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Types of Egyptian Tours and Vacations

It is never too late to enjoy a vacation in the incredible Land of Pharaohs as Egypt has served through the whole past centuries the tourism sector as being one of the greatest Egyptian cities to be visited from all nationalities and it seems like there are many secrets and non-narrated stories about its past history and great civilization. You will definitely find what you are thinking of in the Land of Pharaohs as there are a wide variety of activities and things to enjoy in Egypt and they match the different purposes of Egypt’s visitors.

Some travelers come to Egypt to enjoy a relaxation tour in one of its fabulous beaches, others come to enjoy a cultural tour through visiting its magical ancient sightseeing, others come to visit the religious attractions spread in all of its different areas & cities. Some travelers prefer spending short tours in Egypt to be able to visit as many countries as they can without spending too much time in one place. There are also other travelers who come to enjoy a longer vacation in order not to leave without missing even one single destination as just like what we have explained, Egypt has it all and you need about from ten up to 15 days to cover the best possible sightseeing and tours there. There are many types of Egyptian tours and vacations and in order to find what best suits your budget and your interest, you should notice that the first type of Egyptian holidays lasts from 3 to 7 nights and the second type of Egyptian holidays lasts from 8 to 14 nights. Each tour among those two types has its own characteristics, features, inclusions, exclusions, sites to visit, places to enjoy, and here is some additional information regarding the most notable types of Egyptian tours and vacations.

The Most Common Types Of Egyptian Tours And Vacations

Types of Egyptian Holidays & the Best To Do - Trips In Egypt

1. Budget Egypt Tours

If you are planning to visit Egypt and worry about the cost of the tour or how much money you are going to pay, then we have the best solution ever for you. Our Egypt budget tours are your gate to enjoy the best possible vacation ever without paying a lot of money with real satisfactory bookings. You will enjoy with us the most well-organized tour itineraries with the best 5* accommodation and get a marvelous chance to enjoy the most impressive tours around the greatest Egyptian landmarks with a totally affordable price as our main target is the absolute satisfaction of our guests whatever the type of tour they have chosen. These types of “Cheap Holidays to Egypt” are mainly customized to suit your budget to allow the biggest possible number of travelers to come to Egypt and enjoy their vacations.

2. Egypt Easter Holidays

Travelers who manage to get their vacations during the Easter season are very lucky ones as they will be able to enjoy the most magnificent weather in Egypt. This is considered the busiest season with tourists during the whole year in Egypt as travelers love to come from different parts of the world to enjoy the beauty of Egyptian nature and to enjoy the Nile by getting on the board of a 5* Deluxe Nile Cruise that will take you in a totally amazing world where you will definitely get amazed. Our Egypt Easter Holidays are customized by the most professional tour operators in the Middle East to be able to include the best tourist sites in our tour itineraries in a well-organized way in order not to feel that your tour is too hectic or that you are missing important sightseeing.

We are offering here to our guests the opportunity to enjoy the best weather in Egypt and to spend such a special occasion at a very reasonable price to give you the chance to enjoy and save your money as possible as you can and you will make sure of this after comparing our prices with the prices of other travel agencies. Among the most interesting destinations, you are going to visit with us are Giza, Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor, Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, and lots of other fascinating Egyptian cities and spots that contain the greatest collection of Egypt’s attractions and landmarks.

3. Egypt Christmas Holidays

There is nothing more interesting you can do in life than spending your Christmas Vacation in a country like Egypt where you will find tens of incredible Egypt Christmas Holidays customized especially to allow travelers who come from different parts from all around the world to enjoy the amazing beauty of Egypt and to spend an unforgettable time in the Land of Pharaohs. Egypt is always blessed with the most fabulous weather in such a season while let Egypt’s visitors have tours down the Nile Valley towards Luxor and Aswan to be able to check some of their astonishing attractions just like Abu Simbel Temples, Karnak Temple in Luxor, Giza Pyramids, Philae Temple in Aswan, and lots of other wonderful places to look at.

4. Egypt Honeymoon Packages

Totally incredible opportunities from “Trips in Egypt” to the travelers who want to spend a fabulous honeymoon to start your life with or even if you want to renew your marriage or to celebrate a magical anniversary. You will find with us all types of marvelous accommodation, great services, and the best destinations to travel to, and of course the most reasonable prices. Egypt has always been the land of lovers starting from Isis & Osiris, Ramses II and his beloved wife Nefertari, and other remarkable love stories that got immortalized over the land of Egypt. You too have now the chance to immortal your love to your beloved one through booking one of our Egypt Honeymoon Packages which will be the best chance for you to capture some magnificent memories in the best charming & romantic spots. You can now spend part of your vacation while sailing the longest River in the World on the board of a magical cruise. You will find on its board the best desirable facilities and amenities including a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi & Spa, a fitness center, and lots of other impressive things, and on your way down the Nile River, you will witness the magnificence of the Ancients most incomparable attractions and moreover, you will be able to relax on the beach of a 5* all-inclusive hotel in one of the most gorgeous Red Sea coastal Egyptian cities like Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh. What else do you dream of so that you spend the most fabulous tour ever??

