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Outdoor Activities to Do from El Gouna

Within the heavenly tropical destination of El Gouna is a number of entertaining recreational aquatic activities that made an amazing flavor to any vacation but the outdoor activities to do from El Gouna is a magical gateway to all the historical destinations located all across this timeless wonder in the beautiful cities of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan where the heritage of the past comes to life and the finest memories are created. Here are the best outdoor activities to do from El Gouna:

1. Explore the Historical Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramids Complex - Activities to Do from El Gouna - Trips in Egypt

Visiting Giza pyramids complex is one of the best outdoor activities do from El Gouna, imagine paying a visit to the pillars of paradise and cast your eyes on one of the finest examples of architecture ever created in the world and history for more than 4500 years “Giza Pyramids“. One of the great construction in Giza the great pyramid of Khufu one of the last surviving monuments out of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

2. Discover the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Egyptian Museum - Activities to Do from El Gouna - Trips in Egypt

One of Cairo’s greatest attraction is the marvelous Egyptian museum where more than 120,000 artifacts are located across various time periods from ancient Egyptian to Greek to Coptic to Islamic, offering the chance for you to explore all the artistic aspects of this immortal civilization like the mesmerizing treasures of Tutankhamen and many more.

3. Enjoy A Dinner Cruise in Cairo

Cairo Dinner Cruise - Activities to Do from El Gouna - Trips in Egypt

Dinner cruise across the soul of Cairo is a dream that needs to happen, consisting of delicious tradition Egyptian cuisines featuring a colorful belly dancing performance with a folklore band featuring an enchanting Tannoura spin which will provide a great sensation of amazement, joy, and comfort that will stay with you for a long time.

4. Visit Salah El-Din Citadel

Cairo Citadel - Activities to Do from El Gouna - Trips in Egypt

During your time in Egypt, you will get to witness the great Cairo citadel, built-in 1182 AD by the great conqueror Salah El-Din where It served as the center of the rule and a powerful protective fortress against all foreign invaders. What makes it a true work of art is that inside the great Cairo citadel is a number of museums and beautifully structured buildings.

5. Explore Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria

Outdoor Activities to Do from El Gouna - Trips in Egypt

One of the most unique constructions in the pearl of the Mediterranean Alexandria is the captivating citadel of Qaitbay which came to be in 1477 on the same spot which held the legendry ancient lighthouse of Alexandria, it was constructed using the stones salvaged from the remains of ancient lighthouse. Inside lies a fusion of Greco-Roman & Islamic architecture and decorations.

6. Enjoy A Tour to Alexandria Library

Alexandria Library - Activities to Do from El Gouna - Trips in Egypt

The modern Alexandria library is an important construction that acts as a commemoration of the ancient Alexandria library contain a world-famous collection of books that piques the interest of everyone who cares about knowledge, inside is the largest depository of French books in the North Africa and the Middle East, enchanting art galleries and a collection of some of the rarest books in the world.

7. Visit Valley of the Kings in Luxor

Valley of the Kings - Activities to Do from El Gouna - Trips in Egypt

Visiting the valley of the kings is a once in a lifetime activities to do from EL Gouna located in the heart of a mountain containing a number of amazing tombs dating to the new kingdom “1570-1070 BC” filled with various treasures, artifacts, mesmerizing decorations, and incredible statues. You will wonder in the majestic tomb of King Tutankhamen which contains a number of marvelous famous treasures and many more incredible tombs showcased the allure of ancient Egypt.

8. Have a Tour to Karnak Temple

Karnak Temples - Activities to Do from El Gouna - Trips in Egypt

You will tour around a 4000-year-old miracle home of the Theban triad and the center of the biggest worship house are showcasing colossal statues of the pharaohs that will narrate the timeless history of this ancient nation and get to listen to the poetic description of the divine treasures, artifacts and everlasting legacy of this ancient civilization.

9. Enjoy Nile Cruise Experience

Nile Cruise - Activities to Do from El Gouna - Trips in Egypt

A Nile cruise is a magical chance to live a beautiful journey and create some beautiful memories across the golden beautiful cities of Luxor and Aswan. Onboard you will experience the finest form of tranquility and service as you witness some incredible constructions. Nile cruise from El Gouna is considered one of the famous outdoor activities to do from El Gouna.

10. Visit Aswan the Nubian City

Aswan City - Activities to Do from El Gouna - Trips in Egypt

In the rich mythical land of Aswan is the home of the ancient Nubian culture and home of some of the finest archaeological constructions ever created is the essence of ancient allure, class and grace that comes in the form of the great temple of Isis Philae, the colossal Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut and the double temple of Kom Ombo the crocodile god Sobek on the banks of the Nile, plus The epic Edfu Temple of hours and various more hidden wonders.

11. Enjoy A Full Experience to Abu Simbel Temples

Abu Simbel Temples - Activities to Do from El Gouna - Trips in Egypt

If you looking for the best activities to do from El Gouna then exploring the two great temples of Abu Simbel is a gift from an above, built by Ramses the great (1279-1213 BCE) to immortalize his legacy. Abu Simbel consists of two temples; the main temple is for Ramsess where the sun festival takes place on 22 of February & October annually when the sun shines on the faces of the four seated statues of Ramsess II, Ptah, Amun, & Ra and the second temple is dedicated to his wife Nefertari. It offers the ancient to make any vacation truly complete.

Enjoy Best Tours from El Gouna

With “Trips in Egypt”, you’ll find a lot of adventures through its tours from El Gouna, so don’t hesitate and check out our incomparable itineraries that have all of what you may need to see and have in Egypt from El Gouna. We do not only provide El Gouna excursions but also we offer large numbers of Egypt tour packages and Nile cruises if you planning to spend more than a day tour in Egypt. Book your trip now and don’t waste such an amazing opportunity.

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