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Best Things to Do in Aswan

Lucky those who have the chance to the most impressive & elegant Egyptian city “Aswan” for what it includes from the best commercial, historical, and sensational things that touch one’s heart and opens new horizons in one’s soul. There are many things to do in Aswan where you will enjoy its abundance of palm trees and its incredible tropical gardens and of course standing right next to the longest river in the world “The Nile River”. This is actually what makes the city the desirable spot for tourists to come and spend a lovely vacation in the land of civilization “Egypt”. Here is a list of the best things to do in Aswan:

First, Let’s Make a Quick Look about Aswan

Fantastic Things to Do in Aswan Daytime and Night - Trips in Egypt

It is one of the best hugely attractive tourist Egyptian sites where you can smell years of history and know all about the amazing ancient Egyptian especially after knowing that the city used to play an essential role in protecting Egypt from the invaders at its southernmost boundary as it was actually a military town.

It is the city for every precious item that tourists come from all over the world to see and witness due to the fact that it was the home to the granite rocks known as “Syenite” that were used in building the fabulous temples we have nowadays and surly you can discover this all through enjoy one of Nile cruise.

Amazing Things to Do in Aswan

This breathtaking city inherited some beauty and elegance from the ancient time and this can be witnessed through its majestic attractions & sightseeing and here are some of the fascinating things to do in Aswan that you surely should never miss while being there:

First: Travel Back in Time at the Majestic Temples of Abu Simbel

Fantastic Things to Do in Aswan Daytime and Night - Trips in Egypt

Among the totally magical wonders of the world, this sightseeing should be definitely added to your best things to do in Aswan list as there is a great history behind its construction and years of hard work that makes it a must visited destination while being in Egypt.

Abu Simbel is an area that includes two massive temples that were constructed during the reign of a great king Ramses II who wanted to prove to the whole world that with love and determination, everything is possible. The best time to head to Abu Simbel Temple is on October 22nd or February 22nd as you will be a lucky one to witness Abu Simbel sun festival that is organized twice a year there and surly you can head to the temple any time during the year.

Second: Explore the Enchanting Temple of Isis “Philae Temple”

Fantastic Things to Do in Aswan Daytime and Night - Trips in Egypt

It is a fact that the ancient Egyptians dedicated their life to religion, art, construction works, and so many things, and this temple combines art passion, religious beliefs, and work dedication.

Philae temple was the ancient temple that used to be dedicated to goddess Isis, the love & beauty goddess. This temple occupies about a quarter of the Island and it is the main one on the Island with its majestic huge complete pylons and its gorgeous scenes. Its construction started during the reign of King Ptolemy II and the other Ptolemaic kings contributed by adding many other majestic parts to the temple.

Third: Cast Your Eyes on the Unfinished Obelisk

Fantastic Things to Do in Aswan Daytime and Night - Trips in Egypt

While getting back in time, you will find another piece of art left from the reign period of the most successful Queen who has ever reigned Egypt “Queen Hatshepsut“.

She wanted to build something astonishing, something not ordinary, a fanciful obelisk to complement the Lateran Obelisk that was constructed in Karnak Temple but everything has changed when the obelisk got cracked and the queen decided to leave it as it is with some amazing marks from the tools and these marks teach us a lot regarding the construction ways that were used during the ancient time of Egypt.

Fourth: Wonder at the High Dam of Aswan

Fantastic Things to Do in Aswan Daytime and Night - Trips in Egypt

In addition to the attractive ancient highlights that you can find in Aswan, you will also have the chance to head to the greatest modern Egyptian achievement that is called Aswan High Dam.

It was constructed for some essential reasons and one of the most important reasons among them was to save the rest of the great attractions in the area as they were all about to get destroyed due to the dangers caused by the Nile floods.

After constructed such a majestic achievement with the help of the UNESCO, the government saved the whole attractions and that is not all as this dam generates the majority of the electronic power in Egypt and the whole social, political, and economic life in Egypt has been changed into a much more prosperous one.

Fifth: Witness the Charm and Beauty of Nubian Villages

Fantastic Things to Do in Aswan Daytime and Night - Trips in Egypt

Regarding the most delightful things that you can do in Aswan, there is nothing that can be compared to a visit to the Nubian Village that narrates all about the impressive Nubian culture, heritage, customs, and traditions.

