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Weather in Egypt Along the Year

Egypt is the land of beauty and glory it witnessed the first civilization on the banks of the Nile River. In Egypt, you will see a lot of history and monuments from the pharaonic to Coptic and Islamic. The weather in Egypt, in general, has a hot desert climate. The climate of Egypt is mostly extremely dry. During summer months the country is extremely hot especially in Upper Egypt “Luxor & Aswan” where the temperature may reach 40C during the day. Although summer hot, the winter is much warmer and beautiful. Through our article, we will tell you more about Egypt’s weather and what is the best time to visit Egypt. Here is the weather in Egypt along the year month-by-month:

Weather in Egypt in January

In January temperature ranges from 9°C “48°F” to 18°C “66°F“. This month also has the lowest recorded temp in Egypt at 1.2C “34F“. Winter in Egypt means nice and great days for sightseeing, but chilly at night. In the north on the Mediterranean coast, it can be a bit rainy, but the south is warm and dry. This month is the best time to visit Egypt and enjoy the monumental sites in the south as well as the red sea coastal shores for diving and water activities. Also, you can enjoy Egypt Christmas holidays in this month.

Weather in Egypt in February

The temperature in February can vary from 10°C “50°F” to 10°C “68°F“. You can enjoy a historical tour in Egypt from Alexandria to Aswan this is one of the best months for those who seek an unforgettable vacation while enjoying the perfect winter sun. You can enjoy a tour in Upper Egypt from Aswan to Luxor visiting Karnak, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut temple, Abu Simbel temples and much more. One of the unique events that you can’t miss while visiting Egypt this month exactly on 22nd is the Abu Simbel Sun festival where the sun rays penetrate the temple to shine the statues of the king.

Weather in Egypt in March

The temperature in March is between 11°C “52°F” and 23°C “74°F“. March is considered the beginning of spring. The weather is a bit warmer than previous months. The moth is ideal for snorkeling, Scuba diving and water sports where you can enjoy sun baths and Safari tours as well as enjoying the views on Red Sea coasts.  Hurghada is the best place to visit in this month to enjoy your stay. Hurghada features a lot of magnificent coastal shores and relaxing Sands. You can enjoy your stay in one of the classy resorts with elegant facilities and services.

Weather in Egypt in April

The temperature in April vary from 15°C “58°F” to 28°C “82°F“. The heart of spring is April. The weather is perfect for almost everything. You can visit Egypt this month to enjoy Red Sea crystal clear beaches and golden sands of the eastern desert alongside the historical tour to the outstanding monumental sites and places spread all over the land. April also has a special day called “Sham El Nessim” where you can enjoy with locals celebrating that day by going for picnics and having traditional meals “Feseekh and Sardine” as well as colored eggs. So if you want to enjoy a mixed vacation with unforgettable experience then Egypt easter tours are what you are looking for.

Weather in Egypt in May

The weather in May becomes hotter and dryer with a maximum temperature of 32°C “90°F” and minimum of 18°C “64°F“.  May is when summer hits Egypt. The best places to explore at that month are the beautiful coastal city of Alexandria and the capital city of Egypt “Cairo“. In Cairo, you can enjoy the monumental sites from Pyramids and sphinx to Coptic and Islamic historical places. This month will have Ramadan which is the most sacred Islamic month. You will witness the kindness of the locals as they try to get more religious in Ramadan also you will see “Maedet El Rahman” which is lunch meals served in the streets. May is the best month for social travelers and foreign cultures lovers.

Weather in Egypt in Jun

The temperature in Jun may reach 34°C “93°F” and average minimum of 20°C “68°F“.  Jun is when whether becomes hotter and noon sun can really be bad for your skin. In such weather, the prefect destination will be the Red sea resorts that have golden sands and clear waters where you can enjoy snorkeling and water sports. Also if you are adventurous enough you can have a night Safari trip exploring the depth of the Egyptian deserts and enjoying Nubian night and barbeque. If you intended to visit Egypt at Jun make sure to bring your sunblock and skin protective cream.

Weather in Egypt in July

July is the hottest month of the year where the temperature hits a maximum of 35°C “95°F” and the minimum low temperature is about 22°C “72°F“. It is no different from June but a little bit hotter. but a little bit hotter. July is in the middle of the summer making it ideal for water sports and scuba diving and enjoying the beaches of the Red Sea that Spread in a lot of cities like Marsa Alam, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheik, Dahab and much more. But notice that July is the cheapest month of all the year on vacations. So if hot weather is no problem to you then you can enjoy a wonderful tour to Luxor and Aswan alongside Cairo with incredibly reasonable prices.

Weather in Egypt in August

The temperature in August ranges between 22°C “71°F” and 34°C “93°F“. August is the last station of summer where the weather changes a lot between calm and hot.  August is perfect for having a mixed vacation including exotic beaches and ancient monumental tours. The best thing about this month that it will has the Eid El Fitr. You will witness the celebrations of one of the most sacred Islamic holyday. It is going to be one of the unforgettable moments in your vacation. This month is the perfect month for long vacations and family ones.

Weather in Egypt in September

September is a calm month with well balanced temperature hitting a high of 32°C “90°F” during the day and a low of 20°C “69°F” at night with almost no rain.  September is considered the first autumn month. In September, you will feel the cool winds from time to time making you feel relaxed. Upper Egypt cities are not fully crowded yet so you will have the chance to explore the historical and monumental sites with joy. The ideal activity to do in September is to enjoy Nile cruises Luxor and Aswan or vice versa. From onboard you will visit attractions in Aswan and Luxor alongside the temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo as you enjoy your luxury accommodation.

Weather in Egypt in October

Autumn is October that is what you should know meaning that the weather is getting cooler with a temperature goes from 30°C “85°F” in day and 17°C “62°F” in night. In October, you can enjoy diving and snorkeling where the Red Sea water is in the clearest time. Also, you can visit Cairo and Alexandria. If you found yourself at Egypt on 22nd October then make sure to witness the unbelievable event of Abu Simbel sun Festival. October is the best time for making a quick vacation that is full of energizing activities and extraordinary sightseeing so get ready.

Weather in Egypt in November

Welcome to winter, the temperature average in Nobermber is between 25°C “77°F” at day and 14°C “57°F” at night. November is where the weather becomes great for anything you want. You may enjoy beautiful beaches and luxury accommodation at one of the Red Sea resorts. You may also have some time exploring the Egyptian culture and history in Cairo and Alexandria. If you would like some incomparable time in Egypt you can take your place at one of the elegant Nile cruises that sails between Luxor and Aswan. All that and more can be done easily in November.

Weather in Egypt in December

The temperature  in December has an average of 20°C “68°F” at day and 10°C “50°F” at night. December is a great time to be in Egypt where the weather is just perfect and the Christmas is coming. This is the ideal time to visit Egypt where you can enjoy what you desire? You may go to the tropical coastal cities or the Upper cities as well as Cairo and Alexandria. It is up to you what to do. A last piece of advice please don’t get confused you must organize your vacation first before coming to Egypt.

Enjoy An Unforgettable Tour to Egypt

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