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Countless Reasons to Visit Egypt

Egypt is famous for its beautiful landscape mixed with cultural diamonds. There are countless reasons to visit Egypt at least once in life, as it witnessed the first civilization ever known in history and gifted with the Nile river and two seas with a touch of extraordinary culture and heritage. So if you are looking for a place to visit or planning a vacation then the outstanding land of Egypt will be your ideal choice. Here are countless reasons to visit Egypt:

Reason 1: Egypt is the Most Powerful Civilizations in the World

Giza Pyramids - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt

Egypt witnessed the first civilization in history it began more than 7000 and this one of the top reasons to visit Egypt. You can see that obvious in the great ancient temples, statues, obelisks, and Pyramids alongside old churches, mosques and historical castles and citadels. Egypt was the homeland for many cultures starting with the old Pharaonic kingdom, the Middle Kingdom to the Ptolemaic kingdom alongside Coptic and Islamic eras.

You will be stunned by the number of historical site and monumental places to visit in Egypt. Egyptian civilization was known by its mighty armies and great leaders that made it strong and respected even by its rivals and enemies. For someone who likes History then he will fall in love with this spectacular country of Egypt.

Reason 2: Egypt is Rich in Culture

Karnak Temple - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt

Let’s talk about the obvious reason which is Egyptian culture, Steeped into fantastic history, Egypt is one of the most outstanding countries of the ancient civilization. It features a rich cultural experience and offers some of the most unique landmarks in the world. You can see Egyptian culture spread all over the country. In the north, you can visit the great coastal city of Alexandria and also you can visit the marvelous city of Cairo which has been the capital of Egypt for centuries.

The most astonishing part of Egypt to see is Upper Egypt. This is where you can travel back in time to live a unique experience diving into the history of Ancient Egypt. You can have a culture trip from Luxor to Aswan visiting the iconic culture monuments and places.

Reason 3: Egypt Has Plenty of Religious Significance

Mohamed Ali Mosque - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt

If you ask yourself “Why I Should visit Egypt“, then the religious places to visit is considered one of reasons to visit Egypt. In Egypt, you can visit the marvelous ancient religious places that represent the variety of religions and worships that Egyptians adopted a long history. You can find the outstanding temples of the pharaonic era like Philae, Hatshepsut, Karnak, Abu Simbel, the Valley and much more. Also, you can see the Jewish Synagogue and Coptic churches such as Ben Ezra Synagogue, Abu Serga church and the Hanging church

Egypt now is an Islamic country and it has been so for more than 14 centuries as well as it served as the capital of the Islamic kingdom for many decades. So it is full of a lot of historical mosques like Muhammad Ali, Ibn Toulon, the Amr Ibn Alas, El Hussein, and El Azhar.

Reason 4: In Egypt, You’ll Follow the Footsteps of Moses

Mount Moses Egypt - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt

Mount Moses, or as Egyptians call it Jabal Al Tor is considered a holy site located in Sinai northeast of Egypt. As a holy site, Mount Moses is visited by different religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. They believe that the prophet Moses, peace be upon him, received the divine commandments from Allah at that spot. The mount is marvelous and ideal for climbing and hiking. This place will give you the chance to witness a unique sacred place and enjoy the greatness of the Mountain View.

Reason 5: Indulge in Delicious Egyptian Cuisine

Egyptian Cuisine - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt

Egypt has one of the most delicious dishes that can be served in the world. The food has been influenced by neighboring countries. Not only is it tasty, but the Egyptian food determines moods and occasions. Egyptians serve special food at special times and cook some meals for happy occasions and others for sad ones.

If you found yourself in Egypt then you must try some of these amazing dishes Ful medames, Ta’meya, Koshari, Fattah, Hawawshi, and Shawarma also you can enjoy the tasty Egyptian pieces of bread like  Eish Baladi and Eish shams as well as the desserts Fitter, Baklava, Basbousa, and kunafa. Egyptians also have different types of cheeses like Mish, Domiati cheese and Areesh cheese. Egyptian cuisine will make your visit more delicious.

Reason 6: Egypt Has the Longest Nile River in the World

Nile River - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt

Nile river splits Egyptian lands into two sides from the south at Aswan to north at Rasheed and Damietta. The Nile is ranked as the longest river in the world with a length of more than 6,600 Km. The River ends at the Mediterranean Sea in the north of Egypt.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the Eastern side represents life and the western side is for death and afterlife, so they lived at the eastern bank and built their tombs and burial sites on the western bank. Egyptians consider the Nile river as the symbol of power and glory. They have a famous saying that Egypt is the Nile’s Gift.

Reason 7: Warm and Welcoming of Egyptian People

Egyptian People - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt

Another great reasons to visit Egypt or any country, in general, is the friendly and hospitality of its people. Egyptians are very good and helpful people, they love to stand by anyone who needs their help. They are also really friendly as they will be pleased to take and deal with visitors and strangers.

There are many different classes in Egypt just like any other nation but the interesting thing about Egyptians is that they love each other and they are ready to help those who seek help also they like to spread their customs and traditions. So you will enjoy talking and dealing with locals while in Egypt you need to know a little about their culture and traditions in order to not unintentionally insult anyone.

