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Cairo Day Tours

Cairo Day Tours – Priceless Cultural Wealth

There are many things to do in Cairo, this city combines everything that tourist’s dream of, it is like a beautiful harmonized painting of Landmarks, religions and great monuments so, if you are a lover of antiques and fragrant history, book one of our Cairo day tours and enjoy your holiday.
Trips in Egypt” organize fabulous Cairo tours to the most important places in Cairo starting with the Pharaonic monuments, especially the Pyramids of Giza, which is about half an hour away from the city; we need a long time to talk about these wonderful pyramids that dazzled the whole world. During your Cairo private tours in Giza enjoy riding the horse or camel, taking pictures with the Pyramids and the Sphinx, as well as making a magical trip inside one of the famous pyramids Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure. Cairo has also a constellation of fabulous Islamic monuments everywhere. The ancient Islamic neighborhoods of Cairo and its narrow streets and the minarets, make you feel wonderful sensations that cannot be repeated
In addition to organizing Cairo excursions. We also organize wonderful tours from Cairo to many cities in Egypt. You can also arrange your trip as you wish and we will implement it for you.

Pyramids of Giza | Cairo Stopover Tour | TripsInEgypt
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Cairo Stopover Tour

Cairo Stopover Tour Cairo Stopover Tour to witness the most famous Cairo tourist attractions in one day accompanied by a