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Best Time to Visit Cairo 2022

Cairo city is the first targeted destination for the majority of tourists who decide to spend their vacation in Egypt as it has inside the greatest secrets and treasures inherited from the great ancient Egyptian pharaohs and the successful amazing rulers who ruled Egypt throughout the different ages and eras. Our travel agency organizes the most unforgettable tours for all travelers from the whole universe as it is the right for everyone to enjoy such amazing beauty and that is why we have decided to provide the whole necessary information about the best time to enjoy your trip to Cairo below and we will always be here for your assistance at any time you want.

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The Best Time to Travel to Cairo

The most pleasant time to enjoy the most magical time in Cairo is in spring or in autumn or deep winters. The period from March till April marks the Easter Holiday and through that season, you will enjoy the best and the most satisfactory weather in comparing with any other season during the whole year and it is going to be such a good chance to visit the ancient sightseeing on each part of the Metropolitan city, Cairo. If you would like to come at any time between October and November, you will enjoy the light breeze & the wonderful mild temperatures. Travelers love to come during that season in specific to enjoy the best offers hotels & Nile Cruises give before the beginning of the Christmas season which is marked with high prices and incredible weather. Starting from the end of December till the end of January, you will enjoy truly enjoyable weather which allows you to visit as many Egyptian sites as you can. You should definitely avoid the summer season to visit Cairo city as you will face scorch heat plus some dust storms starting from May till the beginning of October.

Cairo city is known with Giza Pyramids and the charming sightseeing located on its old part and to be able to tour around the whole attractions in such a hypnotic city, you need to avoid as possible as you can heading there during the summer season. Below is a report on the state of the weather in Egypt during each month with the highest and the lowest temperature to have a closer look at the state of the weather in Cairo and to have the best chance to choose the perfect chance for you to come and enjoy your lifetime adventure.

Here Is the Monthly Weather in Cairo Throughout the Whole Year

Month High/Low (°C)
January 19°/ 9°
February 22°/ 10°
March 25°/ 12°
April 29°/ 14°
May 36°/ 18°
June 38°/ 21°
July 38°/ 22°
August 38°/ 22°
September 35°/ 20°
October 32°/ 19°
November 28°/ 16°
December 22°/ 11°

For more specific details, kindly continue reading the following detailed information about what is best to do in Cairo and the difference between seasons in Cairo, and what you should and shouldn’t do in each season.

  • To Travel to Cairo from December to February

This is the best timing to enjoy Egypt’s cool weather and to have tours all around the different cultural & historical sites in Cairo but we would also like to clarify that this is the peaked season in Egypt so when you come at any time from December to February, you will find tons of tourists on each historical site, all hotels will be fully-booked, and there are other sites that you can’t even reach due to the crowd. So you need to book your tour with a professional tour guide that has the ability to choose the best possible timing for your tours with an Egyptologist tour guide to reveal the whole mysteries about the city of Cairo. You will enjoy very moderate weather during the daytime and at night; it tends to be somehow cold. It may not be the best season to visit Cairo city but it is totally up to you to choose whether you come on that season or not.

  • To Travel to Cairo from March to April

That period marks the springtime in Egypt and it is a truly recommended season to plan your vacation at because of several reasons; 1- To enjoy the beautiful moderate weather in Egypt especially in Cairo Season. 2- To have the suitable chance to tour around the most remarkable tourist sightseeing without worrying about hot weather at all. 3- To enjoy your Easter vacation in a different country, see some of the interesting Egyptian customs & traditions in such a celebration. 4- Taste some of the best Egyptian cuisines in Cairo’s oriental restaurants.

  • To Travel to Cairo from May to September

Although that period meets with the vacation of the majority of students from schools and is considered by many the best chance for them to visit Cairo and tour around its amazing sightseeing, you will find out that it is not recommended at all to visit Cairo as the temperature tends to be quite high and touring outdoors will be so uncomfortable for you. Since the biggest part of Egypt is mainly represented in deserts, the air during summer is so dry and hot. The most highlighted benefits to come to Cairo during summer are you will get the best possible price that can ever be offered during the whole year. To avoid heat as possible as you can in Egypt, you should use sunscreen, wear a hat and sunglasses, drink plenty of water during the whole day, and avoid touring during the daytime. You can either have your tours in Cairo at the very beginning of the day or late at night and the best thing regarding that point is that Khan El-Khalili Bazaar opens till the late time at night so you will enjoy your shopping tour away from the heat of the sun.

  • To Travel to Cairo from October to November

That period represents the autumn season and just like how it looks like while traveling to Egypt during spring, you will enjoy a lot while visiting Egypt during autumn. The temperature during that season is really enjoyable that represents a tolerable level that allows travelers to go out and enjoy the beauty of Cairo without facing any hot weather. It is the best time to have a camel ride, visit the amazing Islamic, Coptic, and Jewish sightseeing located in Cairo.

  • Is it good to visit Cairo during the Shoulder Season??

Shoulder season meals the period between the peak and off-peak seasons and it tends in fact to be the most favorable seasons to come to visit Cairo City as you will make use of really amazing weather, the best affordable prices, and the greatest desirable services. This season is depicted mainly in the period from April to May and from November to December.
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Best Things to Do While Being in Cairo

Top 25 Things to Do in Cairo - Adventurous Things to Do in Cairo - Activities in Cairo

Cairo city is distinguished with its hypnotic sightseeing that tourists come from the different parts of the world to enjoy and to spend some time at. The best things to do in Cairo are visiting the Giza Part and there you will find the majestic three Pyramids, the mythical Sphinx, the Valley Temple, Saqqara Step Pyramid, Memphis city, Dahshur and after visiting all of the majestic sites in Giza, you can head directly to Old Cairo where you will enjoy visiting the great Egyptian Museum, the fanciful Cairo Citadel of Saladin and the amazing Mohamed Ali mosque that is located on its complex plus having the chance to head to the oldest mosque to be built in Egypt, Amr Ibn El-As Mosque, Al-Azhar, The Hanging Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue, Khan El-Khalili Bazaar.

You will never get bored while being in Cairo either during the daytime or at night as you can also enjoy the best night activities while being in Cairo including attending the Sound and Light show in Giza Complex to listen to some really interesting stories about the ancient Egyptians and for an extra enjoyable adventure, you can enjoy a Dinner Cruise in the middle of the longest river in the world so there is nothing more interesting that visiting Cairo city and pending some memorable time there.
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Plan Your Visit to Cairo City Now

With the information we have provided through our article, you have now a much clearer picture about the whole necessary information regarding the beautiful capital of Egypt as you can now easily plan your desirable tour to Cairo city with us through choosing from our Cairo day tours and let us “Trips in Egypt” arrange the best and the most impressive tour itinerary for you based on your requests.

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