You will enjoy at the most while sitting with the Nubians, tasting their food & drinks, hearing some native stories regarding their origin and even being with the Nubians themselves, you will get the chance to feel that you are on the best place in the world from their kindness and their wonderful attitude with their guests.

Enchanting Sound & Light Shows to Do in Aswan At Night

Daytime is not the only option for you to tour Aswan attractions as its nighttime has more to offer through the unbelievable activities & tours that you can have and will be truly unforgettable ones and here is a list of the best things to do in Aswan at Night:

1- Sound & Light Show at Abu Simbel Temple

Fantastic Things to Do in Aswan Daytime and Night - Trips in Egypt

Although the amazing temples of Abu Simbel are totally impressive during the daytime, you won’t imagine how fascinating they are at night especially while attending the sound & light show that lights up the façade with some amazing lighting, music, and some hypnotic narration for stories that date back hundreds of years ago.

This show includes projections of the great & the smaller temple facades and the most interesting thing is that the script you are going to witness there is developed in nine languages English, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese and you will get your earpieces to be able to enjoy every single moment of being there.

2- Sound & Light Show at Philae Temple

Fantastic Things to Do in Aswan Daytime and Night - Trips in Egypt

While attending this totally awesome show in Philae Temple, you will discover all about the legends of Goddess Isis and God Osiris plus enjoying the spectacular lights of the multimedia presentations. There, you will discover the enchanting ancient Egyptian history and learn all about the ancient Egyptians, their beliefs, and how their ancient life looked like.

3- Sound and Light Show at Edfu Temple

Fantastic Things to Do in Aswan Daytime and Night - Trips in Egypt

Heading to such a show is another incredible adventure that can’t be missed as while being there at night, you will hear all about the struggle between Horus & his mother Isis against evil. It is an immortal battle between good and evil but it is actually portrayed in the best possible way and the sound and light show in Edfu temple is presented using the latest sound and light technology.

The Best Time to Visit Aswan Along the Year

Fantastic Things to Do in Aswan Daytime and Night - Trips in Egypt

It is a truly important and essential question for the majority of tourists who love visiting the main attractions in Aswan but also really love avoiding hot weather as it is known for its high temperature during some parts of the year and here is a short description for weather in Aswan during the four seasons of the year:

Visit Aswan in the Winter

It is the most favorable season for all tourists to enjoy the beauty of the best tourist highlights in Aswan without facing any inconvenience regarding hot weather as the average high during this season is between 83.3°F (28.5°C) and 72.6°F (22.6°C) and surprisingly it rains or snows during winter and that is why it is considered the busiest seasons with tourists.

Visit Aswan in the Spring

It is another lovely season during the year in which you will be able to enjoy the Nubian beauty is totally cool weather due to the fact that humidity combines with the cool temperature that makes this season warm and totally acceptable. The average temperature during this season is 106.8°F (41.6°C) and 83°F (28.3°C). If you are looking for the best deal to visit Aswan and enjoy your time at the most, this season will definitely be the best one for you as it is fairly slow for tourism.

Visit Aswan in the Fall

It is the second busiest season in Egypt with tourists after winter due to its cool & warm temperature as the average of temperature during this part of the year ranges from 104.9°F (40.5°C) and 83.5°F (28.6°C) and that is not all as it usually rains or snows a trivial amount. The rates of the hotels get a little bit higher from other seasons during fall.

Visit Aswan in the Summer

It is the least favorable tourist season due to the hot weather you are going to face and that is why the duration from June till August is the least anticipated period to head to Aswan and also lodging & any accommodation will cost less than any time of the year.

Aswan Weather Averages

The Month High Temperature Low Temperature
January 22°C 10°C
February 24°C 11°C
March 29°C 15°C
April 34°C 19°C
May 38°C 24°C
June 40°C 26°C
July 41°C 27°C
August 41°C 28°C
September 39°C 26°C
October 35°C 22°C
November 29°C 17°C
December 23°C 12°C

How to Arrange your Tours to the Incredible Aswan City

Only one click stands between you and the most desirable Aswan day tours.  We are ready to assist you at any time to customize a special tour itinerary for you regarding your requirements and to get your absolute satisfaction. You can also explore the best attractions of Aswan and the other majestic attractions of Egypt through enjoy one of our Egypt tour packages or Nile cruises where you will spend an unforgettable time in Egypt. Kindly check our well customized day tours by the best tour operators who arranged everything for you to have the best and only the most recommended tours in Aswan.


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