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Nile Cruise Tips And Highlights

Having a Nile cruise holiday is one of the most incredible activities you can do while spending your vacation in Egypt as such an interesting experience allows you to visit the most astonishing attractions in Aswan and Luxor whether you start your tour from Luxor or Aswan. There are many types of Nile cruise ships in Egypt with different categories and while booking your tour with “Trips In Egypt”, it is assured that you will get the best tour which you have always wanted with the most reasonable price that suits your budget.

There is nothing more interesting in Egypt than touring around the ancient temples, Pylons, monuments, and artifacts that were constructed thousands of years ago and were left with true interesting stories & mysteries around them. Our tour guides take the responsibility of letting it be the most fabulous experience in your life and follow all of your requirements for a perfect plan ever customized and well-arranged. There are some tips and highlights that you definitely should consider if you would like to have a Nile Cruise tour and here are the most important ones of them:


The Most Essential Tips Regarding Having A Nile Cruise Tour

Nile Cruise Tips - Trips In Egypt

  1. Wise advice, once you arrive in Egypt, it is highly recommended to ask your tour guide to get a local SIM card for you so that you use on the board of your Nile cruise to have access to the internet at any time you want as some Nile Cruises in Egypt don’t offer the WIFI Services on board. Read more information about the types, schedule & facilities of the Nile cruise.
  2. If you are on the west bank of Luxor, you definitely should have a hot air balloon in Luxor in the early morning before having a tour in the west bank as you will get the chance to float silently above the ancient sites and to have a truly majestic experience.
  3. Whenever you come to Egypt, don’t forget to bring a hat and sunglasses with you in addition to your sunblock as the sun can get somehow hot during the daytime even in winter so it is highly recommended to have the necessary items to have the perfect tour. Read more about what to bring with you for Egypt tour.
  4. Water is an essential thing to hold while being in Egypt in order not to get hydrated and to enjoy your tours. Bottled water is highly recommended and kindly avoid tap water as possible as you can as it is not safe.
  5. You need to know that there is something called “Baksheesh” in Egypt and it means tipping and it is dealt with as if it is among the Egyptian traditions as most of the Egyptians ask for tips for the services they provide you with and you give tipping based on the quality of services you receive. It is not an obligatory matter but it is an act of appreciation to others.
  6. You definitely need to make use of the facilities on your Nile Cruise, so don’t just spend the whole of your time touring Upper Egypt but spend some time using the spacious swimming pool on board, enjoying a massage or a sauna session to get rid of any pressure around you. Enjoy the beautiful view all around you while just sitting on the board of your cruise drinking your hot cup of tea.
  7. You should bring suitable clothes that best match the weather of the period you are going to visit Egypt in and the best that makes you feel comfortable during the whole time. Also notice that Egypt is a Muslim country and you need to respect the traditions & customs of the country you are visiting.
  8. It is highly recommended that you don’t carry much cash with you and just hold a little amount of money since the whole tourist sites allow Credit/Debit/ Master Card payments ant you can simply draw the amount of money you want from any ATM.
  9. Among the most essential things to pack with you while planning to have a Nile Cruise tour are your bug spray, flashlight, some tissues, hand cleanser, ant-diarrhea medicine, and binoculars. You should wear sensible walking shoes as the surface of the majority of the sites can sometimes be sandy and hilly.
  10. The most recommended time to enjoy the best Nile cruise tour is the period from October till April. Feel free to choose any suitable time for you and our team will work on your bookings and offer you the best possible tour price as we really care for your absolute satisfaction.


The Major Highlights in Booking A Nile Cruise Package

Nile Cruise Highlights - Trips In Egypt

  1. You will have the chance to enjoy some of the best services on the board of your Nile Cruise way from the whole world and you will feel like being at a luxury hotel not on the board of a boat in the middle of the Nile. Read more about what to expect after cruising the Nile River.
  2. You will experience sailing through the longest river in the world and see the incredible landscape all around you during the sailing part.
  3. You can let the amazing flowing water carry you down the Nile Valley so that you observe the desert villages and the glamorous temples & attractions the whole way long.
  4. While being in Luxor city whole being on the board of a 5* deluxe Nile Cruises, you will have an exclusive opportunity to check the most winsome sightseeing in the East and the West banks of Luxor. So for example, while being in the East bank, you will visit the Karnak Temples complex and the prestigious Luxor Temple at night. You can also attend the marvelous Sound & Light show in Karnak at night and this is with no doubt such wonderful things to do while being on the east bank. Towards the west bank, there will be an amazing collection of sightseeing waiting for you to visit and enjoy just like the Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, the great Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, and lots of other remarkable attractions and sightseeing. On the other part, you will find Aswan city that is also rich with the most mesmerizing attractions in Egypt especially its Abu Simbel & Philae Temples and other monuments like Aswan High Dam and the Unfinished Obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut.
  5. Between Luxor and Aswan, you will get the chance to enjoy a special tour towards Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples that reveal lots of mysteries and impressive facts about the ancient Egyptian mythologies and beliefs especially with the inscriptions on each temple.
  6. Your accommodation on the board of your Nile Cruise is based on Full board so you will enjoy all of your meals “Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner” and some 5* luxury Nile cruises offer snacks and afternoon tea so that you enjoy your accommodation at the most while visiting the fabulous Egyptian sightseeing.


Enjoy the Best Well-Organized Nile Cruises with Us

Always remember that you need to book any of your tours in Egypt with a reliable travel agency to have the perfect tour you have always wanted. You will find this option available at your most favorable agency “Trips In Egypt” which simplifies everything and makes it much easier than ever before to enjoy an adorable Nile River Cruises experience in the land of miracles so don’t waste any time and contact us now to start your bookings with us.

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