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How to Spend A Night In Aswan

The magical city of Aswan was believed to be the first town to be established in ancient Egypt and notably, a very important trade hub for having the life-giving Nile. While walking in the city’s streets & avenues, you will meet with the most exceptional landmarks, ancient monuments, ruins, relics, and spacious temples that narrate some stories of many years of glory and uniqueness. There are tons of fascinating places to visit in Aswan just like visiting the adorable Unfinished Obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut, heading on a historical tour to the great High Dam, or visiting the fascinating Philae temple but what you don’t know is that there are many fabulous things you can do or visit while being in Aswan at night and here are some of the most interesting information about how you can spend a mesmerizing night in Aswan.

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1. Attend the Sound and Light Show at Philae Temple in Aswan

Sound and Light Show at Philae Temple - How to Spend A Night In Aswan - Trips In Egypt

Although you can visit the incredibly gorgeous temple of Philae during the daytime which enables you to visit a complex that dates back to 632 BC and it is closely associated with the ancient Egyptian religious beliefs since it was mainly dedicated to the goddess Isis. There you will find many giant monuments dedicated to Isis, some obelisks, granite buildings, columns, and lots of interesting things you can enjoy while being there.

What you may not know is that you can still visit that time but at night to attend a spectacular breathtaking show there when you will find the temple lit up against the night sky and while being there, you are going to watch a spectacular show which shows the love story between two ancient deities “Isis & Osiris”. Can you imagine that you can choose between 10 different languages to hear that spectacular legacy!! If you have attended the Sound & Light Show in Giza, you will feel that this show is really close to and it definitely worth the try during the night in Aswan city.

You can read more about the best time to visit Aswan.
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2- Take A Boat to the Romantic Philae Temple At Night

During sunset, you will get the spirit of Indiana Jones and you may want to do something different, like a real adventure and what is more interesting than heading to the mysterious Philae Temple which is located on an island and can only be visited with a boat!! Can you think of a more interesting way to have a lifetime adventure than this?? It is a very safe way to head to Philae Temple and it will let you experience the majestic Nile River in a close way like never before. Such small boats are equipped with all of the necessary items for the transfers and upon your arrival, you will get a remarkable chance to explore all about that temple which was built during the Greco-Roman era to honor the goddess Isis and her son Hathor.
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3- Nile River Felucca Cruises in Aswan At Night

Felucca In Aswan At Night - How to Spend A Night In Aswan - Trips In Egypt

There is another charming way to experience the amazing beauty of the Nile River is through using the traditional wooden sailing vessels which were used for the last centuries to cross the Nile Valley. It is actually the best and the most recommended way to explore the scenic landscapes and the exceptional ancient sites in Aswan city. You can simply contact us to book a felucca ride for you at any time you want and there will be a private tour guide for you onboard and he will introduce everything all around you.
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4- Take A Walk Along the Corniche of Aswan At Night

Among the fascinating things you can do while being in Aswan, you can enjoy walking along the cornice to enjoy the amazing beauty of the sunset over the islands and the magical desert across the Nile. The most terrific place to watch the corniche from is from the terrace of the great Old Cataract Hotel and also from the Sunset restaurant. You can also head to the amazing souk and bazaar there where you will find so many fabulous items to buy and enjoy while being there.
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5- Enjoy Dinner At the Classic 1902 Restaurant

Classic 1902 Restaurant Aswan - How to Spend A Night In Aswan - Trips In Egypt

In case you can’t afford to be accommodated at the Old Cataract Hotel, then heading to the majestic classic 1902 restaurant at night to enjoy your dinner meal will with no doubt take your fancy. Following the feedback of many visitors, it is considered the most beautiful restaurant in the area. You will enjoy a lot with its romantic lighting inside and what is much more interesting than this is that once you chose your cuisine, the chefs will get to your table to cook food at your table.
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6- Dine in Aswan’s Highest Building

While being in Aswan at night, you can enjoy dining at Mövenpick’s Panorama Bar & restaurant which boasts 36. Degree view on the Nile River and that is not all as it represents the highest restaurant in Aswan. The view you are going to see from that position is really breathtaking especially at night as you will get the chance to see the twinkling lights of the city on the Nile. There are many special dishes you can try there including the impressive lamb dish. Waiters there are professionals and you will receive the best possible services while being there.
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7- Go Shopping For Gold

Shopping In Aswan At Night - How to Spend A Night In Aswan - Trips In Egypt

Aswan city is known for having the most popular sites that sell 18-carat gold because of their purity. You can also ask the jewelry’s there to do a more personalized item for you just like a golden cartouche with your name on it in hieroglyphics. There are some things you need to put in mind while buying golden items in Aswan and here are the most popular of them:

  • You need to go to a government-approved retailer, not the market to make sure that you are buying real gold.
  • Make sure that you check the price per gram for that day for example online before you buy to make sure that you are buying your gold with the exact cost of that day.
  • Ask the seller to let you see yourself the piece being weighed right in front of you.
  • Check the conversion of the USD rate yourself before paying for your items.

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8- Get A Custom-Made Perfume

Aswan souk is best known for its fabulous perfume stores that make essential oils like Eucalyptus & Mint. Sellers can also prepare types of perfumes from the ingredients of other famous perfumes including Hugo Boss, Dior, and Chanel. You will feel like having a perfume typically like the original one
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9- Visit the Nubian Village At Night

The Nubian Village In Aswan At Night - How to Spend A Night In Aswan - Trips In Egypt

In order to understand all about the magnificent life in Aswan and how the lovely Nubians live, you can enjoy a wonderful tour at night towards the Nubian Village where you will find tons of adorable colorful houses and meet really kind people. You can enjoy a camel ride during sunset and have some lovely tours enjoying the beautiful view of the Nile all around you. There are some tips you need to put in mind before visiting the Nubian Village:

  • Respect the customs & traditions of the place you are visiting and ask anyone before taking pictures of anything there.
  • Kindly make sure that you dress conservatively, especially if you are a woman.
  • Tipping is some kind of a traditional thing in Egypt so it is O.K to give tipping to those who offered you services and they really deserve it. There is no specific amount of money you need to give and feel free to give whatever you want.

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How to Enjoy the Best of Aswan City??

Whether you would like to enjoy the breathtaking sights in Aswan during the daytime or at night, you will find with “Trips in Egypt” all of what you may need. We customize the best and the most incomparable Aswan day tours with some special offers and irresistible prices to enjoy the most enthusiastic tour in the beautiful city of Aswan with a group of the most professional tour guides, tour operators, and drivers to get back home with the best possible adventure with us. So contact us now to have your life adventure and don’t miss any of our amazing offers.

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