Two Days Trip to Luxor and Cairo from Aswan

Two Days Trip to Luxor and Cairo from Aswan

Two days trip to Luxor and Cairo from Aswan will discover the rich heritage and architectural innovation of the greatest cities ever made that embody the history and culture of the ancient Egyptian Civilization. Trips in Egypt will provide the most magical exploration journey across the divine waters of southern Egypt. Trips in Egypt Team will ensure all our very amazing clients are enjoying the best accommodations, ideal transportation, and skilled tour guides.

Enter the gates of history while you are in Aswan with an unbelievable two-day trip to scared Egypt and immerse yourself in two of the mighty Egyptian cities that hosted the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and be a witness to the glory of this blessed civilization. You will take the train to Luxor, the land of the ancestors where you will impress Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, and move to the capital city of Cairo and rediscover yourself among the precious contents of the Giza Pyramids Complex and end your tour at the Egyptian Museum before you will be back to Aswan. Live the adventure of dreams and book this wonderful two days trip.

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Tour Highlights

Tour Details

Availability Everyday
Pickup & Drop Off Your Hotel in Aswan
Tour Duration 2 Days / 1 Night
Tour Type Historical Tour

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • All Service, Charges and taxes
  • Train ticket from Aswan to Luxor.
  • Two Lunch meals during the day trips.
  • Admission fees to all the included sites.
  • Egyptologist tour guides during the tours
  • Accommodation for 1 Night in Luxor at 5* hotel.
  • Domestic Flights {Luxor to Cairo / Cairo to Aswan}
  • Deluxe A/C vehicles throughout your tours & transfers.
  • The assistance of pick up & drop off at your hotel in Aswan.
  • Tipping.
  • Personal Expenses.
  • Any extra tours not included in the itinerary.

Tour Itinerary

Day One

Enjoy Luxor Attractions

Luxor Tour – Trips in Egypt

Early morning, our representative will meet you at your hotel in Aswan and transfer you to the train station to board the 1st class train to Luxor. At Luxor Railway Station, you will meet your private tour guide and then start your Luxor day trip by visiting:

Valley of the Kings

On the west side of the Nile, there is a magnificent complex of 63 tombs of the kings and the members of the ruling families of Ancient Egypt of the New Kingdom (1570 - 1050 BC), the Valley of the Kings has acted as the final resting place of the 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties and it holds the most outstanding collection of notorious ancient monuments and burial chambers that shed light on the architectural brilliance of ancient Egyptian plus their funerary and mythical culture. The site was founded in 1922 by Howard Carter and it turned into a World Heritage Site in 1979.

Hatshepsut Temple

Hatshepsut temple is truly carved by angels filled with It's dedicated to the Great Queen Hatshepsut (1508-1458 BC) which was established to honor her status as the priestess wife of Amun and glorify her heritage as the greatest ruler in history. It became an absolute vision of wonder and beauty when it was completed in 1479 BC to be a living model of genius classical architecture of the New Kingdom (1570 - 1050 BC)

Colossi of Memnon

The heavenly twin sculptures of Amenhotep III (1391–1353 AD) "Colossi of Memnon" is a magnificent wonder which protects the entire golden city of Thebes for thousands. It was carved from quartz in the Giza area and then moved all the way to Luxor to captivate travelers from all over the world.

Lunch Meal

Have lunch at a Nile view restaurant then you'll visit:

Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple is an epic establishment made to honor the grand religious heritage of the greatest civilization on earth. It was created between 1971 BC and 30 BC across 247 acres, totally filled with the most magical works of art and architecture as seen across the shrines, pylons, the hypostyle hall, the avenue of the sphinxes, and more which were all dedicated for the worship of Amun, Khonsu, and Mut. 


Check-in 5* hotel in Luxor and overnight.

Meals: Lunch

Overnight: Luxor Hotel

Day Two

Discover Cairo Sightseeing/Fly to Aswan

Cairo Tour – Trips in Egypt

In the morning, you will fly to Cairo, and upon your arrival; you will be accompanied by a highly qualified tour guide to visit:

Giza Pyramids Complex

The Mythical Pyramids of Giza are the most renowned archaeological wonders on the face of the earth which can explore the incredible heritage left by the most innovative ancient civilization on earth. 

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of Giza has captivated travelers across the globe with its celestial sight and is known to be one of the greatest monuments ever made in history it can be the final resting place of Pharaoh Khufu (2609 BC - 2584 BC) which was found in the king's chamber. This pyramid is the only remaining wonder of the seven wonders of the ancient world and it is also one of the tallest buildings in history.

The Legendary Sphinx

The "Sphinx" is a magnificent piece of art that has protected this immortal civilization for countless ages. This mythical lion's body has the face of Pharaoh Khafre (2558–2532 BC) that have protected this divine land for countless ages. Dream Steele of Thutmose IV (1401–1391 BC) which is located between his legs is known to be an incredible feature.

The Valley Temple

The Valley Temple was the center of occurring immortality performing the opening of the mouth ceremony which is known as the mummification and purification ritual. This preserved wonder is the source of a number of facts that defined this majestic civilization.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum will open a golden portal leading to the priceless wonders of Egypt which stood in the power of oblivion for over 5000 years to convey the everlasting heritage of this golden civilization. In this one-of-a-kind museum are some of the rarest and most magical artifacts and monuments ever made in existence. Within the museum are about over 100,000 artifacts that explore the wealth of this celestial civilization.

Lunch Meal

It's the time when your lunch will be ready at a good Egyptian restaurant then proceed to:

The Egyptian Museum

The marvelous Egyptian Museum was established in the heart of Cairo in 1901 to store and display the incredible archaeological wonders of this magnificent civilization which have spanned thousands of years.

You will catch your flight to Aswan and we will drive you back to your hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Flight: From Luxor to Cairo & From Cairo to Aswan

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