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Outdoor Activities to Do From Sharm El Sheikh

Among the most famous tourist destinations in the Arab world is the tremendous city of Sharm El-Sheikh that is known to be a unique coastal city not just a common tourist spot where tourists just stay in front of the beach and relax. It contains the finest diving spots all over the world and it is also the perfect destination if you want to enjoy an unforgettable tour to the desert. It started as a small fishing village with only about 100 Bedouin citizens from 40 years but it has developed to be a majestic tourist destination with its amazing natural beauty of its beaches, snorkeling & diving spots, and of course its fabulous desert. It contains now over 10000 populations, the most modern hospital in Egypt, a terrific promenade, and the incredible Hard Rock Café.

Because it is the city of Peace due to the number of peace conferences that are held there yearly, and because of its arid climate, tourists come from all parts of the world to enjoy the best vacation there especially in April and during the period from the middle of October till the middle of November to enjoy the remarkable water activities since the water temperature is always warm and in addition to this, travelers can enjoy the best tours ever to other fabulous Egyptian tourist cities and spots to add a cultural addition to their recreational tour in the majestic land of Pharaohs and civilization. Here are some of the most recommended activities and tours that you can enjoy from the charming city of Sharm El-Sheikh:

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1. Relish A Glamorous Tour to Cairo City

Egyptian Museum - Outdoor Activities to Do From Sharm El Sheikh - Trips In Egypt
Egyptian Museum – Outdoor Activities to Do From Sharm El Sheikh – Trips In Egypt

The beauty of Cairo city is unexplained and very attractive due to the number of incredible attractions and sightseeing that you can enjoy while being there. There are tons of places to stroll in and hundreds of attractions to visit and enjoy and the best thing ever for travelers who are spending their vacation in Sharm El-Sheikh is that they can easily head to Cairo by catching a direct flight towards Cairo and get back via the same way and that is why if you have limited time to spend in Egypt, a day tour to Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh by flight will best fit your budget & your schedule and will also allow you to enjoy the remarkable Egyptian landmarks and here are some of Cairo’s highlights that you need to visit for a perfect vacation:

  • Giza Pyramids Complex

There aren’t enough words that can describe how majestic is the incredible Giza Pyramids Complex with all of the great attractions that are scattered in all of its parts giving the chance to tourists to enjoy a free tour to places where the ancient pharaohs and their workers used to live and work. That complex has the three fascinating Pyramids of kings Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus while ruling Egypt one by one during the leadership of the Third Dynasty, and their Pyramids are the best example of the technological progress and the intelligence which the ancients had during their life. The complex also comprises the Sphinx of king Chephren that was the guard of the Complex for hundreds of years and the site where the ancients used to accomplish their mummification and purification processes to the bodies of their dead people and that site is called the Valley Temple.

  • The Egyptian Museum

In order to enjoy a unique history in Egypt, you need to visit a place that contains lots of ancient Egyptian artifacts and monuments and wherever you search, you won’t find a place like the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities to visit and enjoy the numerous number of findings that get back to different eras in Egypt. The most impressive part inside the Museum is the room that contains the treasures of the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun with its Golden Mask. Nearly all of those treasures are made of Gold and that is why they are really priceless. This museum is located in Cairo which is one hour driving from Giza and there is some exceptional news regarding a new museum to be built in Giza and it is going to be the greatest and the biggest museum to be ever built on earth. It is called the Grand Egyptian Museum and it is going to be a real masterpiece and the busiest tourist spot all around Egypt after Giza Complex.

  • Old Cairo Islamic & Coptic Attractions

The best possible Islamic & Coptic attractions are gathered in the amazing Old part of Cairo where many Egyptian rulers left their significant signature on the land of Egypt through establishing a fascinating attraction including the mosques and the churches. You will find in Old Cairo, the breathtaking mosque of Mohamed Ali, the adorable Citadel of Salah El-Din, the Hanging Church, the wonderful Ben Ezra Synagogue, Al-Azhar Mosque, and lots of other hypnotic sightseeing that must be visited to have the adventure you have always wanted and read about in the history books.

