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Egypt Itinerary 8 Days

Egypt Itinerary 8 Days - Trips in Egypt

Wonderful Egypt Itinerary 8 Days – Splendid 8 Days Egypt Tour

Egypt itinerary 8 days is the perfect amount of time for anyone looking to escape his daily routine, nothing beats an 8 days Egypt tour among some of the most magical destinations in Egypt. There is no place on the plant that can offer what Egypt holds of infinite beauty and majestic greatness. All of our Egypt vacation packages including the Egypt itinerary 8 days are customized by financial & time advisors to fit your every need and request while you explore this holy country and cast your eyes on some of the most ancient artifacts and monuments ever created. Upon your 8 days in Egypt, you will get to walk through the gates of Cairo where you will witness the great pyramids of Giza and the majestic Islamic constructions and waiting for you in glorious city of Thebes is the city of the holy city of thousand gates Luxor & the gates to the heart of Africa Aswan. Your 8 days Egypt tour is complete when you open your eyes on the magical coast of the red sea where the sparkling waters of Hurghada‘s waters and the enchanting beaches will make you feel complete.

What Can You Visit Through Our Egypt Itinerary 8 Days

Giza Pyramids - Egypt itinerary 8 Days - Trips in Egypt

Your Egypt itinerary 8 days will begin once you set foot in Egypt, you will have the option whether you can start in Cairo or Hurghada.  If you happen to choose Cairo, our representative will take to your 5* hotel then take you on an enchanting dinner Nile cruise.

In Cairo, you will get to explore everything this marvelous city holds as you will head to the Giza pyramids complex & the great sphinx the oldest structures in history, The Egyptian Museum which contains more than 120,000 rare genuine artifacts like Tutankhamun collection of treasures, walk on the golden brick road Khan El Khalili Bazaar the oldest market place in the Middle East, observe the power of the glorious Cairo citadeland countless more historical destinations that you can visit through our 8 days Egypt tour.  You will board a majestic Nile cruise on the lifestream of Egypt to the most hypnotic attractions of Upper Egypt between Luxor & Aswan .

Throug our Egypt itinerary 8 days, there is the option to head to the city of Luxor that was the core of all the political, religious, economic aspects of the ancient Egyptian society that makes it one of the greatest open museums in the current world because it holds some of the most majestic temples monuments and artifacts in Egypt which showcases the immortal legacy of the pharaohs. One of the many structures that stood guard against oblivion is the Heavens Stairway Valley of the Kings, the holy Karnak temple, the enchanting Hatshepsut temple and the Guardians Colossi of Memnon and various others.

The city of Aswan will be also waiting for you, the home of the Nubian culture and was the provider for some of the building matter for the construction of Egypt’s great structures like the House of Isis Philae temple, the house of Horus Edfu temple, the unfinished obelisk of Aswan, the Aswan High Dam and the great two temples of Abu Simbel constructed by King Ramses II (1303–1213 BCE) to celebrate his incredible legacy with some of the most extraordinary structures and artwork.

The exciting activities and everlasting beauty of the city resort of Hurghada will be waiting for you through your 8 days in Egypt.

Why Choose Us To Book Your Egypt Itinerary 8 Days

One of the most important elements of travel is choosing a travel agency out of the countless companies, but there is nothing that can compete with “Trips in Egypt“. Our company has 16 years of experience in making the most magical epic tours using the best operators, guides and drivers who dedicate their entire time to provide the most memorable travel experience. Your security will be our main concern as all of our resources will be used in their full capacity to ensure your safety during your time in Egypt. So, take the chance and book your Egypt itinerary 8 days with us to enjoy fascinating tours to what Egypt has to offer.