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Cheap Holidays to Egypt

Cheap Tours To Egypt

No need to worry about the heavy prices of trips during the high unaffordable costs of these days as with our Cheap Tours to Egypt, you’ll get your imaginary tour to Egypt that highly fits your budget as our main target is to let the whole world enjoy the truly magnificent beauty of the historical, Islamic, Coptic “Both Ancient & Modern” highlights of Egypt. Some believe that with low budgets, you can’t visit a lot of landmarks or even get a convenient accommodation but in contrary, you will get the best trip with the most desirable prices and the most reasonable prices you are seeking to.
Our Cheap Tours to Egypt are customized to let you explore every single part of the Egyptian history through visiting terrific destinations in totally private tours and the best public transportation in order to take your time in discovering what Egypt has to offer with the best prices of our tours and don’t forget your chance to board one of our most recommended Egypt Nile Cruises to tour around the mesmerizing tiptop attractions in Luxor & Aswan.

Abu Simbel Temple - 11 Days Egypt Tour - Trips In Egypt
From 1199 $ / PERSON

11 Days Egypt Tour

Wonderful Experience for 11 Days Egypt Tour Cairo, Alexandria & Nile Cruise Walk through all the majestic destinations of Egypt
Giza Pyramids | 4 Days in Cairo Egypt | TripsInEgypt
From 350 $ / PERSON

4 Days in Cairo Egypt

Breathtaking 4 Days in Cairo Egypt Enjoy a fantastic 4 Days in Cairo Egypt joined by a private tour guide

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Our ” Cheap Tours to Egypt” provide you with some adorable opportunities to relish the internal beauty of Egypt through casting your eyes on the magnificence of architecture of the Ancients and noticing their greatness resulted from their technological techniques although they didn’t have much to use they were able to create an unbearable heritage that has lasted for more than 7000 years. Among the places that you’ll be able to visit are:

Cairo – The Capital Of Egypt

Cairo City - Egypt Budget Tours - Trips In Egypt

Cairo Over Looking The Nile

In the amazing city of Cairo, you’ll find a mixture of the best attractions just like the historical ones: “Giza Pyramids– the mythical Sphinx-the Valley Temple- Memphis City”, the Islamic ones: “Mohammed Ali Mosque- Salah El Din Citadel- Khan El-Khalili Bazaar”, the Coptic ones :” the Hanging Church, Abu Serga Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue”.

Luxor – The City of Thebes

Luxor City - Egypt Budget Tours - Trips In Egypt

Luxor Temple

Because of its geographical location, it contains more than one-third of the world’s monuments including tombs: ” Valley of the Kings & Valley of the Queens”, temples: Hatshepsut, Karnak Temples, Luxor Temples, an amazing museum which is called Luxor Museum. Don’t forget your chance to visit the spectacular statues of pharaoh Amenhotep III, which are called Colossi of Memnon that are visited because of their huge size and their fascinating history.

Aswan – The Ancient City of Swenett

Aswan City - Egypt Budget Tours - Trips In Egypt

Aswan Over Looking The Nile

Our Cheap tours to Egypt keep fascinating all those who seek new adventures as at this stage you’ll great to a gorgeous Nubian city that has many beautiful landmarks including ” Philae Temple– The High Dam- the Unfinished Obelisk- The incredible Abu Simbel Temple of Pharaoh Ramesses II“. Through our Egypt Budget Tours, you’ll visit all of those memorable attractions while boarding our most recommended Nile Cruises to let you discover the Egyptian landmarks from a truly different perspective.

Alexandria – The Home of Ruins for The Greek Era

Alexandria City - Egypt Budget Tours - Trips In Egypt

Qaitbay Citadel

With our ” Egypt budget tours “, surprises continue while heading from Cairo to the bride of the Mediterranean “Alex” to visit some of its memorable highlights such as ” Pompey’s Pillar- the Catacomb of Kom Shokafa- Qaitbey Citadel– Alexandria Library “.

Hurghada & Sharn El Sheikh Resorts – The True Meaning of Entertainment

Hurghada City - Egypt Budget Tours - Trips In Egypt

Hurghada Resort

There is no limit for the true entertainment with “Trips in Egypt” and that is why we provided a marvelous offer for those who would like to enjoy and have fun on the yellow sand and the coastal beaches of the Red Sea. We offer you some of our budget tours that let you discover the real meaning of happiness while doing some fun activities in ” Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh” to do some snorkeling, diving with dolphins, heading to a desert safari by a quad bike, and much more.

Why Choose “Trips in Egypt” to Book Your Cheap Tours to Egypt???

Upon deciding to visit Egypt, hundreds of questions should have come to your mind wondering about peak seasons, high prices, different travel agencies, transportation, accommodation, and so on. We put such questions in mind while customizing our Egypt Budget Tours Packages. Through our budget tours, you’ll get all of what you need in the best possible way.
All of what you need now is to choose between our cheap tours to Egypt and that is not all as you also can choose other fanciful trips through our Egypt Tour Packages that include other tours with alternative destinations and other numbers of days that give you the right to choose the number of days you wanna spend in the great land of Egypt.
With our Egypt Travel Planner, you will get the chance to customize the trip of your dreams with the help of the best-selected tour operators. It is the perfect time to choose the best decision of your life ‘’your lifetime chance’’.