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How to Spend A Night In Marsa Alam

The mesmerizing Marsa Alam is a wonderful resort & port that is located on the Red Sea in the southeast of Egypt about 280 km away from Hurghada city and 700 km away from Cairo. It was in the beginning just a small fishing village but it turned to be a very famous sea resort and a major diving center for tourists. What actually characterizes Marsa Alam is that its beauty is still untouched by the harmful effects of modernization. It has become a big tourist center because it is close to the amazing city of Luxor, has some of the most beautiful beaches in Egypt, and the shrine of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Shazli and that is why tourists really love to know how can they spend a night in such a morning resort and is it really a good idea to spend more than one night in such a lovely Egyptian site!!

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How to Spend A Night in Marsa Alam

Although Marsa Alam resort & port is actually a morning site with amazing activities you can enjoy during the whole day, you can enjoy numerous activities at night in Marsa Alam, and here are some of the most recommended options:

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1. Enjoy Shopping For Starters

You will find some spectacular shops that sell different gifts & souvenirs including Pharaohnic replicates, perfumes, wooden handicrafts, amazing small statues, silver & gold jewelry, Bedouin outfits, and other crafts. The prices there are quite reasonable.  The most impressive thing to buy from Marsa Alam actually is herbs since there are some herbs that are only cultivated in Marsa Alam and that are beneficial of health and cure lots of chorionic diseases just like hypertension & diabetes and surprisingly, you may not find them anywhere in Egypt.
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Attend A Party at Night

While being in Marsa Alam, you will find someone organizing a party somewhere and you can simply check with your hotel reception regarding the nearest party to you and see what is included and when should it start. It is something wonderful to have fun with your friends and group at night in such a beautiful coastal site.
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Chill At A Nice Restaurant Or A Café

The best place to head to so that you enjoy the best cuisine in life is Port Ghalib. There is a gorgeous marina there and you will definitely find a good place to just chill, have your nice dinner, and enjoy a drink, in addition to having a collection of amazing hotels that you can choose from for a peaceful evening.
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Star Gaze

Because Marsa Alam is mainly for a nature site, you can spend the most interesting night just sitting on the beach and have a look at the glamorous sky while having a hot drink and listening to some relaxing music.  You can also join locals in magnificent camping and grill some marshmallows.
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Enjoy An Overnight Tour to Luxor City

If you are looking for a historical tour, then an overnight trip to Luxor from Marsa Alam will be the best possible option for you since it is located near Luxor and you can be transferred only by car and what is really fabulous about such an experience is that you will be able to visit the best and the most spectacular sightseeing in Luxor Especially at night. On the first day, you will be able to visit the East Bank and see the impressive Karnak Temples Complex and the majestic Luxor Temple at night. You will enjoy it the most while heading to the Sound and light show at Karnak. On the second day, you will have the chance to visit the west bank of Luxor that contains some of the most interesting sightseeing including the hypnotic Valley of the Kings, the impressive Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Colossi of Memnon, and lots of other amazing sites to enrich your vacation in Egypt with the most significant sites to visit and spend your priceless time at.
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The Best Hotels in Marsa Alam

Best Resorts & Hotels In Marsa Alam - Trips In Egypt

Here is a list of the best resorts & hotels to stay in Marsa Alam based on their categories:

  • Iberotel Coraya Beach Resort a 5* Hotel.
  • Sol Y Mar Dar El Madina a 4* Hotel.
  • Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort a 4* Hotel.
  • Iberotel Lamaya Resort a 5* Hotel.
  • InterContinental the Palace Port Ghalib Resort a 5* Hotel.
  • Fantazia Resort a 4* Hotel.
  • Elphinstone Resort a 4* Hotel.
  • Gorgonia Beach Resort a 4* Hotel.
  • Kahramana Beach Resort a 4*Hotel.
  • Lahami Bay Resort a 4* Hotel.

Whether you would like to spend your vacation in Marsa Alam or you want to arrange Egypt tours to other fascinating tourist destinations, we will be able to provide you with the most irresistible Marsa Alam excursions to spend the best tour from Marsa Alam you have always dreamt of. Just contact us now and start planning your tour with us.

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