5. Egypt Luxury Tours

For the travelers who seek to get a truly luxurious vacation in Egypt, Here are some incredible Egypt Luxury Vacations that are organized in a perfect way based on the highest and the most required accommodation and services to suit everyone’s taste and surprisingly, our the costs of our Luxury tours are totally reasonable in compared to the types of services that our guests will receive. Our Egypt Luxury Tours include the most incredible tours to Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada, Alexandria, and other destinations to allow our guests to explore the biggest part of interesting Egypt’s great heritage through heading to the spectacular ancient temples & tombs on each side and check the most fabulous monuments and attractions there so that you learn a new wonderful thing about Egypt’s traditions and customs on each spot you head to. In addition to this, you can head to one of the greatest coastal beaches to do & enjoy some fabulous water activities including scuba diving and snorkeling to check some of the most extraordinary beautiful types of fish and coral reefs in the world.

6. Egypt Classic Tour Packages

Classic people are the ones of the highest rank and that is why we have provided them with the highest rank of Classic Tours Packages to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Egypt’s best attractions and sightseeing as they have always dreamt of. You will be able through booking one of our Egypt Classic Tour Packages by visiting Egypt’s classic sites including Egypt’s Islamic & Coptic sightseeing in Old Cairo and in other Egyptian cities. You will get an exclusive opportunity to visit the greatest tourist sightseeing located in Giza, Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan plus enjoying a recreational tour in Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, El-Gouna, or Marsa Alam.

7. Egypt Red Sea Holidays

We have customized this type of holidays for the wonderful travelers who want to enjoy the natural beauty and relax to get rid of life stress as you will get the chance to head to the most beautiful spots on earth that are rich with the most gorgeous types of sea life and water sports. You will be able to play with dolphins, check the most unique types of fish, enjoy snorkeling, and for more fun, you can have a scuba diving excursion, sailing, windsurfing, and lots of other hypnotic excursions under the sea surface. The best thing about the Red Sea Resorts and beaches is that you will find the true meaning of luxury on each spot you head to with all-inclusive hotels, swimming pools, impressive massage sessions, glamorous beaches with the best guest services and facilities so it is 100% guaranteed that you are going to enjoy your vacation in the best possible way with our Egypt Red Sea Holidays.

8. Egypt Wheelchair Accessible Holidays

There is nothing in life that can prevent you from enjoying and visiting different destinations all around the world as long as you have the chance to do so and we will be your golden key to have the best possible holiday in the Land of Pharaohs. Our tour operators have worked on customizing the best Egypt Wheelchair Accessible Holidays to suit your disability as we have private vehicles that suit your wheelchair and we have a group of the most supportive and helpful tour guides who will do their best to assist you during the whole of your tour to enjoy the amazing beauty of Egypt and to tour around the marvelous Egyptian attractions.

9. Enjoy Our Nile Cruise Holidays

Egypt is the gift of the Nile and you can’t leave Egypt without having a magical sailing tour on a sailboat towards some of its greatest landmarks and treasures. Our Egypt Nile River Cruises provide some of the most interesting Nile cruise packages of all of its types & durations to give our guests the chance to explore the majestic attractions of Upper Egypt and to be more specific, to tour around the incredible temples, valleys, monuments, artifacts, and sightseeing in Luxor 7 Aswan cities and what is located in-between to live the real adventure and to follow the steps of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. What really makes Nile Cruises in Egypt amazing adventures to go for is that each Nile Cruise has some terrific facilities on its board from a beautiful terrace, swimming pool, restaurant, sauna & spa, fitness center, and well-equipped cabins with all of the necessary items which a guest may need.

Looking For A Custom Holiday to Egypt??

You may have special inquiries or some specific requirements that couldn’t be found in the published itineraries to get the most desirable tour and that is why we have provided the section below that allows you to get in direct contact with us and share us your thoughts and requests as you deserve only the best of the best. This is your chance to enjoy the best Egypt tours ever so contact us now and explore the marvelous beauty of the hypnotic land of Pharaohs.

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