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The Valley Temple of Khafre

Egypt is the ideal destination for all sorts of vacations from adventurous, relaxing, cultural, historical and even the medical one. The country offers a marvelous coastal tropical resort and a lot of historical and monumental sites spread all over the Egyptian lands. One of these famous places is the pyramids of Giza which is the last standing wonder of the ancient world. The complex contains a unique temple called the valley temple of Khafre. Here is all information you need to know about the Valley temple:

Location of the Valley Temple of Khafre

The Valley temple of Khafre is a member of the pyramids complex located east of the main three pyramids at Giza city near the Egyptian capital Cairo.

History of the Valley Temple of Khafre

History of Valley Temple Egypt - Trips in Egypt

The valley temple of Khafre was constructed during the reign of the great King Khafre son of King Khufu (the one who built the great Pyramid at Giza) at the old kingdom of Egypt (2686 – 2134 BC). The temple was preserved in a perfect condition as it was buried under the desert sands of Giza until its discovery at the 19th century.

The Main Reason for Building the Valley Temple

Reason for Building the Valley Temple Egypt - Trips in Egypt

The valley temple Egypt was built to serve as a royal pre-burial place and for mummification process where the bodies of the Egyptian pharaohs will be prepared for their last laying place waiting their souls to come back for the second life after death as they believed.

Construction of the Valley Temple

Construction of Valley Temple Egypt - Trips in Egypt

The valley temple construction process was overwhelming due to the great number of stones used in its building. It was constructed from massive megalithic limestone core blocks of stone sheathed in red granite that was quarried from the plateau surrounding the great Sphinx. Bothe the valley temple and the sphinx where the same part of the same quarry and construction process plus they were the final elements of Khafre’s building project. The floors and interior walls of the smaller chambers were made of alabaster each block weighed 150 tons.

The temple has two entrances which symbolized the duality of lower and upper Egypt, each one is connected to a vestibule with pink walls leading to a T-shaped room was all the majority of the temple is located. In the ceiling are small openings to let the light pass to illuminate the statues.  The hall of the valley temple is 16 square m of red granite pillars that supported the roof. In the halls is a small passage in the south-east corner leading to a set of storerooms and a stairway that allows access to the roof and to a small courtyard. Many of the internal elements of the valley temple are still intact and remain very preserved due to the mortuary temple.

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