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Most Famous Beaches in Hurghada 2022

There are many terrific wonders in the Land of Pharaohs to visit and spend some incredible time with your group or as a solo traveler and with its hypnotic beaches that offer tens of amazing activities & landscapes to enjoy, you will definitely have your lifetime adventure. You will find the most impressive sandy beaches while being in the exceptional Hurghada city which is the gate to all that is unique and enjoyable. You will find lots of sun-loungers, restaurants, beaches, cafés, bars, incredible snorkeling and diving spots, lots of spa areas, and many other things to do in Hurghada and enjoy while having a true recreational and relaxing tour. You will find in our article a guide to the most recommended beaches in Hurghada to be able to take your decision about which beach, hotel, and resort you would like to spend your vacation at.

The Most Recommended Beaches in Hurghada City

Most Recommended Hurghada Beaches - Trips In Egypt

1. Old Vic Beach

You will find that amazing beach in Hurghada on the village road and the majority of tourists love it as it is located near the center of the city and that is how you will be so close to everything you need to get, see, or buy in Hurghada. It is equipped with a bar and some sun loungers that assist you to enjoy the most impressive accommodation.

The best thing about that beach is that while being there, you will find lots of different wildlife including different types of crabs and heron. We can’t forget to mention that you can enjoy a lot of activities there just like parasailing and having a banana boat ride.

2. Sahl Hasheesh Beach

This charming beach is located in the south part of Hurghada city around only 13km far from the amazing Sahl Hasheesh’s shoreline. While being on that beach, you will be able to enjoy the best views of the area all around you and also the impressive offshore islands including Abu Hashish Island that offers the best possible opportunities for snorkeling and diving excursions. That way, you will enjoy the mesmerizing marine life and have a look at the most beautiful glowing Coral Reefs. If you are looking for the best shore ever on that beach, then with no doubt, you should head directly to Tropitel Sahl Hasheesh shore that is located in a very elegant area and offers many interesting activities to enjoy while being there.

3. Makadi Bay Beach

It is an area near Sahl Hasheesh and it contains also the most interesting all-inclusive luxury hotels and this area should be the first choice for travelers who are looking for having the ultimate luxurious vacation. You will find there the Fort Arabesque Hotel that contains incredible gardens and the best possible amenities in the beach. There are many bars and activities that can do until the evening and also late at night. While being on that area, you will get fascinated with the inshore reefs and home to the most impressive marine life and that is how you are going to have the best diving & snorkeling tours.

4. Soma Bay Beach

This fascinating beach is located towards the south near Safaga and it contains also wide verities of the most luxurious hotels just like the Contemporary Palm de Soma Hotel and that hotel in specific offers lots of incredible amenities from the moment of your arrival till the last minute of your departure. You will find their many sun-beds, lots of water sports, palm-leaf parasols, and you can enjoy also surfboarding and heading to the incredible aqua park on the beach and this is with no doubt the best choice for families who have young children as they will spend their accommodation there a lot.

5. Mahmya, Giftun Island Beach

It is an impressive beach that fascinates any traveler since it is located on Giftun Island, the most beautiful island all around Hurghada and it takes around forty-five minutes to reach it from Hurghada via a boat ride. The best way to explore the area is to have either a snorkeling or a diving excursion to see the most magical types of Coral reefs of the Red Sea and you should also head to Emerald Aqua Park that is the perfect spot for families to spend their vacations at. The best hotel to stay at on that beach is Emerald Aqua-City as it has terrific spacious rooms with panoramic views equipped with TV screen, private bathrooms, hairdryers, and serve the best types of international and local food with a 24/7 services.

6. Meraki Resort Beach “For Adults Only”

While staying at that exquisite hotel, you will enjoy the most astonishing hotel facilities and its private beach offer the true meaning of singularity and the best types of relaxation at the Red Sea. That hotel houses around 270 rooms and each room combine the bohemian styles of atmospheres with a very comfortable and enjoyable stay.  Each room is equipped with the whole necessary amenities including a satellite TV, a telephone, an air-conditioner, a mini-fridge, and other important facilities to enjoy the best of your stay.  There are 6 different amazing bars on that beach where you can enjoy a nice cocktail and spend a great time while being there.

7. Golden Paradise Aqua Park Beach

It is really a paradise and a wonderful chance to have the most desirable recreational tour for couples and families. You will find on that beach a lovely aqua park that has four swimming pools, a majestic spa, a tennis court, the best well-equipped gym, mini-golf, and other magical amenities. The hotel on that beach has the best rooms that are furnished with the best Arabic details with many other facilities to enjoy the best type of accommodation. For extra relaxation, you will have the chance to enjoy the amazing Turkish Hammam “Spa”, sauna & Hot tub that are offered in the hotel. Moreover, the beach houses the impressive Red Sea Restaurant that serves lots of delicious cuisines and it is specialized in serving the best authentic Italian cuisine.

8. Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh Beach

This is another unique coastal beach that is located in the center of Sahl Hasheesh Bay and it is definitely a much-recommended beach based on the feedback of tens of travelers who came to spend their vacation in Egypt. While being accommodated at the hotel there, you will find many layouts, rich furnishings, a Satellite screen, private bathroom, mini-fridge, and a mini-bar plus having the best opportunity to upgrade your stay to more luxurious levels. While being on that beach, you can enjoy the best types of food as there are lots of restaurants on the beach that offer oriental, Italian, Asian, Seafood, Mexican, and lots of other restaurants through which you can choose the most favorable type of food for you. If you have kids, then they will enjoy the most while spending some time in the private swimming pools there that are well-designed for children and the other entertainment programs that are well-arranged for you and the whole of your family.

