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Luxury Egypt Tours Packages

Luxury Egypt Tours Packages - Trips in Egypt

Breathtaking Luxury Egypt Tours Packages

Experience the true meaning of charm and beauty in a very luxuriant way with our Luxury Egypt Tours that will let you spend the best vacation of your life. Take a deep breath and start the most fascinating adventure to the most exquisite Egyptian landmarks with truly reasonable prices. Egypt Luxury Tours don’t only allow you to discover and unveil the secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization while visiting the majority of  Egypt Attractions with the most professional tour guides and the best possible means of transportation.
With our impressive Egypt Luxury Holidays, you can also relax and enjoy with the most astonishing beaches of the Red Sea, where you’ll have the best opportunities to do some water sports & activities including playing with dolphins, snorkeling, diving, and all of the most favorite activities that need the help of the agents of “Trips in Egypt”. Last but not least, Boarding one of our deluxe Nile Cruises will show you the true meaning of a luxury trip after getting your own cabin with a Nile view, an open buffet, best 5* services, and all the facilities you need to spend a lifetime Luxury Egypt Tour.

Abu Simbel Temple - 11 Days Egypt Tour - Trips In Egypt
From 1199 $ / PERSON

11 Days Egypt Tour

Wonderful Experience for 11 Days Egypt Tour Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise Walk through all the majestic destinations of Egypt
Giza Pyramids | 4 Days in Cairo Egypt | TripsInEgypt
From 350 $ / PERSON

4 Days in Cairo Egypt

Breathtaking 4 Days in Cairo Egypt Enjoy a fantastic 4 Days in Cairo Egypt joined by a private tour guide

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When deciding to experience Egypt in this summer through Egypt red sea tours which will change your life to better, then you should at least have some of the information about Egypt as we introduce in this section.

Read More about the Best Destinations in Egypt That You Can Visit Through Luxury Tours to Egypt

To have a Luxury Vacation in Egypt, you’ll need to book one of our best-chosen Egypt Tour Packages to tour around every single part of the civilization of Egypt throughout visiting the spectacular Egyptian cities including Cairo “The city of a thousand Minarets”, Aswan “the Nubian City”, Luxor “the Ancient Thebes”, Alexandria “The Bride of the Mediterranean”, and much more than those breathtaking tourist destinations. Have a closer look at those cities to see what you can visit in:

Cairo – The City of A Thousand Minarets

Cairo City - Luxury Egypt Tours - Trips In Egypt

It is widely known as the most favorable tourist site in Egypt because of the huge part of history that resides in its passionate cultural and historical attractions including the great Giza Pyramids Complex that includes the three majestic Giza Pyramids, their guard Sphinx, the most astonishing Valley temple that narrates years of mummification processes and in Giza you can head to Memphis city to visit the greatest ancient Egyptian city that includes Saqqara Step Pyramid. That is not all as with our Luxury Egypt Tours, you’ll visit the most amazing Coptic, Historical and Islamic sightseeing in Cairo just like the Hanging Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue, the Alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali, Salah El-Sin Citadel, Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, and of course, we can customize any trip you want to have in Cairo by adding additional tours on your own.

Alexandria – The Bride of The Mediterranean

Alexandria City- Luxury Egypt Tours - Trips In Egypt

This amazing city is known with its terrific ancient & modern monuments including its modern Alexandria Library that contains a copy from every copied book, Qaitbey Citadel with its exceptional construction that was one once of the strongest fortress, and the ancient monuments include Pompey’s Pillar and the mesmerizing Catacomb of Kom El- Shokafa.

Luxor – The Ancient Thebes

Luxor City - Luxury Egypt Tours - Trips In Egypt

while visiting Luxor, you’ll be able to visit more than one third of the world’s monuments including the largest temples that have ever been built by a man just like Karnak, Hatshepsut, and Luxor Temples, in addition to other fascinating highlights such as Colossi of Memnon and the two everlasting Valleys of Kings & Queens.

Aswan – The Nubian City

Aswan City - Luxury Egypt Tours - Trips In Egypt

No visit in Egypt is completed except with a visit to the most remarkable Nubian City that contains inside very unique treasures of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs like Philae Temple, the Unfinished Obelisk, the great Abu Simbel Temples, in addition to other magnificent temples including Edfu & Kom Ombo Temples.

Some Splendid Coastal Cities

Red Sea Cities - Luxury Egypt Tours - Trips In Egypt

As long as you decided to be among our special customers who search for luxury tours, we provided you with some marvelous coastal sites on the Red Sea to relax and meditate including Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, El-Gouna, and Marsa Alam that are known with their lovely beaches, best services, and all type of luxury life.

Live The Real Luxury Life on Board of Our Nile Cruise

Egypt Nile Cruises - Luxury Egypt Tours - Trips In Egypt

Don’t miss our exclusive opportunity to visit the magnificent attractions in Luxor and Aswan while boarding one of our high deluxe 5* Egypt Nile Cruises that will take you to another world full of beautiful views and remarkable surprises. While being on board of our amazing Nile Cruises, you’ll be treated like a king as you’ll have your own cabinet with all the facilities you may need; you’ll have a full board accommodation with the three meals included in a delicious open buffet. What else do you think you might need to have the trip of your dreams!!

Watch the best attractions that you can visit through our Egypt Luxury tours.

Why Choose “Trips in Egypt” For Your Egypt Luxury Tours?

Trips in Egypt is a professional travel agency according to the reviews of our amazing guests who decided to spend their vacation in Egypt with us hoping that they spend a good trip and that was exactly what they got through our most affordable prices, best tour guides who narrate the history of Egypt in a totally detailed why, best hotels that don’t miss anything except for you to be accommodated in.