Reason 8: The Amazing Weather of Egypt

Cairo Overview - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt

When planning a vacation, the weather must be one of your top priorities and Egypt is no different. Although Egypt has a hot desert climate it is actually acceptable and cool for the majority of visitors from around the world. Summer in Egypt starts from May and ends in September, the weather at day becomes too hot and warm at night as the temperature ranges from 37° C to 25° C. But in winter, it is cool and great for almost any activities or trips. Temperature varies from 20° C to 11° C.

The best time to visit Egypt will be the period from February to April and from October to November these are the best times to make your dream visit Egypt. If you are about to visit Egypt Then there are some essential things to Pack for Egypt with you such as your sunblock, sunglasses and a hat as well as light cotton clothes in summer and jacket or heavy clothes in winter.

Reason 9: The Wonderful Historical Attractions of Egypt

The Sphinx - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt

Egypt is the home of amazing monuments and historical sites. You will be enchanted by the beautiful attractions that you can visit in Egypt that are located all over the country. In the coastal city of Alexandria, you can see Qaitbay citadel, Catacombs and the great library of Alexandria. North of Alexandria at Cairo you will visit the glorious Giza Pyramids Complex. There you can see the great three Pyramids, Sphinx, Valley temple, and the Saqqara Step Pyramid. In the southern part of Egypt (also known as Upper Egypt) you can go to Luxor to see Luxor temple and Karnak Complex on the east bank. On the west bank you will enjoy the valley of the Kings & Queens, Hatshepsut temple and the colossi of Memnon. Luxor city is considered an open museum as it is full of monuments and ruins.

At the far south near the Sudanese borders located in the ancient city of Aswan. It is the land of magic and wonders as it has the Unfinished Obelisk and the temple of Philae as well as the marvelous islands that are located in the middle of the Nile. You can also visit the High Dam of Aswan which is Egypt’s most important achievement in the 20th century. Aswan is the gate to the unique temples of Abu Simbel. Egypt holds a count number of attractions and historical sites that need books to contain as well as it is the ideal destination for culture lovers travelers.

Reason 10: The Beauty of Red Sea Coastal Sites in Egypt

Red Sea - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt

The red sea is one of the most beautiful Seas on Earth and one of the important reasons to visit Egypt. Egypt is one of the blessed countries located on the red sea. It has a lot of coastal cities and resorts that are spread along the shores of the mesmerizing sea. They are divided into two places, the first place is in the eastern desert of Egypt and the other is in the sacred land of Sinai. As a traveler who seeks a relaxing vacation you will have the chance to choose between a variety of world-class hotels that have elegant services and comfortable accommodations.

The red sea is the perfect place for the adventurous people that like to dive deep to explore the secrets of seas. Also, you can enjoy a wide range of water sports as well as land sports. In the desert areas next to the sea, you can have an outstanding Safari trip where you will discover the beauty of the desert with its endless golden sands and marvelous mountains as well as the Bedouin night that you can enjoy. Red sea resorts and cities is a must be on your plan while visiting Egypt.

Reason 11: Wonderful Activities in Egypt

Ridiing Camels Giza Pyramids - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt

Egypt offers many interesting activities to be done. We will list some of the marvelous activates that you shouldn’t miss. Scuba diving and Snorkeling, as well as water sports and horse riding, are the best things to do while in coastal cities. Cairo is perfect for visiting historical places and contacting with the locals. Also, you can enjoy a camel ride at the ancient site of pyramids.

The Nile is an excellent way to enjoy your time in Egypt as you can sail on a cruise board. Shopping also is a unique experience where you will enjoy the great goods and magnificent artifacts, Khan el-Khalili is the most famous open shop located at the Islamic old district in Cairo where you can buy almost anything you wish. In Sinai, you will have a great chance for hiking at Mount Sinai where you will enjoy the natural beauty and the enchanting view of sunset and sunrise

Reason 12: To Enjoy Nile Cruise Between Luxor and Aswan

Nile Cruise - Reasons to Visit Egypt - Trips in Egypt

The last reasons to visit Egypt that Egypt blessed with the Nile River. There are a lot of ways to explore the beauty of the Nile. One way is through having a nice ride on Nile cruise where you will reveal the marvelous history of Upper Egypt while sailing at the Nile. You will visit the great attractions of Luxor city on both banks as well as the monumental sites of Aswan.

You will also visit the outstanding temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu on your way between Luxor and Aswan. Egypt offers a number of luxury Nile cruises that features high-quality accommodation and classy services as well as excellent hospitality. This is a unique experience that will be remembered for many years.

Inspired!!! Visit Egypt with Us

Egypt is somehow a cheap place for having an unforgettable Egypt tour packages but it also can be expensive for those who are looking for a luxury and elegant vacation. So if you are interested in spending your next vacation in Egypt exploring the beauty of that marvelous ancient civilization, then just contact us, and we will arrange the entire trip for you. Don’t waste more time and book your place with us.

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