  • Khan El-Khalili Bazaar

If you would like to experience the best shopping tour, then you should visit the outstanding large souk of Khan El-Khalili that contains many skinny alleyways established in 1400 AD and most of them are rich with silversmiths and metal workers. You will find many cheap papyrus pictures, woven textiles, coffee shops just like the famous Fishawis where traditional tea and tasty coffee are served. Al-Muski Street is the main souk road in Khan El-Khalili that is famous for silver & gold workshops and you will find also such beautiful items in Al-Muizz Street and the spice market is right to the south of the street.
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2. Get Gratified With A Mesmerizing Visit to Luxor City

Temple of Hatshepsut - Outdoor Activities to Do From Sharm El Sheikh - Trips In Egypt
Temple of Hatshepsut – Outdoor Activities to Do From Sharm El Sheikh – Trips In Egypt

The second-largest and busiest Egyptian city that is rich with the greatest attractions in comparison to any other city all over the universe. Great Pharaohs lived in ancient Thebes before being called Luxor including the great Pharaoh Ramses II and they managed to leave a great reputation through the marvelous landmarks they left and among those places are the exquisite three temples in Karnak that were dedicated to Amun, Mut, and their son, Khonsu in addition to having the opportunity to witness the sunset while being in Luxor Temple and witness the glory and magic of such a spacious religious temple that was once one of the greatest religious sites for the ancients who had really interests in religion and what comes afterlife. That is not all as once you turn to the west bank of Luxor, you will be able to enjoy a magnificent day tour towards the prestigious Valley of the Kings that contains up to date more than 65 royal tombs of the greatest pharaohs who have ever ruled Egypt including the tomb of Ramses II and Seti I. Just a short walk and you will find yourself in the plateau where the two colossal statues of Pharaohs Amenhotep III were established in front of his mortuary Temple and of course you can’t be in Luxor and miss a visit to the incredible temple of Queen Hatshepsut. In order to manage a tour from Sharm El-Sheikh to Luxor, there are two ways, either to catch a flight from Sharm to Cairo and then catch a direct flight from Cairo to Luxor and do the same thing on your way back or to check what are the exact days and timing that the direct flights from Sharm to Luxor will be available to make the best benefit out of your money and time.
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3. Enjoy An Outstanding Nile Cruise Tour

Nile Cruise - Outdoor Activities to Do From Sharm El Sheikh - Trips In Egypt
Nile Cruise – Outdoor Activities to Do From Sharm El Sheikh – Trips In Egypt

In order to discover the incredible ruins of ancient Egypt that spread all along the Nile Valley in Upper Egypt and to experience a totally impressive adventure in the Nile, you definitely should book a Nile Cruise tour from Sharm El-Sheikh and you should notice that the Nile Cruises packages that are arranged by Trips in Egypt travel agency combine the premium services with the highest facilities and the most recommended desirable tours. You will be able to visit all of the magnetic attractions in Luxor city before sailing down the river towards Edfu & Kom Ombo Temples that are considered the greatest and the most spacious sites to be built in ancient Egypt and finally you will end your Nile River cruise tour by a visit to the exceptional Aswan city that has a lot to narrate and to tell about how incredible were the ancients in addition to extra modern sites to visit including Philae Temple, the great Unfinished Obelisk, the amazing modern High Dam that changed the whole way of life in Egypt, and it is going to be something terrific if you have the time to pay a visit to Abu Simbel Temples that are located only three hours driving from Abu Simbel.
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Enjoy Amazing Tours From Sharm El Sheikh

So could you imagine how amazing you can enjoy the beautiful city of Sharm El-Sheikh!! It is never too late for ultimate enjoyment and it is now your chance to arrange the best and the most magnificent Sharm El Sheikh tours and get the best possible adventure so contact us now for any extra info and let the dream begins.

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