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Is It Safe to Travel to Luxor 2022

Since Luxor city has the most charming & attractive tourist landmarks in Egypt after Giza, The Ministry of Tourist in cooperation with the Egyptian government has secured the Tourist sites located in Luxor in the highest measures of security including all temples, valleys, tombs, chapels, monuments, and everything else located in each tourist spot. However, we highly recommend that any plan you schedule in Luxor city should be arranged with a professional expert tour guide who will be responsible for you arranging all of your transfers, visits, tours, meals, and everything else from A to Z and that is how you will be in good hands. As a professional travel agency, we have a team of the most professional tour guides in each part of the Egyptian tourist sites and we do guarantee that you will feel the ultimate level of security in Egypt.

Here is the answer: “Yes, Luxor now is entirely safe and you can explore its attractions at any time of the year. While touring in Luxor, you will feel the ultimate level of security provided by the Egyptian government”

On each tourist site in Luxor, you will find a local tour guide asking you to let him or her be your guide and then ask for lots of money and tips for every service they offer you and this of course can turn your vacation upside down so as professional wise, you definitely need to have a private tour guide who will be responsible for the whole of your tour in Luxor city and won’t ask for any extra expenses nor tipping unless you decided to give him or her whatever you want depending on how satisfied you are. We as a travel agency hire the most qualified tour guides in the Middle East as the satisfaction of our guests means everything to us and that is why we really seek to provide our guests with the most organized tours ever to feel absolutely safe and secured in their second country and to decide to come back whenever they get the chance to do so.

Most Recommended Tips to Put in Mind While Being in Luxor

  • Your accommodation must be booked in advance in order to avoid any touts on spot and to have a clearer idea about the category of the hotel you are about to be accommodated and to guarantee the best price.
  • Be really careful with Luxor Taxis and Horse carriages as they are difficult to handle especially if you are walking around alone without having a trusted tour guide. They sometimes ask for extra money and in case you faced any difficult situation with any of them, you will find around you the tourist police who are very helpful in handling such situations.
  • Merchants are notoriously manipulative and they will do their best to convince you to enter their shops and pay lots of money. Kindly don’t feel that you “Have to” buy from all of them and don’t hesitate in saying “No or no hassle or in Arabic Laa Shukran”. They will keep insisting until you show them absolute rejection.
  • Don’t try to walk alone at night and you definitely shouldn’t carry lots of money with you as whenever you decide to buy anything, you can simply use your card to do so and the majority of shops in Luxor accept cards “Debit / Credit”.
  • Someone may say “I have seen you today at the hotel” just to let you go with him to a specific restaurant, shop, or a café, to have his own commission, so don’t listen to people who drag you to specific places.
  • Make sure that it is always your decision to do whatever you want at any place so don’t let the others convince you with anything rather than what exactly you want to never go to any place you don’t want, don’t give tipping to those who don’t deserve whatever how much they insisted, and try to enjoy the best of your time in the gorgeous city of Luxor.
  • Try to be polite with the others to make your trip more enjoyable because people will remember you with the way you have decided to deal with the situation.
  • With any problem you felt that you are under threat, don’t hesitate to call the tourist police and they will do all that is needed.
  • Don’t try to buy precious items without having someone with you who understands the difference between original, copy, and semi-copy of the items you need to buy in order not to pay lots of cash for something that doesn’t actually deserve.
  • Always carry with you bottled water and avoid tap water as possible as you can to be on the safe side.
  • Eat your meals at the most well-known restaurants in Luxor and avoid unknown places and cafés.
  • If there is specific medicine you take, kindly make sure you bring it with you.

What to See in Luxor City??

What to See in Luxor City - Trips In Egypt

Luxor city stands head & shoulders above the other Egyptian towns because of the incredible temples & tombs inside and its rich history since it was built in the site of the ancient Thebes which was the amazing city of the Middle and the New Kingdom Pharaohs. Such Pharaohs managed to cover the banks of the Nile with their best mammoth building works starting with the incredible tombs that are located amid the rocky valley of the west bank of Luxor. There are lots of incredible monuments that are located on each inch in Luxor and among the most fascinating of them, you will find the magnificent Karnak Temples Complex, the elegant Luxor Temple, the breathtaking Valley of the Kings, the mesmerizing two statues of Memnon, the majestic Temple of Hatshepsut, and lots of other incredible tourist sites.

Away from Luxor with only a couple of hours, you will find yourself face to face with the most preserves and the most attractive temples ever built by a man. One of them is called Dendera Temple and the other spectacular one is Abydos Temple. If you have the chance to visit them while being in Luxor, it is going to be such a terrific opportunity especially that you need only one day tour to visit both temples.

To explore such an open-air museum, you can board a Nile Cruise and sail on the legendry Nile River to combine elegancy with memorable visits and try something different than being accommodated in hotels. Nile cruise is really such an incredible experience through which you will be on the board of a floating hotel surrounded by some of the magical views all around you and the best highlights that you have always heard about and finally got the chance to enjoy. That way to will allow you to visit also some extra sightseeing in Aswan, Abu Simbel, Edfu, and Kom Ombo to have the greatest adventure you have always dreamt of.

Best Time to Enjoy Your Your in Luxor

The most recommended time to plan your tour to Luxor is actually in winter & spring. In both seasons, you will enjoy the most desirable weather in Luxor away from the unbearable hot and dry weather that is familiar in Luxor during the whole year. Although prices get higher in these two seasons, you will enjoy your trip at the highest level along with other tourists who come from different parts of the world to enjoy the city’s absolute beauty.  Summer is not recommended especially in Luxor city as well as you won’t even get the chance to tour during the whole day time but if you can bear such heat, it is going to be a good chance to get a special offer from your hotel.

Book  Now the Best Luxor Day Tours

Planning the best possible tour in Luxor city has been now much easier than before and you don’t need to busy yourself with the whole booking procedures as we off you now some integrated Luxor day tours organized by the most professional tour operators of “Trips in Egypt” and all of what you are required to do is to choose the best tour for you, decide when you want to come to Luxor, and contact us to have the most magnificent adventure in life.


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