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How to Plan a Perfect Easter Holiday in Egypt

Trips in Egypt Saturday April 27, 2019

Easter in Egypt is a special time of the year where the essence of life and divine beauty is resurrected and enjoyed with the easter holidays in Egypt. Ready for experiencing exciting easter in Egypt this year? Here are 6 steps you shouldn’t miss during planning the Easter holiday in Egypt!

First: Discover How Easter Vacation in Egypt is Like

Luxor City - Easter in Egypt - Trips in Egypt

The vacation of dreams is waiting in Egypt where you will spend a magical unforgettable time between the most beautiful historical attractions and enchanting examples of natural beauty around the marvelous cities of Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan & Hurghada. You will have a massive lineup of activities where you will enjoy everything Egypt has an offer in the finest service & at most affordable prices.

Second: Choose Attractions in Egypt Where Easter is Celebrated Differently

How to Plan a Perfect Easter Holiday in Egypt in Six Step - Trips in Egypt

The secret to joyful holiday lies in the attractions which Egypt has plenty of located all across the country dating back to more 4000 years spanning across different kingdoms which make spending the easter in Egypt entirely differently such as:

  • The Giza Pyramids

    The Giza pyramids are ancient gates to the heavens created in the old kingdom (2575-2150 BC) to spread joy and wonder to whoever beholds it. You will get to enter the belly of the last intact wonder of the ancient world the great pyramid of Khufu, observe the beauty of the solar boat of Khufu, explore the complexities and mysteries of the great sphinx as you ride a camel or a horse around the Giza complex of heaven.

  • The Valley of the Kings

    In the heart of Luxor inside the belly of a mountain in the Valley of the Kings where 63 royal tombs to famous names like the boy king Tutankhamun and Ramses the great contain the finest examples of artistic wall carvings and treasures that puts a spell on the mind and soul of everyone who cast their eyes on them. Your chance to explore Egyptian heaven hasn’t been closer.

  • Abu Simbel Temple

    On the southern corner of Egypt is the colossal temple of Abu Simbel of Ramses the great home of the miraculous sun festival annually on the 22 of February & October. The temple is the main destination for all of Egypt’s travelers who wish to explore this final frontier and gaze at its allure and grandeur. The temple has beautiful imagery and statues that showcases the history of the new kingdom (1570-1050 BC) which makes it the ultimate exploration trip for all travelers.

  • Karnak temple

    The Karnak temple is a spiritual quest in the grasp of travelers who wishes to walk among the deities of ancient Egypt and cast their eyes on some of the finest examples of ancient architecture. Inside the biggest man-made religious temple on earth is a collection of temples, statues, and artifacts that are waiting by travelers who appreciate their value and beauty which you can be one of them.

  • The Nubian city of Aswan

    In the golden rich city of Aswan is the national city of constructions where the allure and grandeur of the ancient life are located. You will get to wander into the beautiful honorable Nubian villages and explore all the great temples of Aswan like Philea temple, Edfu temple and board a Nile cruise all the way to the city of Luxor.

Third: Decide How Long Your Easter Vacation Will Be in Egypt

How to Plan a Perfect Easter Holiday in Egypt in Six Step - Trips in Egypt

You can spend as many days you want during the Easter in Egypt put keep in mind that the summer as the temperature could reach up to 40 C (104 F) from May to August but in the winter months from September to April the weather is quite wonderful with low temperatures which makes it the best time for tourists to visit Egypt.

Fourth: Determine A Suitable Budget for Your Easter Holiday in Egypt

How to Plan a Perfect Easter Holiday in Egypt in Six Step - Trips in Egypt

As you make a research about the best offers and prices for an Easter holiday in Egypt where you find that trips in Egypt have got you covered, containing everything you need at the most affordable prices while offering the finest service. You will enjoy a dreamy Easter holiday in Egypt and will pay the right price.

Fifth: Enjoy the Best Easter Activities to Do in Egypt

How to Plan a Perfect Easter Holiday in Egypt in Six Step - Trips in Egypt

There is a countless number of activities you can do during the easter in Egypt which will make your Easter holiday truly magical that will put a smile on your face and heart such as:

  • Nile River Cruise

    Egypt Nile cruises are your gate to cruise the Nile River and to head to the amazing landmarks in both Luxor & Aswan including the impressive temples, tombs, columns such as Abu Simbel Temples, Philae Temple, The Unfinished Obelisk, Kom Ombo & Edfu Temples, Karnak, Hatshepsut, and Luxor Temples, and a lot of other great tourist sites.

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride in Luxor

    The Luxor hot air Balloon ride is where you will hover between the earth and the heavens and explore the beauty of the magical city of Luxor from above and watch the beauty of the mysterious constructions rising from the hidden heart of the temples and statues. You will have the time to live at the edge on the gate of heaven.

  • Snorkeling in Hurghada

    Snorkeling excursion in Hurghada is a magical chance to dive into the harmonious underwater marine life filled with rare colorful creatures of the red sea. On these sparkling beaches and starry skies is the finest Easter holiday imaginable so don’t waste any time and head to the red sea.

  • Super Safari in the Egyptian Desert

    Super Safari in the Egyptian Desert is an entrance to a new dimension where hidden secrets and allure are located in the embrace of the desert and the sun, far between the Nubian villages where true honor and primal allure is found. You will get to live the adventure of a lifetime and touch the untouched spots in paradise.

Sixth: Pick up Things You will Need During the Easter in Egypt

How to Plan a Perfect Easter Holiday in Egypt in Six Step - Trips in Egypt

During your Easter holiday, you should be ready as for clothes, you should pack a brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunblock to protect yourself from the sun, pack comfy loose light clothes made from soft materials like cotton or linen and wear comfortable footwear like a closed-toe shoe to move easily in the sandy soil between your destinations. When you reach in Egypt, buy a local SIM card so you can call your family and friends. Pack a universal travel adaptor for all your devices just in case. Keep cash money on you at all times, a copy of all your documents plus your travel agency and hotel information and put everything you might need in a back-bag for easy access as traveling between your destinations.

Seventh: Check Your Egypt Easter Holiday in One Click Away

How to Plan a Perfect Easter Holiday in Egypt in Six Step - Trips in Egypt

Your magical Egypt Easter Holiday will be waiting for you with “Trips in Egypt” all year long in the heart of the marvelous timeless cities of Egypt where beauty, tranquility, wonder is the colors of the land. Book your dream vacation and live again within this immortal land.

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