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Best Things to Do In Safaga

Just 53 km south of Hurghada lies a peaceful piece of heaven that offers bliss, tranquility, and excitement called Safaga. It has always been a marine port transporting people across the majestic destinations of Egypt since ancient times in 268 BC. The climate of Safaga is very tropical with an average temperature of 23.5°C (74.2 °F) with an unpolluted atmosphere, black sand-dunes & mineral springs which is used as a natural remedy of rheumatoid and psoriasis. Here are the best things to do in Safaga:

1. Enjoy A Snorkeling Tour in Safaga

Snorkeling Tour in Safaga - Things to Do in Safaga - Trips in Egypt

Experience snorkeling is one of the famous things to do in Safaga. The underwater paradise of Safaga is a magical portal able to transcend everyone to a new dimension through a snorkeling experience where all the hidden beauty and magic of that part of the red sea is revealed. Every traveler will be able to catch a glimpse of a harmonious underwater ecosystem filled with enchanting sea creatures and magnificent coral reefs hidden between the beautiful sunny skies & crystal beaches of Safaga.

2. Get Thrilled out of Diving Tour in Safaga

Diving Tour in Safaga - Things to Do in Safaga - Trips in Egypt

In the waters of Safaga is a once in a lifetime opportunity to fully explore all the wonders located in the embrace of the red sea in the majestic city resort of Safaga. The finest vision of marine beauty will illuminate your mind and soul with joy and bliss as you watch the unmatched level of harmony and balance between all the amazing sea creatures and their environment.

3. Experience Camel Ride at Safaga Desert

Camel Ride at Safaga Desert - Things to Do in Safaga - Trips in Egypt

A camel ride across the eastern Sahara from Safaga is an adventure thing to do in Safaga offering the chance to explore the unseen nature of the Sahara showcasing its natural wonders inside the embrace of the desert under the sunset and sunrise where the skies are filled with stars coming out to paint a beautiful picture.

4. Witness Desert Safari By Quads

Safaga Safari By Quads - Things to Do in Safaga - Trips in Egypt

True enlightenment and bliss will be explored in the coolest fashion by Safaga desert safari. You will get to ride a quad bike or car around the desert to the essence of the honorable bedouin culture. Then the Bedouin tribe will serve an ancient all-natural cuisine such as kofta, chicken pie, rice, and more, next to a baked Bedouin bread, followed by a delightful Bedouin tea while watching an oriental show and folkloric songs. The sunny and starry skies of the Sahara will reveal all the wonders of the desert in front of your eyes.

5. Explore Luxor Heritage in One Day Tour

Luxor Tour from Safaga - Things to Do in Safaga - Trips in Egypt

Exploring the best attractions of Luxor is one of the best and famous things to do in Safaga. In the proximity of Safaga is the majestic city of a hundred doors Luxor where everyone can explore all of its beauty and wonder in a private Luxor day tour from Safaga accompanied by a professional tour guide across the heavenly Karnak temple, the miraculous valley of the kings, the mesmerizing Hatshepsut temple and more hidden wonders. The allure of the archaeological nature will make your tropical Safaga holiday truly complete.

6. Enjoy Full-Day Tour to Cairo by Plane

Cairo Tour from Safaga - Things to Do in Safaga - Trips in Egypt

When you find yourself in any place in Egypt then you should always keep Cairo the city of wonders and beauty on your mind and pay it a visit through Cairo day tour from Safaga to witness the beautiful unforgettable mixture of pharaonic, Coptic & Islamic attractions the legendry Giza pyramids complex that holds the great pyramid of Khufu & Sphinx, the Cairo citadel, the Egyptian Museum, Khan El Khalili Baazar, the hanging church, and many more.

7. Discover Cairo and Luxor in Two Days Tour

Cairo and Luxor from Safaga - Things to Do in Safaga - Trips in Egypt

Two incredible days tour from Safaga to Cairo and Luxor is all that anyone needs to fully witness the true meaning of wonders revealed in front of your eyes with the enchanting sight of the Giza Pyramid Complex and the marvelous monuments in the Egyptians museum, then keep on going to the golden city of Luxor home to the valley of the kings, Hatshepsut temple, the holy Karnak temple, and various more, in those two magical days some beautiful memories of a lifetime will be created.

Book Your Safaga Shore Excursions Now

Safaga is the key to all that a true traveler desire from a perfect tropical destination containing the finest manners of entertainment, rejuvenation & tranquility plus a gateway to the immortal cities of Luxor and Cairo. Your time in Safaga will be truly magical with each passing moment so use your time wisely and check our Safaga shore excursions to enjoy best tours from Safaga below:

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