Mu’izz li-Din Allah of the Fatimid dynasty in the new capital of Egypt in 970 by the builder of Egypt, Gawhar El-Seqelly. The construction work lasts for about 3 years. The name of […]