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Best Time to Visit Aswan

Aswan is the sunniest southern city in Egypt and it is known for its distinctively African atmosphere. Although it is a small city it is graced with an incredibly beautiful setting on the Nile. Some say that you haven’t seen the great Egyptian Nile until you’ve gone to Aswan because of the fact that although it doesn’t have the number of great ancient monuments located in Luxor, it does still have some of the most picturesque ancient & modern monuments making it among the list of the top-visited cities in Egypt. Even along the banks of the city, you will find really friendly people who welcome visitors from all around the world warmly to the colorful tapestry of history, tradition, and culture. In Aswan, you will enjoy the most from the amazing beauty o the Nubian culture to the bewitching relics of ancient Egypt.

The Best Time to Visit Aswan 2022

When to Visit Aswan - Trips In Egypt

Aswan’s weather has some relaxing & rejuvenating prosperities and this is the main reason which makes tourists come to enjoy their fabulous vacation in Aswan, touring around its fabulous landmarks & sightseeing. Generally speaking, the best time to visit Aswan is during the winter season as summer in Upper Egypt is really scorch but summer is good too if you are a group of swimmers. For more details, kindly check our detailed article below to know all about the weather in Aswan and what is the most recommended time for you to visit the Nubian city?

Overall Aswan Travel Experience by Season

Aswan Travel Experience by Season - Trips In Egypt

  • Spring Season (From March to May)

The spring season is very warm in Aswan city as highs range from 41.6°C and 28.3°C and the later months represent warmer temperatures. There is no existence of rain in Aswan during the spring season and this could be the main reason for making that time fairly slow for tourism in Aswan. You can have the best deal to travel and spend as much time as you want during that magnificent season.  

  • Summer Season (From June to August)

Months in the middle of the year show extreme hot weather and of course, based on this, you will witness in them the least precipitation with zero percent. Tourism from July till August is the least in comparing to other months in Aswan and that is why all types of accommodation and lodging cost less in comparing to the usual time.

  • Autumn Season (From September to November)

Weather in fall is warmer than being comfortable and it shows daily highs ranging from 40.5°C and 28.6°C. tourism during the autumn season is the second busiest during those months because of the beautiful weather in such a season and this affects the costs of accommodation & tours so prices may get higher.

  • Winter Season (From December to February)

Winter represents the most suitable month in Aswan to enjoy the most imaginary tour since it is cool in Aswan and the weather is enjoyable for all tourists. The average high temperature between those seasons is 28.5°C and 22.6°C. You can see insignificant rain during that season and it is the busiest and the best season of tourism in Aswan.

How to Book A Tour in Aswan??

After checking the best time for you to come to visit the amazing Aswan city based on the most suitable duration of time for you and once you decide on the elements of Aswan day tours, you can contact us so that we start your booking procedures based on your requests and of course, our tour operators will share with you the most important advice regarding all of your bookings and the required tours to enjoy the best possible time in Aswan city with the team of “Trips in Egypt”.

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