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Activities to Do in Cairo at Night

To fulfill your passion for the beauty of Egypt and to get the absolute grander out of its pathways, you need to spend some special nights in the capital of Egypt “Cairo“, the city of a thousand Minarets!! While being in Cairo, you can do countless things to d in Cairo by feeling the soul of Egypt while visiting its fabulous sites that are full of history including its historical & religious sites.

At night in Cairo, you will get a totally different experience while touring its fabulous sites and remarkable tourist destinations doing your most favorite activities. Here are the most desirable things to do in Cairo at night:

1. Enjoy A Dinner Cruise While Facing the Nile

Dinner Cruise at Cairo - Things to Do in Cairo at Night - Trips in Egypt

Boarding a Nile cruise in Cairo and enjoy the tasty Egyptian dinner is one of the best things to do in Cairo at night. While being on the board of a Nile cruise in Cairo, you will enjoy some fascinating belly dancing shows that depict some of the traditional Egyptian shows and that is not all, you will spend s couple of hours sailing the longest river in the world and this is a truly irresistible opportunity for those who don’t have the chance to board the Nile cruise between Luxor & Aswan for 4 or 5 days.  So with this night activity, you will enjoy a relaxing night while cruising down the Nile River and savoring an open buffet of the best-chosen dinner meals. You won’t miss also the Tanoura show that is performed on the rhythm of some of the best chosen classic Arabic songs.

2. The Sound & Light Show at Giza Pyramids

Sound & Light Show at Giza Pyramids - Things to Do in Cairo at Night - Trips in Egypt

When the sun sets at the bustling city of Cairo, a story of greatness and majesty can be heard in the corner of Giza Pyramids Plateau in the darkness of night. While attending the sound & light show in Giza, you will feel like boarding a time machine that will take you to thousands of years back in time till you reach the true Egyptian legacy. Ancient Egyptians have left behind some uncountable mysteries and secrets about how Giza Pyramids were built their way of life and more…and while attending such a spectacular show, the history will be retold by the Sphinx itself revealing some of the most interesting secrets for about 40 minutes of absolute majesty. You will hear also some stories about King Khufu, Khafre, and Menquare, the three major Egyptian Pharaohs who achieved what was impossible during their lives. The most interesting thing here is that you can choose among 10 different languages to hear this legacy and that is why we said that there is no chance of missing such a show at night in Giza.

3. Touring Some of the Islamic tourist sites in Cairo

El Moez Street at Night - Things to Do in Cairo at Night - Trips in Egypt

Nothing beats visiting the Islamic sites in Cairo at night as you can discover there some of the greatest concentrations of medieval buildings in the Islamic world. Among the most chosen Islamic sites to be visited at night is El-Moez street that dates back to the Fatimid and it allows you to understand a lot about the Islamic civilization. Your tour can start from El-Azhar mosque, continue to Bab Zuweila that has been a medieval date in Cairo and it is considered one of the major landmarks in the capital. You will then cross Al-Hussein mosque that was named after the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson. This mosque is one of the holiest Islamic sites in Cairo and then after finishing your tour, you will find yourself in front of Al-Hakim mosque which is a true masterpiece with its four arcades. You can continue to walk until you reach Sultan Al-Hassan mosque that is a remarkable mosque with its fantastic size and innovative architectural components and after that, you will find yourself next to Ibn Tulun mosqueThe Oldest Mosque in the City“.

4. Enjoy a Night Shopping in Cairo

Khan El Khalili at Night - Things to Do in Cairo at Night - Trips in Egypt

Shopping in Cairo is one of the famous things to do in Cairo at night. After finishing your tour in Old Cairo discovering its impressive landmarks at night, you will find yourself in front of the largest open-air museum “Khan El-Khalili Bazaar” to which tourists come from all around the world to enjoy shopping. There you will find tons of stores, shops, cafés, restaurants where you will be able to find some of the best antiques, original perfumes, gifts, papyrus, and all types of Egyptian Items that you will really love to take back home with you. It has always been an important district for cultural & economical activities and while strolling this market, you will find a wide variety of goods from sparkling gold artifacts, silverware, stained glass lamps, handmade accessories, and last but not least, some ancient Pharaoh souvenirs.

5. Dance the Night Away at Vent

Nightclub at Cairo - Things to Do in Cairo at Night - Trips in Egypt

Besides the incomparable sites in Cairo that you can visit during the daytime, the capital of Egypt is home to a variety of live music venues, cocktail bars, nightclubs, night markets, karaoke bars and much more that can make your tour in Cairo a truly mesmerizing one. If you want to have fun and enjoy the most activities to do in Cairo at night, visiting Cairo’s sites at night is surely one of the best things to do. So gather your friends together and enjoy the best party ever in Cairo.

6. Visit Wekalet El Ghouri Arts Center

Tannoura Show in Cairo - Things to Do in Cairo at Night - Trips in Egypt

For extra joy and fun, we highly recommend visiting Wekalet El-Gouhari in Cairo that is, in fact, the best architecturally stunning art center in El-Azhar. While being there, you will get the chance to attend Tannoura Show under some musical performances and such shows are performed by El-Tanoura troupe for the cultural heritage that is performed over the past 30 centuries.

7. Visit Opera House in Cairo

Opera House Show - Things to Do in Cairo at Night - Trips in Egypt

Cairo Opera House is with no doubt a cultural landmark that is renowned for leadership, imagination, excellence, and one of the best things to do in Cairo at night. It is for those who appreciate art and seek to follow the beauty of civilization in every single piece of art. Cairo Opera House has missions that can be mentioned on the following points:

  • It provides the first-class productions of ballet, operatic and symphonic works.
  • It encourages cooperation with other opera companies and orchestras.
  • It supports learning, innovation, and creativity.
  • It provides excellent venues, facilities and services to both artists and the audience.

8. Enjoy a Felucca Ride by Night in Cairo

Felucca in Cairo at Night - Things to Do in Cairo at Night - Trips in Egypt

In Cairo, you have the chance to cruise the Nile in a traditional Egyptian felucca to experience the city from the water. You will get the chance to sail down the same river through which Queen Cleopatra used to sail many centuries ago. This is one of the most special experiences that can’t be missed at night for those who want to renew their love.

9. Climb Cairo Tower at Night

Cairo Tower at Night - Things to Do in Cairo at Night - Trips in Egypt

Enjoy the best view over the horizon of Cairo city from the highest point in the capital. It offers a hypnotic panoramic view from about 187 m height, you will be able to see all of the sites we have mentioned above and much more and with the service of a microscope, you will look at each corner in Cairo as if you are walking on it, it is one of the tiptop activities in Cairo that you should visit at night.

Wide Variety of Cairo Day Tours & Excursions

So as long as you have decided to come to visit Egypt, there is no way to miss a tour to Cairo, the amazing capital that includes all the ingredients to let you have the most imaginative tour you can ever think about. Feel free to contact us and book our Cairo day tours to enjoy different tours to the sites we have mentioned at night and much more during the whole day….We will always be here for your assistance to have the tour you want.

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