9. Sunrise Royal, Makadi Resort Beach

Guests who choose that resort will enjoy at the highest level since they will spend their time in the amazing Aqua Park and enjoying the beautiful view all around the gardens that have impressive pool areas. There is a spectacular spa in the resort where you can enjoy your massage and amazing beauty treatments. Restaurants there serve Italian, Greek, and Mediterranean Cuisine in addition to other types, and for extra enjoyment; you can head to the bars there as there are around seven bars with different themes. Accommodation at the hotel of this resort is really interesting as you will have the chance to enjoy a memorable view over the Red Sea and you will also have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the best snorkeling and diving excursions. That resort is located only 30 minutes far from Hurghada Airport and this gives you lots of choices to head to different Egyptian cities and get back in a relaxed with without wasting lots of time in the overland transfers.

10. Sunny Days El-Palacio Beach

While being in that exceptional resort, you will be able to enjoy the pure white sandy beaches, the incredible swimming pools that will amaze your children, and enjoy the impressive diving excursions in the lagoon & the coral reef of the hotel. Inside each room, guests enjoy a private balcony or a terrace, a satellite TV, an Air-conditioner, a private bathroom, and other facilities to make their accommodation a truly impressive and unforgettable one. There are many restaurants and bars that serve a wide variety of food & drinks all through your accommodation and you will with no doubt enjoy the most delicious types of Italian & seafood meals. This resort is characterized by its breathtaking 42 shops where you can enjoy different shopping tours and buy many amazing souvenirs to take them back home. There are other recreational sports and facilities on the resort just like volleyball, a fitness center, a water polo, and lots of other incredible amenities to spend the accommodation you have always dreamt of.

11. Andalusia Blue Beach Hurghada

You will find this glorious beach in the heart of Hurghada near the New Marina. There are many impressive gardens and amenities all through that fascinating beach starting from the facilities you will find in the beach hotel just like the other luxury 5* hotels in Hurghada that try to offer the best desirable accommodation plus 24/7 services to all of its guests. You can enjoy a hiking tour of its beautiful gardens, heading to the fanciful restaurants there, the delightful bars, and enjoy your time while being on such a terrific beach during the whole of your stay. What best characterizes that resort is that it is located only 5 km far away from Hurghada Airport and it is the best thing to spend astonishing time in different Egyptian destinations.

12. Sunrise Garden Beach Resort

This is one of the most recommended elegant resorts in Hurghada which is located only 8 Km from Hurghada International Airport and you can spend the most interesting tropical vacation. You will find there the most interesting diving center, incredible spas, spacious restaurants, lots of shopping malls, some of the most desirable means of entertainment that fit all adults & children of all ages. This is the place where you can spend the best recreational tour ever in life and see the real beauty of Egypt.

13. Steigenberger Al-Dau Beach

If you are looking for the most luxury tour in Hurghada, then you need to head to one of the most well-known luxury hotels among the Steigenberger chain that is located only 10 minutes from Hurghada Airport and it represents the best types of privacy, entertainment, peace, and the finest accommodation ever you have always dreamt of. That is not all regarding that hotel as you will find their lots of interesting spa centers, the best restaurants, and some of the most interesting Aquatic activities.

14. Beach Albatros Resort

It is located near the city center of Hurghada and also close to the airport as it is only 9 Km far from Hurghada Airport. You can relax there and have an enjoyable peaceful accommodation while enjoying the remarkable beach amenities and enjoy the impressive view all around you. It is going to be such an exceptional experience for people of all ages especially for adults and children who are looking for adventure and heading beyond what is common and repeated.

15. Stella Di Mare Beach Resort Makadi Bay

This majestic beach is located across Makadi Bay and it definitely on the top list of the best beach resorts that you should choose to have an amazing relaxing experience. You can drive to Hurghada Airport from that beach and it takes only 30 Km driving. The Resort is well-equipped with the best-recommended facilities which offer a great mixture of adventure and tranquility through trying the most interesting water sports and activities. We highly recommend that beach resort for the incredible water sports and activities that you will find while being on that charming resort.

16. Dana Beach Resort Albatros

While being on that beach, you will enjoy the most memorable time in such a tropical spot since it offers the most desirable lagoons, the best international restaurants, the most recommended 5* accommodation, and all of what you may desire to enjoy while being in such a fascinating coastal resort.

17. Hurghada Marriot Beach

This is going to be the best possible chance for you to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the crystal Red Seaside and you will enjoy the best time while doing some of the most favorable water sports. The nightlife there is really impressive from the number of things you do there and you will get amazed after checking the countless incredible restaurants, bars, pools, fitness center, spas, and diving & snorkeling centers to have all of what you may need all around you.

18. Serenity Makadi Beach

It is located across Makadi Bay and it has the most impressive resorts, hotels, and resorts that feature a great part of the hospitality & traditions of Egyptian society. It is an interesting site that is full of tropical entertainment and the best spots for both snorkeling and scuba centers. The most fabulous spa you will find there is the Fayrouza Spa that offers interesting types of sauna and massage.

Best Excursions From Hurghada City

That is not all about Hurghada as there are still many impressive beaches, hotels, resorts, cafés, spas, and incredible places to enjoy while being in Hurghada city and don’t forget that “Trips in Egypt” provides you with the most irresistible tours from Hurghada to different Egyptian cities to have wonderful historical tours to the greatest ancient Egyptian monuments. Contact us now and start planning your tour.

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