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Things to Do in Luxor at Night

Built on the banks of the great Nile River and, Luxor is a city where half a million inhabitants live there and also considered the world’s largest open-air museum, the city contains some of the largest and most outstanding ancient monuments and landmarks ever constructed. The history of Luxor starts back at 3,200 B.C. Mentuhotep II brought peace and stability to the city during the 11th dynasty, and in the 18th dynasty, the city became the most religious and political capital of ancient Egypt. Luxor has a lot of tombs, monuments, and temples that still standing in very well preserved conditions. Here are the best things to do in Luxor at night:

1. Enjoy Dinner Cruise at the Nile View in Luxor

Dinner Cruise at Cairo - Things to Do in Cairo at Night - Trips in Egypt

Egypt is famous for its delicious cuisines and Luxor is no different. Enjoy the outstanding tasty dinner on board a Nile cruise under the silver rays of the moon. You will be enchanted by the beauty of the ship as it sails in the Nile River revealing the uniqueness side of Luxor city. Also, you will enjoy the onboard belly dance and Nubian folkloric shows with some Egyptian songs and music.

2. Enjoy A Tour to Luxor Temple by Night

Luxor Temple at Night - Things to Do in Luxor at Night - Trips in Egypt

On the east bank of the Nile lies Luxor temple in the middle of Luxor city. Visiting Luxor temple by night is one of the common things to do in Luxor at Night. At the entrance of the temple, you will see the marvelous Avenue of Sphinxes guarding the Gate and you will see the well-crafted statues as well as the huge columns that are decorated by carved writings that archive the pharaohs’ achievements. At night, Luxor temple is even more stunning with all these lights that illuminate the whole place making the Temple glares and shin like a star in the sky. This is a unique experience that should be on your top list while visiting Luxor city.

3. Witness Sound and Light Show Karnak Temples At Night

Sound and Light Show Karnak Temple - Things to Do in Luxor at Night - Trips in Egypt

Another amazing things to do in Luxor at night is visiting the temples of Karnak and attend the sound and light show. Karnak temple is a magical and holy landmark at Luxor that contains a lot of temples and shrines alongside great statues and avenue of sphinx decorating the entrance. An evening unlike most of the temples in Egypt, Karnak offers a marvelous show of sound and light. The show has a unique style that narrates in an amazing way the history of the Karnak as well as the pharaoh’s lives and achievements. This will be an unforgettable experience with a lot of knowledge.

4. Ride a Horse Carriage in Luxor Along the Corniche At Night

Riding Horse at Luxor in Night - Things to Do in Luxor at Night - Trips in Egypt

Enjoy your time at Luxor through a horse carriage tour exploring the beautiful city. The tour is perfect for romantics as well as an alternative way to know the ancient city of Thebes with an old fashioned method. On that journey you will be amazed by the historic open-air Museum. At night you can relax your mind as you walk by the Corniche of Luxor city. You will be inspired by the lights that reflect over the Nile water making it shine like a full moon.

5. Go Shopping in Luxor at Night

Luxor Souk at Night - Things to Do in Luxor at Night - Trips in Egypt

At Luxor, you can enjoy a unique shopping experience, especially at night as you will discover Luxor city from another view. You will be enchanted by the masterpiece artifacts, well-crafted souvenirs and the handy made antiques. All that and more are available at affordable prices in markets and bazaars all over the city. You will have your chance to get a remarkable shopping experience with elegance taste.

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Luxor city is marvelous at day and enchanting at night, our Luxor day tours giving you the chance to have a wonderful experience that will last in your memory for years. You will witness the great ancient monuments and landmarks as well as the beautiful Blue Nile and stunning landmarks. You can enjoy your night at Luxor with us through our Luxor excursions below where you will have our finest services. So don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about Luxor day tours.

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