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Cairo City

Trips in Egypt Saturday September 29, 2018

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. It is associated with ancient Egypt because of its magnificent attractions. It contains Giza pyramids complex that makes anyone speechless from the beauty of its architecture and its accurate shape including the Great pyramid of Khufu, which is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. Its population is about 16 million people, which makes it the largest city in Africa. Get to know all things about Cairo Egypt:

The Full History of Cairo

Mohamed Ali Mosque - Cairo Egypt - Trips in Egypt
Mohamed Ali Mosque

Cairo has a very interesting history that can be divided into three main stages:

  • The Initial: Oon & Babylon.
  • Middle: Fustat, Ayubi, Ottoman.
  • Modern: Mohamed Ali Pasha, Isma’il Pasha, and modern Cairo stages.

Modern Cairo started as being Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt. The Romans were able to establish their famous city Babylon in Memphis. This capital was founded in 2000 B.C and was ruled by the great ruler Narmer, who was able to unify Upper and Lower Egypt and changed the whole history of Egypt. The oldest structure of the city was constructed by the Romans in the first century. Amr Ibn Al-As was the one who settled in the north of Babylon and established the city of Fustat. Then this city became the first Islamic capital of Egypt.

The Fatimids came in the 10th century in 968 AD and established Al-Qahira as the capital of the Fatimid dynasty under the leadership of Gawhar El-Sekeli. Salah Al-Din came in the 12th  in 1169 AD and established the Ayyibid dynasty and defeated the city from the Christian crusades. Under the control of the Mamluks, Cairo became a very important Islamic learning in the middle of the 13th century. They were the ones who established their capital in Cairo.

After the spread of the Black Death, about 200.000 people were killed from plague between 1348 and 1517. That decreased the Egyptian Population a lot and struck the way of progress. The rise of constantinople in 1517 affected the development of Cairo so much and Cairo declined. Then Muhammed Ali came to establish the modern Egyptian state in the 19th century. He was able to make a lot of social & economic reforms. Ismail Pasha was the one who established many European-style structures in the city and used the occasion of the opening of the Suez canal northeast of Cairo in 1869 to display the city for the European powers. After the First world war, the population of Cairo increased and reached 2 million. Under the reign of Gamal Abd El-Nasser, Cairo changed and developed a lot into a modern metropolis with Egyptians.

Cairo today is the national capital of Egypt and it has taken a major step forward in urbanization as most Cairenes now live in apartment buildings. education, economy, industry, and all social aspects of Cairo have been changed into a much better state.

The Location & Climate of Cairo

Cairo is located in Egypt at 30.06 latitudes and 31.25. It has an elevation of 23m over the sea level, which gives it a special location in comparison with other provinces. Cairo has a climate of a desert. The average of its annual temperature is 21.3 °C. Here are the average temperatures of Cairo along the year:

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Avg. Temperature (°C) 13.1 14.1 17.4 20.7 24.1 27 27.6 27.6 25.8 23.5 19.2 15.1
Min. Temperature (°C) 7 7.4 10.5 12.9 16.2 19.3 20.7 20.8 19.1 16.8 13.1 9.1
Max. Temperature (°C) 19.3 20.9 24.3 28.5 32.1 34.8 34.6 34.5 32.5 30.2 25.4 21.1

Note: All the degrees are up for a slight chance due to sudden unexpected changes in the climate.

Cairo Meaning

Al-Rifa'i & Sultan Hassan Mosque - Cairo Egypt - Trips in Egypt
Al-Rifa’i & Sultan Hassan Mosque

In fact, the original name of Cairo is El-Qahira, which means “The Place of Mars”. Cairo had to wait for Caliph Al-Mu’izz Li-Din Allah who came from the Fatimid capital of Madia in 973 A.D. “The Victorious” is quoted as the most popular meaning for Cairo. It is also called Um El-Donia, which means “The Mother of the World”.

Best Places in Cairo

Giza Pyramids - Cairo Egypt - Trips in Egypt
Giza Pyramids

The city of Cairo is known for Giza, which has become a major suburb in Cairo. In it, you can find the Great Pyramids complex that includes the Great Pyramid of Khufu, which is considered one of the wonders of the world, and then you can visit the incredible Sphinx, the Valley temple that was used in the mummification process in addition to great Bazaars in Khan El-Khalili.

Cairo is the home to the oldest university in the world and the greatest mosques. It is known as the city of the 1000 minarets because of the emphatic Islamic architecture. There are two main football teams in Cairo, who share the same stadium although they are fierce rivals.

Top Holidays & Festivals in Cairo

Khan El Khalili - Cairo Egypt - Trips in Egypt
Khan El Khalili

1. Cairo Bites

What is better than having a collection of more than 60 different delicious meals in one place where you can enjoy different flavors by professional chefs. There are also areas for your kids so that you enjoy the most while being there. It is located in Family Park, New Cairo.

2. Egypt Fitness Fest

It is a two-day fest for fitness freaks that is waited by a lot of healthy frenzies. Everyone is engaged in different activities such as Zumba, Les Mills, Insanity, Kids Fitness, and many other interesting activities. It is located in “Katameya Sporting Club”, Plot 171, El Tessein St. 5th Settlement, Cairo.

3. Cairo’s Fashion Festival

Those who love fashion and interested in different special styles then Cairo’s Fashion Festival is your target. Since 2012, Cairo’s Fashion Festival has attracted a total of 4000 different guests.

4. Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr

Ramadan is a month in which Muslims fast during the daytime. It is a special month as it is full of spiritual matters and stays away from all the forbidden and bad things. At the end of the month, there is Eid al-Fitr in which All Muslims celebrate, have fun together.

5. Coptic Christmas

Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas on the 7th from January and most Egyptians join in the festivals in Cairo.

6. Sham El-Naseem

Egyptians with all religions celebrate this festival on May 21st  by spending the day in the countryside or public parks eating dried or pickled fish.

Things you Have to do while Being in Cairo

There are many things to do in Cairo such as visiting touristic places that you definitely have to explore through Cairo tour packages. If you would like to know more about the ancient Egyptian traditions and touristic landmarks then you have to visit Luxor and Aswan with their gorgeous touristic sites. You can have a Nile cruise to move from a place to another, discovering the beauty of the ancient places while keeping an eye on the true beauty of Egypt. If you are an adventurous person, then getting into an adventure to deserts to discover great places, to camp, and learn more about Egypt is your best choice.

There are many Cairo day tours and activities that you can have while indwelling in Egypt but the most important thing for you is to give yourself a chance to make use of every single moment of staying in Egypt, “The Land of Pharaohs”.

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